Veritas is one of the earliest traditional Catholic resistance publications in the United States, exposing the frauds of the post-Conciliar "popes" and Vatican II at least since the early 70s.  The publication is particularly excellent in discovering historical remedies to current problems, and typically presents a wealth of photographs depicting the activities of the Conciliar "popes".  Most of the pictures of Paul VI in the "Papal Hall of Shame" section are courtesy of Veritas.  Highly recommended.   Subscription information is given in several of the files listed.

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Deathblows to Vatican II

1979 booklet written to demonstrate the false assumptions underlying Vatican II and which proves that it has no validity whatever. Sobering facts related in a semi-humorous style.

Execrabilis of Pope Pius II

The text of Execrabilis (also included in the previous file) which shows the futility of appealing to future councils as a means of corrupting the Faith.

Is Sacrifice Necessary?

An essay on the necessity of sacrifice in worshipping God and obtaining a degree of happiness in this life. Explains the errors of non-Catholic religions which were introduced into the Catholic Church by Vatican II and how they lead to the substitution of man for God as the object of worship.

The Church Is No Longer At Prayer

A brief article comparing the theologies of the traditional Mass and the Novus Ordo Missae of Paul VI, with frequent references to the "Critical Study" of Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci. It calls on priests and laity to wake up and defend the Faith against the current apostasy, particularly with regard to worship.

Sample Issue (August, 1998) of Veritas

This sample contains all of the graphics and text in the original, differing from it only in format (mostly, single as opposed to multi-columns).

Sample Issue (September, 1996) of Veritas

The sample omits many of the photographs and graphic illustrations in the original, but contains all of its text.