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A Guide to the Traditional Roman Catholic Movement


Griff Ruby

Imprimatur: None available, until Regular Jurisdiction is restored to an authentic traditional Roman Catholic Bishop.

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"A STATEMENT OF PRINCIPLES IN A TIME OF CRISIS," © 1988 by The Roman Catholic Association, Inc. Used by permission.

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To Saint Francis de Sales, whose logic and argumentation served as an intellectual sledge hammer which totally smashed the false idol of Protestantism in Geneva; may my logic and argumentation defend the Catholic Church from Her enemies as well as his did.


Change is usually the result of lethargy; and stability, of intense effort.
                                 - - Edwin Faust

Protest of the Author

In obedience to the decrees of Urban VIII, of holy memory, I protest that I do not intend to attribute any other than human opinion to any theory as to the ultimate cause of the fall of the Vatican institution from Catholic teaching, including my own. Such theories can only be regarded as such until confirmed by the Holy Roman Catholic Church and by the Holy Apostolic See, when better times return and Modernism ceases to hold sway with those leaders who regard themselves as "Catholic." I profess myself to be an obedient son, to the reliable Popes from Peter to Pius XII, and yet to come, and therefore I submit whatever I have written in this book to their judgment.


Although mine is the only name appearing on this book as the author, a great many other persons have helped me with its contents in a great many ways. First thanks go to God of course and His holy angels and saints who guided me through this study, and then to the many reliable popes who came to my defense at the last moment, Paul III, Julius III, St. Pius V, Benedict XIV, Gregory XVI, Pius IX, Leo XIII, St. Pius X, Pius XI, and Pius XII. After that I would like to thank every bishop who either gave me useful advice, heard my ideas, reviewed my book or offered suggestions, Bishops Richard Williamson, Clarence Kelly, Mark Pivarunas, Robert McKenna, Salvador Lazo, Thomas Curry. I would like to thank the many priests who did the same, Fathers M. E. Morrison, Kevin Vaillancourt, Dominic Radecki, Thomas Zapp, Anthony Cekada, Benedict Hughes, Benedict Van der Putten, Daniel Couture, and Frederick Schell. I do not claim to have followed their advice slavishly, but their inputs have been valuable. I would also like to thank Brian Walker whose enthusiasm kept me going, Richard Jamison, Madonna Fantz, Sisters Mary Cecilia and Mary Gemma who pointed me to some good books, P. C. Morantte who has long encouraged my writing, Mary Truong who filled in some details, Christopher Pullé who reviewed the manuscript in detail and provided much helpful advice and proofreading, and all the writers and publishers of the traditional books listed in my Bibliography, and the Editorial staffs of all the traditional periodicals listed there as well. Finally, I wish to thank all other traditional Catholic bishops and priests who have also labored to preserve the Faith and Church through these trying times.

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