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Ecône Full Stop

A special issue, 1983 booklet by Fr. Barbara that is a rather scathing criticism of Archbishop Lefebvre and the Society of St. Pius X. It asks hard questions of the Archbishop and the Society which remain unanswered to this day. Augmented with over 100 footnotes.

Volume 1, Number 1

The first (Volume 1, Number 1) English issue of FORTES IN FIDE (Strong in the Faith), a catechetical review for adults published by Rev. Noel Barbara in France in the mid-1970s. Articles include a "Foreward" by Fr. Peter Morgan of England, "Catholics, beware!" by Fr. Morgan and Frs. Barbara, Coache and Ducaud-Bourget of France, and an "Editorial" and articles on "Faith" and "Revelation" by Fr. Barbara. (46K)

The second (Volume 1, Number 2) English issue of FORTES IN FIDE. Contains an "Editorial" and articles on: "The Founding of the Church by Jesus Christ"; "The Preparation" (of the Church); "Jesus Manifests Himself" (with sections on Jesus Gathers a Group of Disciples, Jesus Organizes His Disciples, Jesus Names a Chief and The Apostolic College); a "Conclusion"; "Distinctive Marks of the True Church (with sections on Unity, Holiness, Catholicity and Apostolicity); a "Conclusion" and appendices. (52K)

The third (Volume 1, Number 3) issue of FORTES IN FIDE. Discussed is: "The Mystery of the Church"; "The Mystical Body of Christ" (includes sections on The Head of the Church, How does Christ govern His Church?, How is Christ's Influence Realized in the Government of His Church?, The Soul of the Church, The Members of the Church, The Communion of Saints, and The Church is a Society Differing from Any Other); "The Church in Via" (includes sections on The Body of the Church Militant, The Head of the Church Militant, The Soul of this Church Militant, The Members of the Church Militant, and Two More Statements About Belonging to the Church); "Outside the Church There Is No Salvation" (including a section on What is Meant by This Dogma?); "The First and Principal Members of the Church" (with sections on What is a Minister?, We Distinguish a Two-Fold Faithfullness, Which Faithfulness is Required by the Lord and by Men?, The Sacerdotal Power, The Prophetic Power, and The Royal Power); and "A Few Beautiful Texts for Meditation."

Special Issue on the Holy Mass

The fourth (Volume 1, Number 4) English issue of FORTES IN FIDE. Essentially, this is a reprint of Fr. Barbara's "Special Issue on the Holy Mass" (1975). It relates "A Disquieting Similarity Between the Protestant Reforms of 1549 and the Reforms of Paul VI Since Vatican II" and includes an incisive analysis of the "Novus Ordo Missae" of Paul VI based on an analogy with Pope Leo XIII's Apostolic Letter "Apostolicae Curae" (1896) on the INvalidity of Anglican Orders (and it likewise comes to the conclusion that the "Novus Ordo Missae" of Paul VI is INvalid). After Omlor's "Questioning the Validity" (in the "Invalidity of the New Mass" Section), I consider this file to be the second most valuable on this site.

Volume 1, Number 5

Early (1977) analysis of matters relating to the Sedevacantist thesis. Articles include: "Crisis in the Church" (The role of Paul VI; There is a plot against the Church; Resisting the occupying power; Opposition - its justification in traditional theology), "Church and Papacy" (Theories selected from traditional theology), "The Lefebvre Affair" by Franco Antico, and Fr. Barbara's "Letter to Pope Paul VI", followed by Cardinal Duval's reply and Fr. Barbara's reply to him.

Volume 1, Number 6

Continues the "Crisis in the Church" discussion initiated in Number 5. Gives "Some Precise Details Concerning the Sins of Heresy and Schism", and goes into "The Hypothesis of a Schismatic Pope". It also addresses other subjects: "On the Devil", "On the Expression "A Pope of the Sect"", "On Another Consequence of the Efforts of the Sect", "On the Modernists" and "On the World Around Us". From there it goes into Paul VI's heresy and schism and compares statements of Paul VI to those of his orthodox predecessors. It compares Paul VI's Dignitatis Humanae to Quanta Cura of Pope Pius IX to show how Paul VI is in error. It then discusses Paul VI's obstinacy in error and apostasy. (34K)

The follow-up issue to Volume 1, Number 6. Topics include "Christ Gagged"; "Preliminary Remarks on Method" (with sections on The True Significance of the Council, Respect for Sacred Doctrine, The Honest Use of the Intelligence, and The Conscience Is Not to Be Stifled); "The Expression of a Contradiction" (with sections on The Two Texts, The Object of "Dignitatis Humanae", The Object of "Quanta Cura", An Answer to an Objection, and Shifts and Evasions); "What God Has Permitted" (with sections on The Process Is Not Inexplicable, Vatican II: The Resignation of the Catholic Bishops, and The Lost Years); and "The Restoration of the Episcopate and the Papacy" (with sections on An Action Founded on Doctrine and the Law, The Duty of Bishops Toward the Universal Church, and The Church Awaits a Pope). (16K)

"Reflections on Two Decades of Crisis" by Rev. Noel Barbara. General thoughts on the crisis in the Church wrought by the disastrous Vatican II and the post-Conciliar "popes" (circa late 1983). (22K)

Circa 1984 pamphlet entitled "Burning Questions: Straight Answers". Responds to 22 commonly-asked questions of the period relating to the proper Catholic response to the crisis in the Church as it existed at that time (which was not much different than it is today).

The pamphlet demonstrates Fr. Barbara's constant effort to be logical (rather than emotional) in treating the controversies of the day. A humble priest, he has never recoiled from retracting opinions that later evidence proved to be false or uncertain. In this pamphlet, he expresses a rather harsh opinion of the episcopal opinions of Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc, which he would soften later (see "" below). (8K)

Circa 1986 pamphlet entitled "A Grave and Urgent Matter", it deals it discusses the then-perceived impending episcopal consecrations by Archbishops Lefebvre and de Castro Mayer. (The actual consecrations took place about 2 years later.) (102K)

1988 issue from the final series of Fortes in Fide. Deals with "The Issue of Religious Liberty" and "The Hierarchical Church is Infallible in Her Teaching" (Part 1). Also includes "With Regard to a Recent Study on the Conciliar Document Dignitatis humanae". Includes two black & white graphics: "keys.tif" (depiction of Our Lord giving St. Peter the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven) and "lateran.tif" (photo of St. John Lateran Basilica). (213K)

1989 issue from the final series of Fortes in Fide. The principal article is entitled "The Hierarchical Church and the Infallibility of Her Teaching" (Part 2). Discusses "The Solemn Definition of Papal Infallibility" with the following sub-topics: "Why this dogma was not defined until 1870", "The Church Has Believed in the Doctrine of Infallibility from the Time of Her Foundation", "The Necessity of a Solemn Definition", "The Dogmatic Constitution "Pastor Aeternus"", "The Definition Explained". The article "Consideration of Special Problems" includes sub-topics "The 20th Century Heresy in which the Dogma of Papal Infallibility is Distorted", "The Possibility of a Bad Pope", "The Possibility of a Doubtful Pope" and "The Possibility of a Heretical Pope". This file also contains four black-and-white graphics files depicting Pope Pius IX, a session at Vatican Council I, Cajetan and St. Robert Bellarmine. (These account for its unusually large size.) (232K)

The third (1989) issue of the last series of FORTES IN FIDE. Topics include "The Popes of Vatican II" which includes sub-topics "Recalling Certain Principles", "The Most Obvious Fruits of Vatican II", "The Doctrinal Errors of Vatican II", and "Can the Popes of Vatican II Be Real Popes?". It also contains "Correspondence from Our Readers" and an insert entitled "An Open Letter to Dom Gerard (Prior of the Monastery of St. Madeleine of Le Barroux). Also included (and accounting for the large file size) are three graphics images: "faith.tif" (photo of a sculpture of "faith defeating heresy"), "uro.tif" (photo of John Paul II with other members of the World Religions Organization) and "ovals.tif" (two "ovals" - one showing Paul VI in an American Indian head-dress, the other showing John Paul II closing his thumbs and index fingers around his eyes in a kind of "spaced invader" pose). (153K)

This fourth issue of the last series contains articles on "Happy Are They Who Will Not Be Scandalized by My Words", "The Necessity for Obedience in the Church Militant" and "The Visibility of the Church". It also contains four black-and-white graphics images ("submit.tif", "dream.tif", "crux.tif" and "handmaid.tif") which illustrate proper Catholic obedience. (201K)

The first issue released in 1990, containing articles on "Domesticos Fidei" (the "Family of the Faithful"), "Two Doubts" (relating to the justification of Archbishop Lefebvre's episcopal consecrations), "Considerations Relative to the Faith Which Justify the Catholic Resistance" (containing sub-sections on "The Catholic Resistance", "The Danger of Schism", "Arguments for the Catholic Resistance" and "This Justification Could Lead to the Resisters Joining Forces". It also contains three graphics images: "defense.tif" (a medieval woodcut depicting the Church standing against heretics), "schoonb.tif" (photo of the Abbe Paul Schoonbroodt) and "stefhaus.tif" (a rendition of the parish church of Steffhausen, Belgium). (194K)

Sixth issue of the last series containing articles on "'89 in the Church" and "Mgr. Lefebvre and Witnessing to the Faith" (which also contains an address to the priests and friends of the Society of St. Pius X). It also contains four black-and-white graphic images: "1789.tif" (depicting casting lots for the garment of Christ and the possessions of the Church), "objects.tif" (a sample photo of liturgical objects and statues sold to second-hand dealers after Vatican II), "lamp.tif" (a chalice remade into a small table lamp) and "monstra.tif" (a monstrance of Paris origination that was repurchased in the scrap metal market). (112k)

Seventh issue of the last series containing an editorial on "There Are Liberals and Liberals" (or, "Is It Not Better to Ignore the Heresy of the 'Pope'?"), and articles on "What Faith Inspires the Popes of Vatican II?" (with sub-sections: "Is John Paul II a Modernist", "The Modernism of Which We Are Speaking", "Review of Principles". "The Declarations and the Manner of Behavior of John Paul II and "General Conclusion") and "Fighting the Good Fight" (with sub-sections on: "The Catholic Church", "The Pope" and "...Una Cum..."). Three black-and-white graphics images are also included, "frossard.tif" (depicting the cover of the book "N'ayez pas peur" or "Be Not Afraid" - a book on John Paul II by Andre Frossard), "tilak.tif" (a photo of John Paul II being anointed by a Hindu priestess with the "Sign of the Tilak" on February 2, 1986) and "dance.tif" (an abominable and inferior (from an artistic standpoint) sketch depicting the "unity" of all religions). This issue of FORTES IN FIDE is like a mini "Peter, Lovest Thou Me?" (by Abbe Daniel Le Roux).

fif (281K)

A particularly important issue of FORTES IN FIDE in which Fr. Barbara tries to bring about some unity between sedevacantists and other Traditional Catholics (particularly the followers of Archbishop Lefebvre) by briefly explaining the "Thesis of Cassicacum", whereby the post-Conciliar popes are described as "materialier" (material) popes, rather than "formaliter" (formal) popes. (It takes a FORMAL pope to be a TRUE pope with the ability to exercise the papal authority, which comes about only by being "one with" Christ.)

Articles include "Always Be Ready to Satisfy Everyone Who Asks You to Explain That Hope Which Is in You" (I Peter III:15), an editorial by Fr. Barbara. Also included are "The Problem That the Popes of Vatican II Present to the Catholic Conscience", "Other Problems and "John XXIII - Was He Truly and Formally a Pope?" and one large graphics image ("headline.tif") showing about 19 paper headlines dated November 20, 1976, after Fr. Barbara had publicly accused Paul VI of being heretical, schismatic and apostate. (102K)

Articles in this Fall, 1991 issue include "The Salvation of Those Outside the Church" (with sub-topics "What is the Church?", "Salvation is from God", "The Necessary Conditions Which Must Be Fulfilled for Non-Catholics to Belong to the Soul of the Church", "A Catholic Response to the Question Raised" and "The Necessity of Submitting to the Magisterium in Order to Avoid Losing One's Way"), "Obedience Is of Greater Value Than Sacrifice" (which contests certain disputed actions of Pope Pius XII, with sub-topics "The Public Activities of Pius XII" and "With Regard to Sacred Music") and "Correspondence" (with a reader). Also included is a black-and-white graphic ("piusxii.tif") of Pope Pius XII. (127K)

This is a rather brief, 1992 combined (10/11) issue of FORTES IN FIDE, containing articles on "The Anglican Drama of the Post-Conciliar Catholic Clery", "Exposing the Absence of Authority in the New Church", "Notre Dame de la Foi, Pray for Us", "Is John Paul II a Modernist?", "The Sources and Consequences of the French Revolution" and "All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed". It also contains two black-and-white graphics images: "flight.tif" (depicting the flight of Our Lord into Egypt as an infant) and "throne.tif" (depicting Our Lord's Crucifixion as an example of what we ought to be willing to suffer, out of obedience, in this life in order to gain the rewards of the next). NOTE: Simultaneously released was a "special supplement" of FORTES IN FIDE entitled "The Problems with the new post-Conciliar Sacraments" by Rama Coomaraswamy, M.D. This is posted as "" below. (60K)

A lengthy supplement to "" above by Rama P. Coomaraswamy, M.D. (who translated the third FORTES IN FIDE series from French into English). It is entitled "The Problems with the New Post-Conciliar Sacraments". It addresses in particular the "new rite of Ordination" (and Consecration of Bishops) of Paul VI. There are two chapters: A "General Introduction" which includes sub-topics "A Brief Historical Perspective", "How the Sacraments Work" and "Post-Conciliar Changes in the Sacraments" and "The Sacrament of Order" with sub-topics "Distinctions Between the Priest and the Bishop", "A Brief History of the Sacramental Rite of Ordination", "The Post-Conciliar Rite for Ordaining Priests", "Comparing the Traditional with the Post-Conciliar Matter and Form for Ordaining Bishops", "The Result of These Changes Is the Protestantizing of the Ordinal" and "Some Words of Leo XIII Taken from His APOSTOLICAE CURAE" and a "Conclusion". (96K)

The 12th (and final) issue of the last series of FORTES IN FIDE released in early 1993. It contains: The "Good Bye of Fr. Barbara" (announcing termination of the publication of FORTES IN FIDE due to Fr. Barbara's advanced age); an "Editorial" summarizing the contents of the issue; "Episcopal Consecrations without a Papal Mandate" (how we should regard such consecrations, the current law of the Church, the concept of "Epikeia", difficulties raised by such consecrations, the scandalous nature of the Lefebvre consecrations, the nature of the episcopate and its relationship with authority, the arguments of those who disagree, solutions to this difficulty, etc.; "The Episcopal Consecrations Conferred by His Excellency Archbishop Peter-Martin Ngo Dinh Thuc" (some preliminary clarifications, the purpose of Fr. Barbara's testimony, the orthodoxy of the consecrations, etc.; and, "An Open Letter to the Members of the Society of St. Pius X" (the fundamental reasons for the disagreement between Fr. Barbara and the SSPX, what faithful Catholics expect from the SSPX, Msgr. Lefebvre and witnessing to the Faith and the betrayal of the Catholic resistance by Econe). Also contains a letter from Fr. Barbara to Fr. Coache, editor of "Combat de la Foi." (15K)

A rebuttal to Fr. Herve Belmont's article on saying Mass "una cum" John Paul II (see file "" above). (18K)

Undated article by Rev. Noel Barbara on "The Salvation of Those Outside the Catholic Church".