Other Recommended Web Sites

(Listed Alphabetically)

Serious Catholics should be made aware of the following interesting World Wide Web sites. Not all of these are of a Traditional Catholic persuasion, but all could be a source of information useful to the Traditional Catholic cause:

Adoremus in aeternum

A site operated by Mikael Rosen, editor of Adoremus in aeternum, which is said to be the only Catholic periodical in Sweden. An article on the site, The Church in Sweden presents a very depressing picture of the state of the Catholic Church there.

Aquinas Catholic Site

This site, operated by John Lane who lives near Perth, Australia, is dedicated to St. Thomas Aquinas and the Blessed Virgin Mary, Vanquisher of all Heresies. It contains sections on devotions, heresies, Vatican II, the "New Mass", Sede Vacante, SEDE List, recommended links and other topics. It is also a repository for writings of Patrick Henry Omlor.

Catholic Books Online

This is one well-done site, excellently demonstrating the melding of traditional ideas with the latest in technology. You get a fairly simple but effective opening page with all sorts of options. It has links with the more significant Traditional Catholic home pages (including this humble one); but its real strength is showing how books are likely to be effectively and inexpensively marketed in the coming years. You get this display of books as though arranged on a library shelf, with the binding of each book indicating a category of interest. If you click on the binding, you get a page describing each book under that category, with a little "thumbnail" graphic depicting the cover of each book. You just click on an oval icon under the icon of each book to add it to your "shopping basket". After you browse the site, you just "check out" and can give them a credit card number under a special security system. A few minutes later, you get an email confirmation of your order (without credit card info). This site is the first one I have ever used to order something over the Internet and I think it's really cool. (Of course, it helps that all of the books offered are first-class, solidly Catholic offerings.) An A+ goes to Catholic Books Online and "The Porticus Group" for the design of this site, which leaves nothing to be desired.

Catholic Corner

Catholic Corner specializes in promoting devotion to the Infant of Prague and provides many articles intended to promote personal spirituality.

Catholic Counter-Reformation

Official English Website of the Abbé de Nantes' Catholic Counter-Reformation in the XXth Century. Recent issues of the Publication are available on-line, as well as subscription information on subscribing and on obtaining other articles. While the Abbé is not Sedevacantist, his criticisms of Paul VI and John Paul II are both scathing and classic. A highly recommended site!

Catholic Research Institute (CRI)

CRI was founded in 1996 to provide Roman Catholics with a traditional viewpoint on various topics under discussion in society and in the Church today. This site is operated by Fr. Kevin Vaillancort, editor of The Catholic Voice and moderator of SEDE List. The site is new, but a number of articles and other information is presented, and considerably more is expected in the near future. Information on obtaining printed copies of many of Patrick Henry Omlor's writings (and at very modest prices) is available on this site.

Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen (CMRI)

This is the primary Web site for the CMRI, which is probably the second largest traditional Catholic religious organization after the SSPX. The site is subdivided into three areas: The first deals with the spirituality and apostolic work of the CMRI, a directory of CMRI churches and schools, information on vocations to the religious life, the Latin Mass, etc. The second describes the Mary Immaculate Queen Center, which promotes the Fatima message and the true Catholic Faith through the printing apostolate. It includes an on-line catalog of books and religious articles. The third describes the CMRI Quarterly Catholic Magazine, The Reign of Mary which features articles on traditional Church doctrine, Church history, the Sacraments, family life, Marian spirituality and more.

Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN)

Formerly, the Catholic Resource Network, which was bought out by Mother Angelica. It offers a large quantity of papal and other Church documents and discussion forums from a conservative (Conciliar) Catholic perspective.

Fatima Network

(Our Lady of Fatima on-line.) This is the WWW site for Fr. Nicholas Gruner of THE FATIMA CRUSADER fame. I agree with Fr. Gruner entirely on matters relating to the proper modern interpretation to be given to the Fatima apparitions (i.e., that John Paul II and his bishops have NOT properly consecrated Russia to the Blessed Mother in the way she requested). This site will fill you in on everything you essentially need to know about Fatima and contains much other useful information about other Catholic resources on the Internet.

Garabandal Home Page

Without a doubt, the prophecies of Garabandal are the most interesting of this century - IF they are really true! They complement those of Fatima quite nicely (the theory being that they were the response of heaven to John XXIII's not revealing the "Third Fatima Secret" in 1960). The Web site listed above is approved by the Workers of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (P.O. Box 606, Lindenhurst, NY 11757-0606), the largest Garabandal promotion entity in the world, as the official Garabandal Web site (see July/September 1996 issue of GARABANDAL magazine, page 12). The same site also has information on a number of OTHER (MOSTLY MARIAN) APPARITIONS. I highly recommend GARABANDAL magazine, available from the Workers of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel at the address indicated above for $13/year (four quarterly issues).

Hanover College

This apparently secular, liberal arts college in Indiana, offers a considerable amount of historical reference material. I recommend their more general, late Middle Ages Catholic Page and even moreso their page on the Catechism of the Council of Trent.

Infant of Prague Web Site

Also known as "Catholicism.cz" (for Czech Republic), this site specializes in devotions to the Infant of Prague. A well-done job by Peter Kristof for his mother.

Inky's Unofficial Catholic Traditionalist Page

A somewhat unlikely name for a well-done Web site which deserves to be considered the unofficial home page for the Catholic Traditionalist Movement founded by the Rev. Gommar A. DePauw in 1964. Fr. DePauw was among the first (if not the first) American priest to perceive what Vatican II was really about. Excerpts from some of Fr. DePauw's writings are presented and complete copies may be obtained through the site operator. You will have to discover for yourself why it is called "Inky's"!

ORAMUS-Traditional Oblates of St. Benedict

A traditional Catholic Website ("oramus" means "we pray" and is intentionally different from "oremus" for "let us pray") dedicated to living life according to the precepts applicable to the Oblates of St. Benedict. There are some 13 sub-pages which provide information about St. Benedict, the St. Benedict Medal (the value of which is well-related in the book, Fr. Paul of Moll), indulgences, the value of prayer and work, and other relevant topics.

Our Lady of the Rosary School

Our Lady of the Rosary School's mission is to provide Catholic home-schooler's with the best in TOTALLY CATHOLIC educational materials. For those parents who feel they need some help in home-schooling their children, this is the place to go. The Web site contains sections on Church Documents Relating to Home-Schooling, Articles on Home-Schooling, an on-line Course Book, Samples of Students' Work, Catholic Vacation Bible School and the OLRS On-Line Newsletter.

Padre Pio Home Page

This site is dedicated to Padre Pio, a stigmatic Capuchin priest who died in September of 1968. He had the Stigmata and is surely one of the greatest saints of our time. Highly recommended is the publication, THE VOICE OF PADRE PIO, issued monthly from San Giovanni Rotundo, Italy, at a cost of $16/year. Direction subscription requests to: National Centre for Padre Pio, Inc., 2213 Old Route 100, Barto, PA 19405 (Voice: 610-845-3000, Fax: 610-845-2666).

Remnant Resistance

Official Web page for The Remnant - one of the oldest American traditional Catholic publications. Its history, purpose and principal columnists are described. Subscription information also is included, as well as a bookstore catalog, information on advertising, recent news and a feature article of the month.

St. Francis Newsletter

Web page for the St. Francis Newsletter (Paradise, CA), edited by Robert Hess. Generally Sedevacantist in perspective with other articles on current news and controversy.

Seat of Wisdom Catholic Books

Seat of Wisdom Catholic Books indicates that it has thousands of old Catholic books in its inventory, including many works of the Fathers and the Doctors of the Church. Inquiries may be emailed to catholicbooks@cheshire.net or telephoned to (603) 239-6932, or faxed to (603) 239-7205. Both email and land mail mailing lists are available for keeping updated on new book availability.

Society of St. Pius V

Technically excellent home page for the SSPV, which provides details of their Mass locations, Bp. Kelly's Consecration and miscellaneous other information.