Like Mary Magdalene, Mary the Mother of Jesus also grieves and is at a loss to account for the present outcome, but her Faith has not faltered in the least that God is in control of the situation, a clear rebuke to many today who lack peace because they do not know where the risen Church is. She does not know either, but her Faith holds up despite the severe test.

It is very like the three days that she did not know where Jesus was after a visit to the Temple. So much of the Church today remains blind to the presence of its own self. It is before them, yet they do not really see it. As Jesus seemed invisible to Mary during those three days, the Church may seem invisible to many today, but that is not true. Just as the rabbis at the Temple could plainly see the Child Jesus as He debated with them in the Temple, those who heed the angel just as plainly see where the visible unity of the Church really is today.

Pray: St. Thomas believed only when he saw, touched, and handled, but the other disciples and Mary believed without having to see, touch, or handle, and Mary even had serenity about the present desperate looking situation. Give us that peace and allow us to believe You even before we see the Truth of where Your Church is, that our faith may be tested and not found wanting. Grant us also however, the Grace to see Your Church in all its present glory in order that we may rejoice in the Truth of Her resurrection. Amen.

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