Mary Magdalene symbolizes all the disciples in their sorrow and confusion over the death and burial and now altogether unexpected seeming disappearence of their Lord. She grieves as all true Catholics at heart who do not as yet see the risen Church must necessarily grieve at the present state of what they mistake for the Church. I have no doubt that many conservative Novus Ordo believers similarly grieve at the irreverence, the sickening political correctness, the catering to every base passion and systematic removal of things Divine, even as Mary Magdalene grieves in this picture. The only ones rejoicing over the present state of affairs (other than those of us privileged to see the risen Church) are the liberals and others who lack even a spiritual union with the Church, but instead have openly sided with the pagan Romans and Jews who applauded themselves for crucifying our Lord. My book is therefore primarily a message to conservative Novus Ordo believers.

Pray: Dear Lord, to look upon the current Vatican organization thinking it to be the Church is to accept despair that Your Will will ever be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Thank you for the Grace to see that all the irreverence and nonsense that goes on there is not as Your Church was ever meant to be, and for the Grace to be sighing and moaning over the terrible spiritual condition of the present Vatican organization. Deepen those who mock and rejoice over the destruction of the Vatican organization, that they may repent and see the Truth. Lord, keep me from falling into total despair by opening my eyes to the risen Church where reverence and piety and all that Catholicism has ever meant lives on today in full splendor. Never let me be too comfortable in that whitewashed sepulcher, but may my soul only find its rest in You and in your Church. Amen.

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