The Angel's left hand points to the risen Lord above. This is the angel, having pointed out that Jesus is not in the empty sepulcher but that "He is risen!"

Like that angel, my number one goal is to point the attention of Catholics to the risen Church, for that is the real glory, and something which also trascends the usual complaining done by many traditional Catholics (even while the Church survives among them more healthy than ever). Anyone who thinks I have merely come to complain and spread doubt has utterly failed to get the real message, which is best summed up in the left hand of this angel.

Pray: Dear Lord, turn me away from mere criticism and fault finding, and to the most important message you have for us today, of Your Miraculously Risen Church. Give us the willingness to look away from the empty sepulcher to the glory of Your Risen Church, and to do everything we can to help others to see Her as well. Amen.

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