The empty sepulcher is like the Novus Ordo which often totally lacks even the presence of our Lord's Body (and Blood), and also has become like unto a "whitewashed sepulcher" in its Pharisiacal ways in which it condemns certain authentic and legal and valid clergy of the Church for no other reason than their refusal to abide by their demonically inspired policies.

The terrible things seen in the typical Novus Ordo parishes since Vatican II have brought grief to the Catholics, and even their synthetic new "sacraments" are often invalid at least as often as they are valid, as determined by previous popes who discussed the issue. At least as often as not, they adore a piece of unconsecrated bread rather than the Sacred Body and Blood of the risen Lord. To see only the empty sepulcher of the Novus Ordo without seeing also the risen Lord is indeed a cause for great sorrow.

Pray: How terrible the Novus Ordo Church has become in Your absence. The Churches and Cathedrals which were once Yours have been stolen and laid waste by robbers who have no real right to them. Let us sorrow over the wasted souls who have been misled by it, but then let us also be active in rescuing them from its evil clutches. Lord, I do not know which is worse, for You to be present among such great sacrilege, or for You not to be present as they indulge in yet greater sacrileges. Your absence from such an empty coffin is yet one more fact which speaks of the existance of your risen Church. Though the Vatican and their followers have been left to its own devices, You have not forsaken Your Church. Help us to assess its grievous failings honestly and fairly, remembering that we too, are dust. Amen.

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