As He is risen Himself corporeally and really and not merely as some spiritual presence, His Church today is similarly risen corporeally and visibly as well.

The glory of the risen Lord is amply reflected in the glory of His risen Church. Despite all attempts to condemn it and mandate it away and define it out of existence, and despite even the denials by many that the Church, as classically existing, even exists at all anymore, the Church still does exist, and in full power and jurisdiction and glory exactly as before, although temporarily "gone to Galilee." (Matthew 28:7)

It is primarily the risen Mystical Body of our Lord which I most desire the reader to be able to see, and be comforted by, and finally energized by into the necessary apostolic acts needed to restore all things in Christ. Once one truly sees the risen Church, one can no more deny it that St. Thomas deny that he has felt the nailholes in His hands and feet and spearhole in His side.

Pray: Dear Lord, the glory of Your risen Church is enough to cancel all doubts and together with the Mass is the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven. Grant us the eyes to see Your Church in the Galilees of today, in Ecône, in Campos, in Wigratzbad, in Oyster Bay Cove, in Omaha, in Spokane, and in every place where Your Mass is said and Your holy priests are formed and ordained. Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, our eyes were held and unable to recognize Yourself in our midst until You broke bread with us. Help us to recognize that it is You who breaks the bread in the traditional Masses said around the world. Let our eyes no longer be held, that we may see You and recognize You acting in all of Your authentic traditional Catholic clergymen. Truly, he who hears the traditional Catholic clergymen, hears You. Amen.

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