The right hand of the angel here points to the coffin where Jesus was buried. It represents the angel saying that "He is not here."

Whenever I mention anything that has gone wrong in the Novus Ordo, which I devoted one particular chapter to, that is like the angel pointing to the empty tomb, saying "He is not here." Frankly, I don't like talking about what is wrong since that might make me seem like some sort of complainer. Rather, I mention it so that disillusioned Catholics, many of whom may only know of some few specific problems, may indeed see that what I am addressing here is the problems which they are already aware of, and indeed showing the full range and scale of the problem, that all might see more than just their particular area.

Pray: Dear Lord, the errors into which so many souls have fallen into are so grievous, and yet You love them all and desire only their return to Your Church. While we desire to see the good, do not let us lose sight of the evil which has surrounded us and which threatens to suffocate us if it could. Without accusing anyone of evil, we nevertheless accept the fact of the existence of the evil of the Novus Ordo religion. Let us therefore look upon it not with hatred, but with pity, and with Your Divine love, for while they crucify You afresh for themselves, they know not what they are doing. Amen.

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