The angel represents the messenger of God who had good news for the grieving disciples whose Lord had been crucified and then buried. If there is any figure in this picture I identify with it is the angel. Without having to claim any great learning or status or degrees or even ecclesiastical authority, the angel nevertheless is the one figure (besides the Lord) who really knows what is going on and the real reasons to rejoice.

The angel knows what he knows because he goes before God in the Heavenlies and is priveleged to see the truth directly. My online book, The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church, serves the reader of this site in a capacity most similar to that of the angel here. The angel is saying to the grieving and confused disciples at the tomb of the Novus Ordo, "He is not here; He is risen!" (Matthew 28:6)

If there is one single point I desire my readers to gain from my book, or for that matter the remainder of this site, it is that His Church is now also risen, even as He was so many centuries ago, a true and Divine Miracle. It is therefore a source of Faith, conquering all possible doubt. The Resurrection has occurred; our present duty is to walk in that and to restore all things in Christ.

Pray: Dear Lord, when St. Thomas put his hands to the nailholes in Your hands and feet, and the spear hole in Your side, he had no further right to doubt the truth of Your Resurrection. In privileging me to behold the risen Church in all Her splendor, I also have no further right to doubt the truth of the Resurrection of Your Church. Help me to live in accord with all that You have shown me and to die in union with You. Amen.

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