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This site is intended asa springboard for those Catholics who feel that somehow the Church afterVatican Council II has not changed for the better, that somehow somethingin their spritual lives is lacking. The answer for this spiritual voidis a return to Tradition in the Immemorial Tridentine Mass (Latin Mass)and to the ancient sacramental forms of the Church. If you would like toknow more about Traditional Catholicism and to learn what True Catholicismteaches, please feel free to E-Mail us at any time.

We make no apologiesfor our Faith and we are notecumenical in themodern sense.

Note:To Anti-Catholics, Protestant Fundamentalists,Mormons, Jehovah's Witnessesor other cult members.

While we welcome your interest, thisis not a forum for debate. We here present the immutable truths of theOne Church instituted by Jesus Christ Himself. If you are here to learn,you are welcome, but you will find no false ecumenism here. True ecumenismis the leading of lost and strayed souls into the sure knowledge of theTrue Faith.....The Roman Catholic Faith, out side of which none can besaved.
Our Lady ,Queen of Heaven....Prayfor us.

Inthis space, we intend to provide information to increase faith, refutecommon misconceptions about Catholicism, and shed some light on commonlyheld Catholic beliefs.
It is not a sin to beignorant; It is a sin to remain ignorant.

Please rememberin your prayers the soul of
Fr. Marcel Nault
A Faithful Priest andapostle of the Holy Face and of the Brown Scapular.
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Catholic or Protestant
What is the Real Difference?
The organization which producesthis tract is a Roman Catholic organization. There are, of course, similar(in appearance) organizations among the Protestant cults. This fact, andthe fact that there are many surface similarities between Catholicism andProtestantism may lead some people to believe that there aren't any real(significant) differences between the two.
To use an analogy, many seem toconsider that two systems is the same way that one may compare differentbrands of automobiles. Each has its relative advantages with regard tothe other, but both will get you from one place to another. This is whatautomobiles are intended to do.
This view is most definitely NOTtrue...despite the fact that people in "both camps" hold to it.So this tract may serve as education to both Catholics and Protestants.
The first major difference is thatthe Catholic Church teaches there is "NO salvation outside of it."
Let me examine the importance ofthis issue.
To do so, let me make three assumptions:
1.Truth is important in God's schemeof things; in fact, so important that He bases His gift of salvation toman upon truth.
2.Divine truth can be known, atleast, to some degree, by man.
3.Divine truth CANNOT change; toput it differently, God cannot go back on His word, nor will He deceiveman as to what is true or false.
Rather than "prove" theseassumptions, let me show you what will happen if they are NOT true. Ifthis is the case, then: man can NOT know anything certain about God; truthhas NO value with regard to heaven; God is NOT God, for He can change...andGod can NOT change.
So, for real Christians the "assumptions"MUST be true.
Let me deal with the issue of importancea little more. In religious matters, "important" means only onething: necessary for salvation. Ultimately, man is saved or damned. Thisis all that really matters. A thing is important IF AND ONLY IF it is necessaryfor salvation.
So, if YOU hold that truth hasa value in religious matters, then certain conclusions will follow. Andif YOU are going to be honest, then YOU will accept them.
With this in mind, let me examinethe major differences between Catholicism and Protestantism. The firstis the VALUE of truth. The Roman Church teaches that one must hold to andaffirm as true the entire Catholic Faith in order to be saved. In otherwords, those who reject defined Catholic truth - even a "minor"part - CAN NOT enter heaven, unless they repent and accept it before judgment.No matter how "saintly" his life is - no matter how good his"works" - he cannot be saved! As you can see, the Church doesNOT teach salvation by works."
The Protestant, on the other hand,holds that whatever one actually believes is of NO value. Whether one believesin "eternal assurance" or denies it, does NOT matter. One Protestantsect forbids dancing and another allows it. "So what?" asks theProtestant "theologian." As none of these differences changea person's status, as everyone remains in the "church," truthdoes not make a difference regarding ANYTHING!
The Protestant holds that salvationcomes from Jesus "somehow." This "somehow" is basedupon a personal relationship with Jesus. But in this relationship, it doesnot matter what is true or false, or who tells the truth, or who seeksit, or who learns it. In other words, even attributing some non-truth toJesus (which is blasphemy) does not long as one "somehow"has a relationship with Him.
Do YOU believe that this view istoo "harsh?" If so examine this one verse from the Bible. Jesusdemands complete poverty for His followers (Lk 14:33). This is exactlywhat millions of Catholics have done. Yet Protestant ministers not onlydo not renounce their riches but also advocate wealth and teach that moneyis a sign of God's approval. They pray for wealth. This is a complete denialof the teachings of Jesus.
So this question arises: How dothese people continue to call themselves Christians? The answer is obviousand inevitable. They deny the value of truth. Everything is reduced tohuman opinion and the right of private interpretation. The last phrasemeans that every man can tell God what truth is, and not the other way!
Usually the Protestants hide thisfact by saying that "faith is a living trust," or "I'm savednot by some dogma, but by Jesus." But all of this evasion is reducibleto one simple sentence: TRUTH DOES NOT HAVE ANY VALUE. As far as Protestantsare concerned having truth does NOT help one get into heaven, and rejectionof truth does NOT put one in hell.
But Jesus identified Himself withthe truth (Jn 14:6). This makes truth essential IF Jesus is essential.Jesus told us that EVERYONE committed to the truth will hear HIS voice(Jn 18:37) and that HIS followers would be lead into ALL truth (Jn 16:13).Jesus tells us that if HIS followers ask for anything in His name, theywill receive it (Lk 11:19). If Jesus meant these words -- and REAL Christianshold that he did mean them -- then there is no excuse for not knowing truth.There is no excuse for allowing private opinions to substitute for religioustruths. There is no excuse for denying the value of truth or that man candetermine it.
To put it slightly differentlythere is no excuse for the Protestant system, and no reason why ANY honestperson can remain one.
On the other hand, the Catholicsystem DEMANDS utter submission to the unchanging truth of God revealedby Jesus to His Apostles and preserved since that time by the Church ofRome.
And this is the REAL differencebetween Catholic and Protestant systems.
Before I wrote that if YOU do valuetruth then certain conclusions will follow. The conclusions will forceyou to do one of two things: IF you continue to value truth, then you WILLbecome a Catholic. If you do not become one, then you will be admittingthat you really do NOT value truth.
Ask yourself which category YOUfall into. YOUR salvation will depend on the answer.
Updated 3/20/98

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