Infallible Papal Documents
Repudiated by the Vatican Institution

These Magisterial Documents of the Roman Catholic Church are not available on that "other" Vatican site. Some of them may never appear there in view of the fact that the Vatican Institution has formally repudiated many of the infallible Papal teachings which are contained within these documents. One prominent prelate, supposedly famous for taking a hard line in favor of tradition, once actually admitted that one of the Vatican Countil II documents, Gaudium et Spes, is actually a "Counter-Syllabus," a kind of retraction of many of the condemnations of heresy made by Pope Pius IX in the Syllabus of Errors. However, in all true justice, the below listed documents cannot be repudiated by the Roman Catholic Church:

His Holiness Pope Saint Pius V:
Quo Primum Decree
De Defectibus Decree

His Holiness Pope Gregory XVI:
Mirari Vos

His Holiness Pope Pius IX:
Syllabus of Errors
Vatican Council I

His Holiness Pope Leo XIII:
Apostolicae Curae

His Holiness Pope Saint Pius X:
Pascendi Dominici Gregis [English]
Lamentabili Sane
Our Apostolic Mandate

His Holiness Pope John XXIII:
Veterum Sapientia

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