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Working ISINDEX Tag Element Example

In this file, the <ISINDEX> tag has been replaced with the comparable <FORM> and <INPUT> tags. You will note that this file only conforms to the non-Strict version of HTML 2 Level 2, and this is because the <INPUT> tag must be within a containing <P> tag, and since <HR> cannot be located within a block but only between blocks, this forces the Strict version to require an extra space between the widget window itself and the surrounding <HR> lines. On modern browsers it should look the same as the widget that results from <ISINDEX> (give or take what text your browser generates for <ISINDEX>), but on older browsers (notably Mosaic), this will simply put a widget window in the flow of text just like any other Forms element, whereas the <ISINDEX> tag actually puts the widget on the non-scrolling Mosaic frame. Of course, the Forms element suite of tags is the true upgrade for <ISINDEX> since it not only does the same thing (though not looking the same on Mosaic and other older browsers), but so many more things, and the set of them taken together is much more flexible and useful than <ISINDEX>.

The result of user entry is here:

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