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September 15, 2004
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We want to bring to the attention of all our readers an excellent book by Griff Ruby that clarifies so well what the Traditional Catholic movement is, when, where and how it began and why it has continued to advance - despite the persecutions by the Novus Ordo Church of the People of God and the infighting among various Traditional factions - and how God is employing the Traditional Catholic movement to keep the Faith founded by Christ alive. Griff is not afraid to tackle all issues and emerges with a lucid chronicle of the major camps in the struggle to preserve the True Faith for in the Sacraments, Doctrines, and Immemorial Mass of Tradition - the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in Latin - all Traditional Catholics are united. What amazed this editor was how each of the factions within the Traditional Catholic movement have a God-given function and that no one Traditional group has all the answers, but with Christ working through them, the situation within Holy Mother Church today is "where the Church is there is Peter." We encourage you to read this excellent book and share it with your friends, family and community. It will answer many questions about where they have taken the Mystical Body of Christ. As Mary Magdalen discovered when she asked "Where have they taken my Lord?", the Angel responded, "He is not here. He is risen." So also, thanks to the research and concise compendium Griff has put together, we are witnessing through the Traditional Catholic movement The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church
October 3, 2004
In this issue we introduce Griff Ruby, author of The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church as a regular contributor to The Daily Catholic with his inaugural column in a series he has chosen to call "STRAIGHT STUFF." The Church has given us the perfect role models to seek purity in all ways. This especially holds true this week with the feasts of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the Most Holy Rosary, and, followed a few days later by, the Maternity of Mary. The lily or rose represent purity and roses are always part of the identity of these three feasts. As very delicate flowers that need nourishing to keep the weeds out, the root is purity which manifests itself visibly in the precious petals of the flower of obedience to God's Will. With the Church Triumphant's intercession and our own tending to our garden through constant care and prayer, we can more readily treasure purity by bearing the thorns of imperfection in order to increase in us the desire to be purified in every way so that we can "see God." Purity, and the Grace to See God
October 10, 2004
Griff Ruby, a welcome new addition to The Daily Catholic's impressive list of contributing writers, shares his background so that readers can better understand not only where he is coming from, but also how this author of The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church arrived at the inevitable conclusion that the True Faith can only be found in the Church of St. Peter and Paul through Pope Pius XII. Tradition is key and the reader can take courage that if Griff could be put through the ordeal in his search for truth, testing many false religions before discovering the Latin Mass, then such a goal is possible for anyone if they have a clean heart and are open to Heaven's prompting. He poses the question "So, Who is this Griff Ruby, Anyway?" and proceeds to answer for the reader's satisfaction and assurance in his column A Journey to Truth
October 31, 2004
Griff Ruby weighs in with some interesting facts and fictions regarding a work which for Traditional Catholics is a must have on their book shelves - Denzinger's Enchiridion - called The Source of Catholic Dogma in which one can go straight to the horse's mouth, so to speak, to see what previous Pontiffs pronounced. Griff points out the simplicity and clarity with which they expressed dogma; quite a contrast to the ambiguous bafflegab of the conciliar men who occupy Modern Rome. He also shares how he himself got caught up in taking something out of context, which is one of those pitfalls we can all fall into if we do not take the time to thoroughly read everything. He even advances the concept that perhaps the periti and dismantlers of Holy Mother Church might have misread Denzinger and really were trying to fulfill the very things that had been condemned by previous Popes because they misread Denzinger. But he doesn't dwell long on that for that would mean they didn't know what they were doing and we all know they knew very well what they have done. The more Traditional Catholics are familiar with Denzinger, the harder it will be for the Modernists to succeed. He explains in his column Something about Denzinger
November 7, 2004
Griff Ruby offers a refreshing honeycomb of hope and common sense for all Traditional Catholics. He recommends we all stop the name calling and seek to win conservative Novus Ordo believers over to true Catholic thinking and practice by loving them to death, for, as he explains, down deep they really want to be Catholic, but just don't realize how far they have veered from the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. Griff points out it isn't always their fault if they don't know and we shouldn't lump them in with the "cafeteria 'Catholics'" who are anything but. He rationalizes that many traditionalists came from the same place for indeed we were once in their shoes and should more readily be able to understand their angst and confusion. We just need to give them a shove and the best way to shove is by hugging 'em. He explains in his column Have you hugged your local conservative Novus Ordo believer lately?
November 16, 2004
Griff Ruby weighs in on a very important issue, one that makes the difference of night and day for many. For all it may not matter as to the indefectable words of confection of the wine at the Consecration, but for the many who truly care about eternal salvation, then they will take heed of his cogent words backed by the infallible teachings of the Church and its Founder Jesus Christ. Griff puts to rest the doublespeak and misinformation that has confused so many Novus Ordo believers into buying the tripe that either 'for many' or 'for all' are fine, that they both mean the same. Not! He dissolves the arguments so adroitly by proving that in any language, for many does not mean for all! He explains in his column Lest We Forget - Why PRO MULTIS
November 23, 2004
Griff Ruby steadies his arrows at the topic of schism and begins in this issue a two-part essay on what exactly schism is and who really is in schism. He details the logistics to show that it is truly misunderstood and that, more often than not - especially when emanating from those in support of the Vatican II church - the ones truly guilty of schism are those who have subscribed to a gospel not preached by Paul as he sternly cautioned in Galatians 1: 8-10, or any other gospel trusted Catholics preached for well over 1900 years. While heresy and apostasy are sins against Faith, schism is a sin against Charity. Many bandy about the term in denigrating those who do not agree with them, thus, perhaps not even realizing that they are committing the sin of schism. Yet, no matter whether the schism is external or internal, if it is schism then one side is with Christ and the other against per Our Lord's words in Matthew 6: 24. Griff explains in The Essence of Schism Part ONE
November 25, 2004
Griff Ruby completes his two part essay on the topic of schism. In his second part he treats the Voice of Peter and how it has been silent for several decades and could very well continue mute until the Second Great Western Schism is healed. To combat this, Griff suggests a coming together of the various Traditional Catholic groups for united we stand, divided we fall. There is a vital need for a Traditional kind of 'ecumenism' - Trad-ecumenism, if you will, in bringing together those who uphold the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church for a more charitable understanding of each group whether they believe John Paul II is a valid pope or not. For it is the liturgy and doctrine that unites us in one common goal: a stronger resistance to those who would usurp the Voice of Peter. Griff explains in The Essence of Schism Part TWO
December 1, 2004
Griff Ruby applies the lessons conveyed each time anyone boards an airliner when the flight attendant reviews the safety precautions in case of an emergency. He notes that the emphasis is placed on assuring one's own physical faculties before being able to assist someone else and shows the analogy here of this common sense that one cannot help another if one is suffocating. That is exactly what is happening in the Novus Ordo and for those who claim they can "do more good" staying where they are is akin to someone saying "I don't need the oxygen, I can breathe on my own and I'm staying put" as the plane fast loses air pressure. Where will they be when that happens? Exactly where so many in the post-conciliar church are today, lacking oxygen which affects the brain and perhaps that is the answer why they have allowed themselves to be so dumbed-down over the past several decades where they will accept anything without ever challenging the facts and the constituted evangelic traditions that have clearly warned against such dangers. If one wants to gain altitude and level out their spiritual life, Griff's column is an eye-opener to those "comfortable" in their angst. He explains in his pragmatic column A Spiritual Lesson From An Airline Stewardess
December 8, 2004
Griff Ruby bares his soul in sharing part of his past and the axiom that "there but for the grace of God," and good parents, he could have easily ventured down that slippery slope that leads to disrespecting authority and breaking the law for that slope is paved by the devil. Griff shows what to watch for and how easy it is to fall if we are not on our guard and return constantly to square one to think before we act, think of the consequences and, above all, realize if it is not in alignment with God's will, then it greatly offends Him and for that there are definitely consequences. If you think rejection by peers is disheartening, think about rejection by our Creator and that should sober anyone up thinking of cutting corners or saying, "that won't happen to me." That is why He gave us checks and balances such as the Ten Commandments and His Church to guide us. Yet, in our humanness we still rationalize. Griff lays out the danger signs in Part One of his essay Bad Company Ruins Good Morals
December 16, 2004
Last week in part one of his essay,Griff Ruby applied the various steps that leads to accepting evil to his own experiences. This week he employs the same process to Bishop Fernando Rifan whom even Bishop Castro de Mayer did not elevate. Perhaps he knew something many have discovered of late. As Griff provides how the Campos prelate fell into the clutches of the deceivers of Vatican II, he still holds out hope that the foundations established by his mentor Bishop Castro de Mayer and the conscience of doing the right thing despite the consequences will win out over the false promises of the Novus Ordo nemesis. Griff treats the decline and fall of the Campos contingent. His column also serves as a stark reminder to guard the Sacred Deposit and the cherished traditions lest the barbarians infiltrate further. He explains in part two of his two-part essay Bad Company Ruins Good Morals Part Two
December 19, 2004
Griff Ruby addresses the race in this issue; not the rat-race that the Christmas season has become - oops, excuse us, the 'Holiday season' because of the absence of Christ being the Reason for the Season in society today - but rather enduring this for we don't know when Christ will come for the last time. We must be ready and to do that we need to refuel regularly with the Traditional True Sacraments so that we have the spiritual and physical stamina to run the race as St. Paul encourages, and that we are able to pass the baton of the True Faith on to the next generation when our laps have run their course. Griff admonishes those in the Traditional Catholic movement who assume the race will be shortened and Christ will move up the finish line so we don't have to exert ourselves. We can't assume for no one but the Father knows the hour. He encourages unity among the loyal Catholics so that someday a true shepherd will return to the Truths and Traditions taught for nearly 2000 years and unite the flocks. Griff explains in his column, Running to the End of the World
December 24, 2004
For his Christmas message, Griff Ruby points us to the humble circumstances of our Lord's birth, showing the meaning for today in Catholicism's most trying times ever. He shares with us a small taste of life in his hometown of Lompoc were he leads the Catholic tour groups at a yearly Christmas Pageant. Just as there are the 14 Stations of the Cross for Christ's Passion and Death, so also there are the 'Stations of the Incarnation' in which God chose a humbler, more austere manner of manifesting His Kingship. He goes on to show how today's exile of tradition to hotel conference rooms and private chapels takes its precedence from, of all things, the cave of Bethlehem. Do we make room in our own lives for Tradition, which is our Catholic Faith? As the weeds of prosperity choke out the love of God in the world at large, to the point that authentic Tradition barely gains the time of day, no less than our Lord is present with us in our faithful attachment to the Mass of all time. Griff brings us to that holiest of all times and places in his column No Room at the Inn - For Tradition
January 13, 2005
Griff Ruby cites the disunity of the Traditional Catholic movement as a major stumbling block to gaining greater ground and converting more Catholics back to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. He points out that it is time to put aside petty bickering and unite behind the denominator that identifies ALL Traditional Catholics: Our Faith, in which we totally embrace the Traditional Latin Mass - the divinely ordained Immemorial Mass of All Ages - and in which we steadfastly reject the heretical reforms of Vatican II and its masonic, Protestant man-made rite the Novus Ordo which have caused a great majority of souls to be misled. Griff laments that too many traditional groups play pope to their fellow Traditional Catholics. What good does that do except reduce the ranks. With even rougher seas ahead for eternal Rome, we must pull together to man the sails of Truth and Tradition as a loyal crew working in unison for Christ's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. The only way to thwart the advanced ambiguity of modern Rome is by rowing together toward that point in the sea where we can be anchored with all our fellow Traditional Catholics between the Two Pillars of the Holy Eucharist and Devotion to Mary's Immaculate Heart, traditional devotions steeped in the Faith. Griff lays it out in his column The Supreme Scandal
February 4, 2005
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby presents the first part of "What is your picture" as he retraces the steps leading up to where Modern Rome broke away from Eternal Rome. He illustrates how during the pontificate of John XXIII no one suspected heresy even as it was being formed within the revised schemas of Vatican II. Even during the reign of Paul VI few realized the defection from the Faith when Montini bowed to the demonic UN as the hope of the people, thus forsaking the one source of Hope - Holy Mother Church. In effect, Paul VI was abdicating his authority as head of the only visible institution Christ deigned for salvation, by giving credence to a false entity - basically mammon. Why is it so few realize this? Griff goes into the dangerous precedent set in Lumen Gentium on which hinges the new church of Vatican II - separate from the Roman Catholic Church founded by Christ. He details in Part One of What is your picture?
February 11, 2005
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby presents the second part of his essay on how Lumen Gentium changed everything. Today he shows how the very phrase "subsists in" within that Vatican II document not only separated the signers and those who embraced all the New Order stands for from their former identity with the Church, but also in the same exact breath delegated jurisdiction to authentic clerics who function "outside their confines." It is this latter part which is most crucial for the life of the Church and is, at the same time, least known or understood by Catholics. Part one merely set up the background for that. The people's "picture" of what is going on needs to change and in this second part Griff reveals how we can know that all of our truly faithful and valid Catholic bishops, all of who but one function "outside the confines" of the new Vatican institution, nevertheless truly DO possess the Apostolic mission and the ecclesiastical authority to go forth teaching all the nations and baptizing them in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, exactly as the Apostles of old. As for the new Vatican institution, it is rapidly becoming all the more and more merely an ecumenical epidermis that may wither. He explains in Part Two of What is your picture?
February 18, 2005
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby presents the third part of his essay on how Lumen Gentium changed everything. Today he shows the grave inadequacies of the fruits from something that was supposed to be "wide and generous" - the "Indult Mass" - and which, in fact, one needs a detective to find. Griff relates his own experiences of this 'hide and seek' game when visiting in London, England a few years ago. It prompts one to ask: If the Church is universal why are the "Indult Masses" so sparse throughout the world? Why are most of the hierarchy from the top on down so squeamish about permitting a Mass set in stone for 1800 years? What frees them to be so disobedient to the perpetual celebret of St. Pius V and the Dogmatic Council of Trent? In those questions rest the fate of the Modern Vatican Institution as we know it today...all traceable back to Lumen Gentium wherein the visible unity of the Church was distributed only partially to the Vatican Institution and partially elsewhere, and what the Vatican institution must do to regain its former claim as being the True Church. Griff explains in Part Three of What is your picture?
March 3, 2005
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby presents the fourth part of "What is your picture" as he continues his series in retracing where Modern Rome broke away from Eternal Rome with Lumen Gentium and its imminent impact that has resounded with the echo of heresy over the past 40 years, causing a dire time of emergency in the Church like no other ever experienced. In this issue he explains how the Law is applicable to this, citing the supreme law - Divine Law which is unchangeable, like unto the bones and vital organs of a body, and Ecclesiastical Law which would be likened to muscles and the skin. The latter is changeable because it does not cut to the core of doctrine while the former is infrangible. He points this out in his fourth installment The Law and How it Applies in These Times of Crisis
March 11, 2005
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby presents the fifth part of "What is your picture" as he completes his series in retracing where Modern Rome broke away from Eternal Rome with Lumen Gentium and its imminent impact that has resounded with the echo of heresy over the past 40 years, causing a dire time of emergency in the Church like no other ever experienced. In this issue he shows how the laws would apply if one were, for example, in the state of Kansas. One would have to adhere to the laws of that state. But, as Griff masterfully delineates on how Lumen Gentium dissolved the borders and opened the doors allowing a crisis in the Church, for indeed "you are not in Kansas anymore, Toto." Catholics everywhere have been caught up in the swirling tornadic troubles wrought by modernism. Clicking our heels and wishing that Modernists at the Vatican would anathematize Vatican II won't do it either. Traditional Catholics need the courage, heart and wisdom to be able to travel the narrow yellow brick road to Heaven amidst the gauntlet of obstacles the wizards and warlocks of the NO, who so freely accept the world, the flesh and the devil, throw at them. If Traditional Catholics are loyal to their baptismal vows and their particular Traditional Catholic clergy and bishops in union with all Holy Mother Church has taught and handed down from Peter through Pius XII, then great graces will flow and many fruits grow while the holy water of baptismal grace will melt the wicked ones who seek to deceive. Nowhere is that deception so manifest than in Lumen Gentium, which, as Griff points out, has backfired big time on them and has played right into the Traditionalists' hands if we only follow his sage advice in his fifth installment Exploring the ramifications of Lumen Gentium as to authority in the Church
March 18, 2005
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby turns his attention this week to the poor in spirit for rich is their reward. Why? Drawing upon Christ's teaching and His Own actions, being born among the poorest, raised among the poor by a carpenter, always sympathetic to those who had little but gave much, and Who has sent His Sorrowful Mother over the centuries to the poor peasants such as Juan Diego, Bernadette Soubirous, the La Salette and Fatima visionaries; all poor but pure in heart. That is the key for those very poor in spirit, whom Our Lord referred to in His Sermon on the Mount on the Beatitudes. They are often those lacking this world's goods for they are saved from temptation into which most of the wealthy are plunged. That is another reason why seeking the spiritual riches of poverty voluntarily is a richness beyond compare; why many religious take the vow of poverty. This treasure of poverty is truly a blessing in disguise as Griff explains in his column Power and Spiritual Riches in Poverty
April 1, 2005
Griff Ruby tackles a tough, but necessary subject - hell and the question of who and why people end up there. Contrary to the popular mantra which satan has managed to implant in the psyches of so many today, hell does exist and it is filling fast. This was confirmed not only by Our Lord in Sacred Scripture, but by His Blessed Mother to the children of Fatima at the Cova in 1917. There are too many misconceptions about hell and the devil diverts us from what we must truly do to avoid the hellfires of gehenna. Saints and sinners have been given glimpses of hell from early saints to the Fatima and it has never been pretty. Hell is no place for good people, but there are "good people" in hell. The factor here is the variance of what we and God consider "good." Griff uses his column to identify the errors and confusion over whether good people can or can't go to hell. He explains in Can Good People Go to Hell?
April 14, 2005
Griff Ruby is well-known for taking on tough subjects and not shying away from controversy. Today he may stir up emotions and traditional factions, but it is necessary to awake the valiant remnant from their slumber and self-righteousness. While Traditional Catholics cast a wary eye to the proceedings in Rome during this time when the whole world is focused on the Vatican, considering the mass apostasy of the Novus Ordinarian leaders, skepticism is warranted during this time of true sedevacantism. Yet no traditional Catholic should gloat or sit back and relax because there is a benign cancer within the traditional movement that needs to be treated with the radiation of faith, hope and charity to make sure it does not grow into a malignant tumor through the malicious rumors running rampant among the factions. The Mystical Body needs to be united, not divided. Doctors of the soul are needed and almost every Traditional Priest has the qualifications, but too many patients are calling the shots and that creates canonical pessimism which becomes havoc and anarchy. Griff tries to inject a note of positivism where so little seems to exist because of the friction created by mistrust and pride. He identifies the problems in calling for a unified understanding that will exemplify Christian charity, not chaos. He explains in Canonical Pessimism
April 26, 2005
As has been established, Griff Ruby is well-known for taking on tough subjects and not shying away from controversy. Today, despite the calls to take it easy on the new man in charge in modern Rome - Benedict XVI - the heretical bread crumbs Ratzinger has left behind, beginning with the famous subsistit in in Lumen Gentium, will forever haunt him until he wipes the slate clean and recants those two little words and all that they imply. Only then will we begin to see a healing and a truly Catholic reconnection of many members to the lifeline of Holy Mother Church - the Mystical Body of Christ. Griff brings up an interesting fact that it is not so important as who is in charge in Rome today, but what that person - in this case Benedict XVI - is in charge of! Considering how it was his pushing the ecumenical agenda in the Vatican II documents, he has basically painted himself into a corner where the most radical of factions try to justify their position in light of Lumen Gentium. Griff explains how and why Benedict XVI has his work cut out for him and it would have to be a total 180 for him to do the right thing. Ruby documents this in his essay Benedict XVI can save the Church, but will he?
May 10, 2005
As has been established, Griff Ruby is well-known for taking on tough subjects and not shying away from controversy. Today, he harkens back to the volatile atmosphere just before John Paul II's death. That was the terrible tragedy of Terri Schindler Schiavo being starved to death. Griff points out that it was the media who poisoned minds, not only the mass public, but the judicial, political and medical establishments as well with monstrous lies spewed by the Media Medusa. But after doing its damage the monster moved on for the media soon dropped any mention of Terri because the deed was done, she was no longer news. Little did the public realize there had not been closure for the monstrous lie the Media Medusa created is still a monstrous lie, ever more poisonous the longer it festers,and it is these serpentine media lies that evidently even the elect, such as two Traditional stalwarts, had unfortunately bought into. Griff takes Bishop Donald Sanborn and Father Anthony Cekada to task for buying the media lies to state their case as to Catholic teaching. Yes, the teaching is correct, but the circumstances are askewed which further poisons the perspective and, consequently, the resolution. Griff explains in his essay A Postscript to the Terri Schiavo case
May 19, 2005
Griff Ruby's Excerpts
In addition to his "Straight Stuff" columns, Griff Ruby is providing the reader with excerpts from his excellent book The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church. Today he points to the appendix of his book in answering why certain topics were not broached. For example, private revelation. The Faith is not contingent on private revelation and nothing new can ever be revealed since all stopped with Divine Revelation. Griff also documents fallacies in some private revelations which often show that they come from another medium - many times the media! He debunks the vicious rumor that tries to impugn the SSPX about Cardinal Lienart being a mason. Just as Christ foretold, His Church would always have enemies. Why play into the devil's hand? Though he admits conspiracies and plots do exist, Griff covers why it is not the end-all and be-all regarding the Faith. It doesn't do any good to worry about has happened or what will happen. That exposes doubt, despair and lack of trust in God. Prayer and seeking to do God's holy will are the answers, found within the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church which teaches us to be concerned about what is happening right now to souls and do all we can to help others realize what is truly Catholic and what isn't and for the faithful to do something about it for God's sake! Griff explains in his excerpt we have titled Why One Can Get Detoured Chasing Messages and Conspiracies
May 26, 2005
As has been established, Griff Ruby is well-known for taking on tough subjects and not shying away from controversy. Today, he tackles a sticky wicket with the utmost aplomb and tact, but decisevly illustrates the holes in certain theories. He begins with a zany hypothesis that cannot be proven because no evidence exists and which is too far-fetched for all parties or any participants to verify. He then applies this same thinking to the concept that Cardinal Giuseppe Siri was elected Pope Gregory XVII both in the 1958 and 1963 Conclave. Though many, many Traditional Catholics would like to believe it, there simply is no definitive evidence to support that claim. Griff poses some of the problems of this theory and how it backfires in Part One of his two part essay titled Project Harvest Moon and Pope Gregory XVII
June 2, 2005
Griff Ruby, well-known for taking on tough subjects and not shying away from controversy, presents his second part of his purposely bizarre "Harvest Moon" theory to show how theories without factual evidence remain just that theories. Unfortunately, as much as he would like to subscribe to the Siri Theory that he was the true Pope no absolute evidence exists that this is so. Try as many have to decipher what went on in the Sistine Chapel in October 1958 and subsequent conclaves. But are we not all looking in the wrong place for what happened in the conclave? Remember the Conclave was SECRET and, under pain of excommunication, could not be revealed. Griff deducts that there is definitely evidence of something which happened outside the Conclave which has not only had severe repercussions since, but answers the questions of what really went on inside the Sistine below the autumn harvest moon. He explains in Part Two of Project Harvest Moon and Pope Gregory XVII
June 9, 2005
Griff Ruby today presents an excellent, eye-opening lesson to be learned in the similarities of the causes and effects of Henry VIII's Declaration of Royal Supremacy and the ill-fated Vatican II document Lumen Gentium. In these days when the Anglican institution (church of England) is going to hell in a hand-basket and the "Vatican institution" (conciliar church) is following right behind, Griff hits the nail on the head with the analogy of what happened in England and what happened 430 years later. Both 'declarations of rebellion' were the 'chop' that lopped off from the True, Living Tree of Christ those who chose to stay with the branch - a severed, withered branch - which is no longer part of the True Tree of Holy Mother Church. Christ is the vine and we are the branches, but if those branches are disconnected, then they are separated from the very Church planted by Christ in Matthew 16: 19. They are destined, as our Lord asserts in Matthew 7: 19, to be cast into the fire. Just as it did in England four centuries ago, so also today the pruning has pared back the True Church greatly. Griff shows the correlation of the situation that befell England and the epikea of today when true shepherds, though only a few, remain faithful to the Truths and Traditions and justifies how their continuing to perpetuate the Faith by ordaining priests and consecrating bishops is the very same thing St. John Fisher would have done had he not been martyred. It would have been considered the right and proper thing to do then as a loyal Catholic resisting the Church of England; so also today it is the right and proper thing to do for the Traditional bishops to do likewise no matter what modern Rome says, since, by the modernists' acceptance of Lumen Gentium, they have cut themselves off from the True Church and hold no authority in her Founder's eyes. Griff explains in his magnificent apologetic essay A Lesson from Jolly Old England
June 16, 2005
Griff Ruby's Excerpts
In addition to his "Straight Stuff" columns, Griff Ruby is providing the reader with excerpts from his excellent book The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church. Today he points to an excerpt from Chapter Two in which he equates what Holy Writ says about the persecution of Christ and His Mystical Body all over again. Griff points out that all the Council from Nicaea through Vatican I "had been expressions of Christ to His Church and also the World. Vatican II on the other hand put Christ and His Church on trial before the Court of the World." We can all see the 'fruits' of that folly 40 years later. Barren, rotting fruits and despite all the dialoguing few have been converted and worse, Catholics are abandoning their Faith in droves. Griff lays out the fall-out only too clearly right up front and then proceeds to explain how this happened and how Christ is being persecuted all over again as he brings an excerpt from Chapter Two of his book What the Bible has to say about the current crisis
June 23, 2005
Griff Ruby, turns his attention to some of the controversy being stirred up within the traditional movement these days and sets many at peace that if men who claim to be priests were properly prepared, observe what was passed down and set in stone at Trent, and willingly submitted to their supervisors to prove their mettle, then we can be reasonably sure they can not only be trusted but must be trusted with caring for souls. Griff points out what Our Lord affirmed that while many are called, only a few are chosen. He equates this to being chosen a valid successor of the Apostles. While some may question the episcopal validity of some priests, by their fruits you shall know those who entered by the door Christ has opened or if they are thieves and robbers scaling the walls and intruding the sacerdotal ranks unworthily. A great majority of the Novus Ordo clergy have entered thus thanks to the abandonment of true Holy Orders after Lumen Gentium paved the way for Paul VI to think he could change the essence of the sacraments. He summarily eliminated the necessary steps to the priesthood, opening a gaping hole in the ramparts of Holy Mother Church for intruders to invade. The Traditional movement seeks to patch those holes by insisting on maintaining the tried and true standards and preparation for the priesthood so that true bishops will proceed and the Faith preserved. Traditional Catholics continue to keep watch at the door where, for a priest to be true, he must enter. Griff explains in his column Standards Still Apply
June 30, 2005
Griff Ruby's Excerpts
In addition to his "Straight Stuff" columns, Griff Ruby is providing the reader with excerpts from his excellent book The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church. Today he points to excerpts from Chapters Six and Seven - The Beginning of Today's Stand for the Faith and The Advance of Marcel Lefebvre and the SSPX - in which he lays out the totally orthodox background of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and circumstances that led Lefebvre to reject Vatican II after seeing all of the orthodox schemas he had worked on be discarded in favor of progressivism and modernism. As one of the lone wolves crying out against the abomination of desolation in the early years of destruction, he established a seminary in the Alps at Ecône which soon drew the wrath of the barbarians at the gate and already within the gate. They did all they could to persecute and denigrate this prelate who stayed a step ahead, realizing St. Paul's words in Ephesians 4: 14 with true concern for all the sheep who were being "tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, in the wickedness of men, in craftiness to the machinations of error." Wickedness on high was manifesting itself and though the modernists persecuted the Archbishop greatly and tried to bring scandal upon him, we can see today where the scandal and schism truly lie, not with Ecône or Eternal Rome, but with modern Rome. Griff explains in his excerpt Archbishop Lefebvre and the Founding of Ecône - Why and How
July 8, 2005
Griff Ruby heats up the oven of traditional kibitzing by reminding us all of our need to not get too close to the flames. Traditional Catholics have a tendency to do a slow burn over the way they had formerly been deceived in their Novus Ordo days, but Griff says it will do no good to resent it for we'll be turned into worthless pretzels, twisting in the winds of regret and bitterness. Rather, we should be happy we have finally realized the Perfect Banquet is the infrangible Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as infallibly decreed to be said "in perpetuity" by Pope St. Pius V in ratifying the infallible, dogmatic decrees of Trent and seek to bring more to this same necessary ideal for salvation. Our Lord asserts in Matthew 5: 13 that as traditional Catholics we should be the salt of the earth, but if that salt lose its savor it is worth nothing. So also if we tie ourselves up in knots worrying over what this conciliar 'bishop' did or that Novus Ordinarian believes then we become agitated and salt-less twisted dough good for nothing but being ground into meal for the vultures of vice. If we do nothing but point fingers, we get twisted into narrow-thinking Pharisaec pretzels. Ouch! Griff explains why it does no good to go off half-baked in his column Lose the Attitude
July 15, 2005
Back in late May and early June, we ran Griff Ruby's two-part essay titled "Project Harvest Moon and Pope Gregory XVII" in which he effectively showed that, as much as many want the "Siri Theory" to be true, it is not possible for the clock has run out on this thesis. End of story, right? Not quite. One somewhat well-known public figure took issue with Griff and his syllogisms. Normally, as we preface to Griff's response in our Editor's Forward, we wouldn't run comments from readers disagreeing with various articles or we'd never have time to publish a regular issue, but the editor provides five reasons why it is necessary this time - with the main underlying current being that Griff's response strengthens his arguments all the more. Thus, when challenged by a die-hard Siri theorist, Griff shows he's up to the task. As you can see there won't be any shying away from controversy or personal questions as Griff masterfully answers the "last hurrah" of the Siri Thesis, going through the full letter from Jim Condit, Jr. in emphasizing how his argument that Lumen Gentium was factually and actually "the straw that broke the camel's back." Griff also strengthens his points on why his arguments hold much more credibility and fact than any other theories posited anywhere, anytime. He tackles all comers head on with his response, which we've titled Harvest Moon Revisited
July 23, 2005
Griff Ruby takes a vacation this week from his hard-hitting, eye-opening apologetic essays to bring us a simple parable - if you will - in going back to school - back to the school of simplicity where, with the wisdom of Solomon, a prudent nun reaches and possibly alters the lives of two young minds with practical application of how we must love our neighbor and look forward to doing it. Griff illustrates how an elementary religious conveys it so very elementary, as easy as ABC. God makes it so simple, it is man who complicates things. If we strive to love God and do His will, we can't help but love our neighbor, and put down our 'spitwads' whether they be words or actions. Can We Pray For Our Enemies?
July 29, 2005
Griff Ruby diffuses the idea many Novus Ordinarians launch that Traditional Catholics ought to attend the Novus Ordo in obedience, offering their spiritual sufferings therein as a kind of penance. That's the shallow thinking of those who have been so dumbed down that they fail to realize why Catholics have no choice but to attend the True Mass and why such a "sacrifice" is not an acceptable penance. Though it may be a liturgical preference to many, that is not the reason Traditional Catholics make such amazing sacrifices to drive hours and hundreds of miles to attend the True Latin Mass. It is because in the Holy Sacrifice, decreed by St. Pius V to be said "in perpetuity," is the only true Catholic worship of a propitiatory nature in which the Sacrifice of Calvary is re-enacted in an unbloody manner; something which the Novus Ordo is not because it is a man-made, synthetic and poisonous rite, and that is why every Catholic needs to realize staying with the Novus Ordo only leads to further confusion and eventual entrapment, and to all who think they need to attend the Novus Ordo out of obedience: Why be a glutton for punishment? If you are within striking distance of the Vatican II venom, their fangs will reach you. For the sake of your soul hie thee out of the viper's pit of the conciliar church as fast as you can! Your eternal life depends on it! Griff explains in his column Novus Ordo "Suffering"
August 4, 2005
Griff Ruby's Excerpts
In addition to his "Straight Stuff" columns, Griff Ruby provides from time to time excerpts from his excellent book The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church. Today he provides a small set of Questions and Objections from Appendix B of his book in which he answers one objection and the misconceptions many have harbored about the "pastoral" nature of a council and how the crafters manipulated the vast majority of signers into signing documents that, if they were Roman Catholic, would be considered bogus in every way. Since they are not considered bogus, but are being enforced and embraced by all in the conciliar church, then that proves a total split between modern Rome and Eternal Rome. The latter is the barque of Peter which Traditional Catholics continue to sail along with; the former is a new gib which hoists its own petard and continues to sail far off course while still flying the flag of what it once represented. Griff also points out a most pertinent fact: Confusion has never aroused from those who accepted a council of the Church, only those who rejected it. Yet, Vatican II it is reversed. No wonder so many are confused. Griff clarifies the predicaments in his excerpt from the appendix in Addressing Fallacies of Vatican II Perceptions
August 11, 2005
Griff Ruby's Excerpts
Griff Ruby continues in the same vein as last week's installment by providing excerpts from his eye-opening book The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church where he addresses certain Questions and Objections from Appendix B of his book in which he answers questions and misconceptions many have harbored about parallel hierarchies and the concept of schism and apostasy. Often someone will bandy the term schismatic without really knowing what they are talking about. In so doing, they are not only violating the golden rule of silence as Fr. Wathen wrote about earlier this week, but making themselves vulnerable to grave error. As much as those in the conciliar church clamor that they want to dialogue with other religious groups, they are the first to shy away when Traditional Catholics take up the challenge. They use as their escape clause the feeble excuse, false we might add, that the Traditional Catholic is schismatic. Never mind the fact that many of those groups the Novus Ordo church seeks to dialogue with are beyond schismatic, for they are pagan to begin with, worshipping false gods. Griff points out how their false logic for the science of schism is split right down the middle, revealing the pitfalls of the arguments employed by those who use the term 'schismatic' so freely. Griff asks if they truly realize its meaning and, if in fact, they themselves are not the very schismatics they claim others to be because they have subscribed to a parallel hierarchy that is diametrically opposed to what Christ established with His One True Church. Griff cuts through the Science of Schism and clarifies the confusion in his excerpt from the appendix in Addressing the Fallacies of Schismatic Perceptions
August 19, 2005
Griff Ruby's Excerpts
Griff Ruby continues to provide pertinent excerpts from his eye-opening book The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church where he addresses certain Questions and Objections from Appendix B of his book in which he answers questions and misconceptions about the confusion some have about religious liberty. Griff asserts most correctly that all will be judged by the Catholic Standard because all will be judged by the Founder of the Church - Jesus Christ, Son of God and Savior of the world. Since God has revealed these Truths,and He cannot change nor can He deceive or be deceived, is anyone so arrogant to believe man-made religions can ever be considered equal to His One True Church? Griff points out that it is for the salvation of the soul that people realize this and that by seeking salvation as a Protestant, a Buddhist, a Moslem or what have you is futile and that is why a Catholic state is so vital for religious liberty is not freedom at all, but slavery to anathema. He explains in his excerpt from the appendix in Addressing the Anathemas of Religious Liberty
August 26, 2005
Griff Ruby's Excerpts
Griff Ruby continues to provide pertinent excerpts from his eye-opening book The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church where he addresses certain Questions and Objections from Appendix B of his book in which he deals with certain points - positive and problematic - about the confusion some have amongst the Traditional Catholic movement as to which group is right. Is it the Independent chapels? The SSPX? The Sedevacantists? The Indultarians? The Home-Aloners? While each group is in full agreement on Catholic Doctrine, when it comes to procedural norms each group thinks they are right in the direction they have taken to safeguard the Faith. The chief obstacle that exists is that no lawful authority exists to rightfully rule universally on who is right in the true Catholic sense.Epikea and Ecclesia supplet come into play When that is solved, however long that might be, there will be Catholic unity. He explains in his excerpt from the appendix in Addressing Traditionalist Tendencies Good and Bad
September 1, 2005
The Straight Stuff
Because of its vital importance and because you have a month to digest what Griff Ruby has presented that to so many is one of the greatest arguments to expose the very point of how, when, what, where, who and especially why modern Rome broke away from Eternal Rome. We have compiled his six-part installments into one compendium for September so you can see all the components and nuances and undeniable facts that prove Griff's point. Thus, we have taken his series earlier this year entitled "What's your picture?" and altered the title to better describe the subterfuge as Griff takes us past the spin right through the skin to the bare bones and then fleshes out what really happened in 1964. Griff lays it all out in his series we've entitled for this issue Down the Yellow Brick Road to Apostasy: The Lumen Gentium Syndrome
October 5, 2005
The Straight Stuff
In deference to the prophet David in the Psalms, it is time to fire back. Griff Ruby wants to know why Chris Ferrara has switched his focus from exposing the 'neo-Catholic' fallacies to getting downright personal in his vicious attack on those who have strived to be Catholic in every way and obedient to God rather than man; especially when man is speaking anathema. Though Griff had not intended on addressing the issue, the vindictiveness with which the franchise went on the attack begs a response and, in the vein of Psalm 17: 15 - "And He sent forth His arrows, and He scattered them: He multiplied lightnings, and troubled them" - Griff perceives that many have been troubled by Chris' assault on Tradition and Ferrara's attempt to scatter the faithful. Thus Griff pulls out his quiver and hits a bullseye in pinpointing why Ferrara and company have bitten off more than they can chew; in fact, he wonders why the franchise would bite the hand that feeds them by alienating an ever growing number of devout and concerned Catholics. Our Lord has asserted that the truth shall set us free and it is by considering all the evidence, and the obvious facts that the only 'Free Enterprise' rests in Christ Who is The Source of Truth and Tradition of Eternal Rome, and by the very fact that this is sorely and blatantly missing in action in modern Rome in these times that Griff suggests Ferrara should re-examine his brief against the 'Enterprise'for Chris will realize he is very much a part of that very 'Enterprise' whether he wants to admit it or not. Griff explains in his column God's Eternal Enterprise
October 17, 2005
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby offers a three-part series on clarifying graces and whether grace is possible outside the Church. He delves into actual and sanctifying grace, and then the various Baptisms. While it is possible for actual grace to flow upon anyone because of God's goodness, sanctifying grace cannot be gained from anywhere outside the Church. To the Roman Catholic Church alone is given the power to confect the sacramental grace of sanctifying grace in which sins can be forgiven and one's soul becomes pure before God. That is the only way one gets to Heaven: by being purified to be worthy to stand in the presence of the Beatific Vision. In this first part Griff differentiates between these graces and how God can direct actual grace as He sees fit and how, often it leads those outside the Church to the embrace of the Church and, through the sacraments, to attain sanctifying grace. He shows how actual graces, always temporary, can come in all shapes, sizes, coincidences and events and can be effected through anything, even the actions of persons belonging to other religions, but never, ever sanctifying grace which is permanent for as long as the person remains without mortal sin on his soul and in the good graces of Holy Mother Church. Griff brings this point home in his first of two parts on Clarification about Graces outside the Church - Part One, Grace and the Heretical Baptism
October 24, 2005
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby continues his three-part series on clarifying graces and whether grace is possible outside the Church. Today he dissects a key part of the conciliar decree on Ecumenism Unitatis Redintegratio in showing how the Vatican Council fathers eschewed the dogma of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus by proclaiming a new doctrine that through dialogue it is now possible to confirm heretics in their errors. This demonstrates and documents the intended ramifications of Lumen Gentium's infamous "subsists in" phrase that changed and denuded the entire visible structure of the Church. Now that all manner of schismatics, heretics, and pagans are themselves declared to be part of the Church equal to the Vatican as souces of Truth and Grace, why not engage in all manner of Communicatio in Sacris with them? Why bother to convert them at all when friendly dialog and spiritual fellowship is enough?" As we can clearly see, dialogue has proved fruitless as the conciliar church has sought over these last 40 years to accommodate and placate the heretics rather than converting them as Christ commanded in Mark 16: 15-16. In patronizing Protestant and pagan, the conciliar church, masquerading as the Catholic Church, has foisted the errors of Unitatis Redintegratio on unsuspecting souls who think they no longer need to convert for salvation. He explains in part two: Grace and the Decree on Ecumenism
October 31, 2005
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby completes his three-part series on clarifying graces and whether grace is possible outside the Church. Today he further cements his brilliant thesis he has been developing on Lumen Gentium. Using the analogy of the apple and the degrees of color, Griff explains how any arguments to explain away the meaning of subsists in turn into applesauce mush. We might use the same analogy of the good apple and the bad apple for the latter, having been infected with the poison of Lumen Gentium at its entry point, the entire conciliar apple - no matter its redness or hue - has spread to every fiber of the newchurch. But then, we know what Our Lord says about the good fruit and what will become of the bad fruit. We just hope and pray more souls will realize and not take a bite out of the conciliar apple for it is rotten to the core. Griff lays out the logic in his excellent essay that provides even more clarification for the reader to realize how the bad apple has spoiled. He explains in his final installment with part three: Grace and the Subsistent Superchurch
November 8, 2005
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby takes time to provide some musings on the Sins against Hope which are Despair and Presumption, dual portals leading to the gates of hell where above are posted the words "Abandon hope all ye who enter here." Griff goes beyond the normal terms we encounter in our daily experiences in explaining how Despair is the abandonment of all hope of attaining Eternal Life, while Presumption is the false belief that one can be saved by his or her own efforts and not God's. What many fail to realize is that there are degrees of these sins and we offend against God when we presume all is lost with the conciliar mess we are in, forgetting that God can indeed bring order out of the chaos created over the last 40 years. To abandon a sincere hope for a total restoration of Holy Mother Church is to resign oneself to holding that all is lost in the Church. We all have to be on our guard that we are not led into such presumptive, despairing thoughts for it contradicts what Christ has promised in Matthew 16:18 and 28:20 and ultimately can lead one to Canonical Pessimism. Griff explains in his column Despair and Presumption
November 17, 2005
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby provides a whimsy, yet insightful column that takes us to the Philippines where he and his wife spent a few weeks on vacation. His musings on a plethora of topics always manages to bring into perspective the Traditional viewpoint and, in this process, give the reader food for thought. He begins with food including the cuisine of the natives converted by the Spanish missionaries and a custom that hogs ceremonies in many Filipino circles - the pig roast. Griff looks at all sides on this and another sport, illegal in America - cock fighting - and offers another view: the rooster's plight which is all part of nature and the odds. Then he shares his take on a few books he took time to read when not sightseeing or visiting relatives. In these two books he confides how cultures have been altered thanks to those who have turned their back on God and His Laws. Through his insight we gain a greater understanding of the causes and effects of the clash of cultures in culling the culprits' cumbering cunning from the cumulative culverts and cul-de-sacs of life in the Philippines. If you are not alliterated-out yet, you'll truly enjoy Griff's segues from one topic to another in his column Potpourri in the Philippines
December 1, 2005
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby identifies for Catholics everywhere how to navigate back to the main road - the mainstream between Christ and His Mystical Body. It is not with the conciliar church, but with those who have remained stranded but determined on the main freeway of True Authentic Roman Catholicism. They say all roads lead to Rome, but the only sure road is the Traditional Interstate which is the main and only artery between what Christ established and today's confused and deceived elect. Modernist Rome has put in many detours and off-ramps to deter Catholics from realizing the only way to be true to Eternal Rome is to stay on the main thoroughfare. The signs are all there to guide all Catholics back to the main road, the only sure road. They just have to open their eyes and decipher the true signs from all the Vatican II graffiti. It is that very graffiti which has greatly defaced the reality of what is Catholic and what is not that needs to be cleaned up. It begins with not calling modern Rome Catholic as Griff explains in his column The Way Back to the Mainstream
December 20, 2005
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby weighs in on the series of articles in this "Second Round" with the flat-out practicality of the whole issue. Understandably, he can't fathom, for the life of himself and others, why so many do not see this clarity that should be so obvious. Consider if you will, no matter how much loyalty you have for the man, why it is practical to abandon the Narrow Path that leads to salvation and head pell-mell toward an abyss or rush into a roaring fire just because someone says it's safe? One must know the conditions and realize that the one beckoning is either a deceiver or doesn't know what he is doing. This, of course requires one to truly know their Faith. The fact that so many don't know what true Catholicism teaches plays right into the devil's hand; he who strews the wide path with roses and so-called "good" intentions and all the peace and justice bafflegab that has condoned humanism, modernism, ecumenism and other heresies. One must surely realize this, right? However so many don't. Don't they realize if the one calling the sheep to jump is one who we should be able to trust, but has proven by his actions and words that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing, having betrayed our trust time and time again, would you still jump? Only if you are a fool, a blind fool! Griff cites the practicality of seeing the obvious in his column Practical Sedevacantism
January 20, 2006
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby debuts with a practical spirital lesson that everyone can relate to, a boy and his dog. Who among us did not have a pet that we grew up with and could never quite figure out Fido's thinking? He equates this simple lesson to the malaise in the conciliar church today and why the True Church is in total eclipse. He uses the metaphor of the lampstand to convey the same and that the lampstand is still there, still containing the oil necessary for burning brighter than ever; it merely takes the right one to light the candle. Our prayers and perseverance will help in that cause. Until it's lit again, we'll continue the futile effort to chase after the dog. Griff explains in his column A Spiritual Lesson from My Little Dog, and other Spiritual Meditations
January 31, 2006
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby rejoices that the "Indult" even exists for to many it is the only link to the truths and traditions of Holy Mother Church. While the truth may be blurred by the Novus Ordo conciliarists, at least, for the most part, the traditions remain. What also remains is the fact that many, who have since disowned the heretical Vatican II agenda and its man-made pagan, Protestant synthetic rite, began that road to discovery by attending an "Indult" at a time in their life when satan's venemous veil still blinded them to what was really going on. Yet by their attendance God allowed a small rip in that veil and it shed a small light on their hearts to what has been lost. Slowly but surely there were enough graces to shred that demonic curtain and shed full light into the heart, soul and mind. This was also the inspiration of the Apostle Paul's final epistles to the Ephesians, Colossians and Philippians composed while he was incarcerated in a small cell. Griff encourages the Indult for now for eventually it will drive more and more to the True Traditional Latin Mass and populate parishes who will not compromise the Sacred Deposit of the Faith and Holy Mother Church's sacred liturgy. Griff explains in his column In THIS I Rejoice
February 7, 2006
Griff Ruby focuses on the one target that remains fair game to anyone who wants to take potshots with whatever weapons they have, no holds barred. It is all about adhering to authority; not authority formed by man, but that founded and elevated by God. Down through the ages, the One Authority of the Church Jesus Christ established has stood alone as the one most persecuted. This Authority, suffering the slings and arrows from those who think man has a better idea, has remained steadfast despite its attackers who have continued to turn a blind eye to the eyes of Faith by aiming at the bullseye of Truth. In their heart, the apostate archers know they're wrong, but still they fire away at True Catholicism. Yes, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church remains the only target that is fair game to assault. Why is it that the only ones who respect this Authority, namely the Traditional Bishops, are most cautious in overstepping their boundaries? The Answer: Total respect and awe for what Christ has established. The SSPX bishops would do well to remember that before letting down their guard or giving away the store. Griff explains in his column on Authority
February 13, 2006
Griff Ruby brings the reader an insight on why Benedict's supposed wishes to restore the Latin Mass are just the tip of the iceberg in doing the right thing before God. Today Benedict XVI meets with his curia to discuss, among other matters, what kind of concessions modern Rome could 'give' the Society of Saint Pius X in erasing the conciliar church's blackballing of Archbishop Lefebvre. Before he even begins to broach the subject with his curia, which are not expected to be very receptive, Benedict has to realize it's not just the Mass that needs to be restored to all its beauty as it was in 1958, but it is the Council and all that followed that needs to be shelved, lock, stock and barrel; in other words, exorcised of its 'spirit' that has haunted souls for well over 40 years. Griff explains in his column The Council and its Spirit
February 27, 2006
Griff Ruby applies the practice of Holy Mother Church over the centuries in coaxing converts back into the Church. There is no hurry for they must want to not only come back of their own volition, but willingly agree to adhere to all the laws and customs of Catholicism. That is why seldom, as Griff explains, are there wholesale conversions but at least there were conversions. Today conversion by proseltyzing the True Faith is looked upon by the modernist conciliar church as intimidating and oppressive and we must be tolerant. Considering the fact that the church of Vatican II has veered so far away from Catholic truth and practice, Griff advises Bishop Bernard Fellay to heed the advice of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and slow down, don't be in a hurry to be seduced by the concessions that still have not been manifested. The Society and all other Traditional Bishops have the Faith, they have the True Mass and Sacraments; the conciliar church does not. Let them come when they are desperate and will agree to heed all Catholic truth and abandon once and for all the fruitless Vatican II agenda. Until then, take time to pray for them, but don't rush in at their every bidding. Wait them out is Griff's wise advice in his column Personal and Corporate Return to the Church
March 10, 2006
With the influx of sodomite themes and influence gaining a more deadly foothold in society today, one has to wonder what happened? How did a sin, one that cries to Heaven for vengeance, go from a perverted disorder to a civil right? Griff Ruby begins a series on this very question and how they have manipulated the media and other sectors of civilization including the modern church by planting recruiters to woo the innocent and unwary ones. Like the devil lurking in the darkness, the sodomites lie in wait for their prey, taking advantage of the environment, political lobbying, and a church asleep on the watch, to pervert God's laws. While they are supposedly so "open" and "frank" about their "oppression" and try to prompt sympathy for their sin, they have a dark and dirty secret they don't want the public to realize and the media has done a good job of cloaking it in the shadows Those who think they are "brave" by piggy-backing on the craftily manipulated Brokeback Mountain phenomena that is seducing sodomites to "come out" and condone their sin, better think again, for God and His natural laws will not be mocked! Griff exposes the secret in Homosexuality's Dirty Secret Part One
March 21, 2006
We present Griff Ruby's concluding installment of his series on how sodomy has gained such a deadly foothold in society today. Though he is not one to propound theories or ever go off on a tangent on conspiracies that are not built on facts. But he has several facts where the only syllogism possible is that the culprit is satan, and his vehicle was Communism. Our Lady warned us at La Salette and Fatima; Our Lord foretold it in Matthew 24; Former Soviet Agents have admitted it, and it all makes perfect sense in the great charade played out within the conciliar church and its cozy, convenient Pact of Metz which, in effect, said 'hands off' the Reds, get your hands in the beds of young boys. Sick? Yes, and that is exactly what sodomy is and how it could very well have infiltrated the Church over the last century and caused the rot we are left with today. Griff's summation makes perfect sense in explaining how a sin, that cries to Heaven for vengeance, went from a perverted disorder to a civil right and so permeated the church of Vatican II. While the sodomite lobbyists claim to be a "victim" so oppressed by narrow-minded "bigots", it is all a smokescreen that clouds their real agenda, to pervert society and hold them hostage to the devil. Hold the sympathy, for in the darkness they have a dark and dirty secret they don't want the public to realize and that is that the Communists have infiltrated every facet of society and the hierarchy. It all makes sense as Griff illustrates in Homosexuality's Dirty Secret Part Two
May 2, 2006
Griff Ruby returns with an interesting likelihood that God could effect for after all, "with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Many have said the only solution to the current crisis in the Church today is divine intervention. What if God chose to send His Holiness Pope Pius XII back to earth to find out for himself the truth of Saint Paul's words in Galatians 1: 8-10 and how the Church he left had been eclipsed? Griff presents just such a scenario and how even he was lied to. Just as Christ says in today's Gospel "If they have called the good man of the house Beelzebub, how much more them of his household?" so also any Traditional Catholic - whether he be the least or Pope Pius XII - will be considered an enemy of God's enemies. Griff gives us food for thought in his piece The Resurrection of Pope Pius XII
June 2, 2006
The Straight Stuff
As a follow-up to his first installment of The Way Back to the Mainstream, Griff Ruby provides facts and figures that show the Traditional Catholic movement isn't as small as the so-called mainstream religions from Protestant to conciliar would like people to think. He also shows that only those who subscribe uncompromisingly to all the tenets of the holy Roman Catholic Church without exception and without innovation or novelty, can trace their faith back to Jesus Christ via the true, albeit narrow, road. No other religion can claim that Freeway of Faith and Griff provides the origins of many popular religions today to show they were founded by man, not God, and therefore will end up as dead-ends and cul-de-sacs that cannot connect with the True Church unless they abandon their vehicles of error, veer away from the detours and steer onto the only road to Heaven. Indeed Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus is a dogma - thrice-defined dogma no less - that is not open to debate. There is only one Interstate to salvation and that begins with adherence to what Traditional Catholics practice and believe as Griff explains in his second part of The Way Back to the Mainstream with Traditional Catholics ARE the Christian Mainstream
July 18, 2006
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby provides the third installment of his series The Way Back to the Mainstream as he concentrates on why Catholicism has something false religions cannot provide because, when push comes to shove, most people are looking for stability and sensibility to what life really means. There is only one Church which provides the answers and once Traditional Catholics stop sniping at each other, the path will be cleared to welcome many into Christ's True Church for everyday Modernist Rome is proving it is no longer Catholic. When our friends in the Novus Ordo finally are given the grace to realize this, when Protestants can no longer justify the errors of their origins, will we be ready to accommodate them? To answer their questions? To save their souls? Or will we Traditional Catholics still be bickering over petty things that don't amount to a hill of beans when salvation is at stake? It's the Mass, the sacred Priesthood, and the infrangible doctrines taught for nearly 2000 years. Griff explains how the stability of Doctrine and the Traditional Latin Mass are the unifying points. If we pray, we can be ready for the rush, but only if we are united in purpose as he points out in his column The Appeal of Catholicism and Hindrance Number 1.
July 28, 2006
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby takes a break from his series The Way Back to the Mainstream to remind all not to lose heart. Griff points out that sooner or later there will be a mellowing within the Traditional Movement both because of the time factor and the continued exodus of those finally fed up with the abominations emanating from the conciliar church. In time and graces received, the ranks will swell and soon those "Johnny's-come-lately-to-Tradition" will be the "old-timers" of the movement. We can learn from our elders in the Movement and take encouragement from the enthusiasm of the youthful. The picture isn't as bleak as some may think even if - through eyes of our fallen human nature - the future might look hazy and dark thanks to the distortion wrought by the conciliar church, but, when we put our spiritual binoculars to the horizon, we know that the Restoration - the Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church - is not only possible, viable and plausible, but a veritable fact. Few can judge the distance in linear time, but we can see clearly that Christ will put things well in focus and we just need to keep our eye on the Prize for all that is not of Him will fade away and the Holy Sacrifice will be restored universally when the abomination of desolation is discarded once and for all. Until then, as Griff advises, be patient. If we remain in the state of grace we can afford to wait and work toward conversion one at a time for as Griff says, "conversion is gradual, repentance is abrupt." Let's pray for the conciliarists' abruptness to come sooner rather than later. He explains in his column View to the Long Term.
September 3, 2006
The Straight Stuff
The burning question has been posed by Griff Ruby that, through proper research and development, help determine the status of one who claims to be pope. With all the speculation running amok it remains similiar to the age-old question: Which came first? The chicken or the egg? The feathers are sure to fly whenever the question arises between sedevacantist and sedeplenist because there is no set formula or procedure for fully answering the unprecedented circumstances Catholics find themselves in today thanks to something no saint, holy Pontiff or Doctor of the Church ever envisioned: conciliarism. Griff proposes a procedure to help Traditional Catholics not end up with egg on their face or chicken out when syllogisms lead to the obvious in determining how we can define when, where, why, what, who, and how the current conciliar popes veered from the true Faith and into that void called conciliarism. Griff, standing by the code of unity in all things essential, freedom in discussing speculative theology which this essay covers, and charity in striving for the goal of what is best for the Mystical Body of Christ, intends to tweak the discussion as he develops the hypothesis of the process for determining, once and for all, what universally constitutes the decisive conclusion of deciphering between a true Pope and a false one. He applies some initial strategies, simply called The Procedure
October 1, 2006
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Griff Ruby asks if there any sedevacantists really so silly and foolish as to be unable to answer "Ten items that Sedevancantists can't or won't talk about." Says who? Not Griff, for he tackles this very thing in his October column. He illustrates how there really is no question that cannot be answered. Yet often times, sincerity is masked when certain questions are asked with the purpose of trapping or intimidating one so they will not reply. Such are often intended not as sincere questions, but posed in the very same manner of questioning that Jesus faced with the Scribes and Pharisees - the Hypocrites of the Sanhedrin, whom our Lord castigated so vigorously with such vivid imagery in Matthew 23. Often times such questioning is one's way of throwing stones, and by posing the questions without a balanced response, are often intended to hurt or to pile up mortar to hide the asker's own ignorance or other ulterior motives. Griff takes on a little known 'Letters to the Editor' from a California physician posted in The Remnant a few months ago, and yet as Griff shows, the questions are really not that difficult when answered through the truth of Faith. One should certainly hope and pray that The Remnant, in the interest of truth and fairness and providing a balance, might print 10 Simple Answers to 10 Easy Questions
November 1, 2006
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Griff Ruby backs off a bit from his more hardhitting pieces to address a more philosophical question. Namely, what is it about cowardice that makes it not merely pathetic, contemptible, or pitiable, but in fact evil, and indeed malicious? Would not a coward be a most timid and harmless individual? And yet Sacred Scripture consigns the coward to the eternal Lake of Fire. Yes, as Griff shows, cowardice truly is evil and even malicious, and for that matter even one of the cornerstones of why the conciliar church has become the unprincipled mess that it is today. This has continued because of the the very essence of cowardice in those darkened souls who are afraid to study their Faith, afraid to offend man with little concern for what God thinks, and who are comfortable in their comfort zones. So who will stand up to the nonsense? Who will have the strength to stand up to those who threaten to "leave" if any steps are taken to oppose the nonsense, by simply pointing to such ones the door? Those who realize that if their soul is right with God, nothing can hurt them. Those who hold and teach the Faith whole and entire. There is a saying that holds more true today than ever before: Tell the Truth and You're Fireproof! Stay in the State of Grace: There's Nothing You Can't Face! If you are in a state of Grace and determined to remain therein, then there is nothing that the Devil can "make" you do. Griff points out that only a sincere love for God will erase the inherent fear of man as he explains in his column On Cowardice
December 3, 2006
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Griff Ruby tackles the very crux of the problem so evident in the conciliar church that many cannot see it: Invisibilism. He points out that if Modernism is "the synthesis of all heresies," and it most definitely is, then Invisibilism is "the heresy behind all heresies." This is because the visible Church, as She was for nearly 2000 years, is no longer visible to the vast majority. In her stead has come the eclipse by the conciliar church of Her infrangible dogmas and doctrines, not to mention the very essence of Catholic worship - the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the patrimony of holy Mother Church. Thanks to the heresy of Invisibilism these have been slowly, and not so slowly, but surely erased from the memories of several generations. In these dark times, when all looks the darkest, there truly is hope by remembering what Christ Himself promised: He would be with us until the end of the world, but He also counts on us to do our part for the salvation of souls and the restoration of holy Mother Church. Griff explained in the first of a series on the problems and solutions with his piece on the heresy of Invisibilism
December 17, 2006
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As a follow-up to his last article on "Invisibilism", Griff Ruby continues his series on solutions as he begins to lay out the path that Traditional Catholics need to realize in seeking to restore the Oneness of holy Mother Church, which, though still intact in the True Church now in the catacombs, is blurred from so many because of the divisiveness of various factions within the Traditional movement. In order to bring unity, Griff proposes a necessary course that begins with true oecumenism as opposed to the false ecumenism of Vatican II and the conciliar church. And the Journey toward full alignment with the perennial and infallible Magisterium of the Church inevitably returns to True Catholicism when one realizes there needs to be unity of Traditional Catholics in all things holy Mother Church has always taught and realize the conciliar church is not even on the radar as far as accordance with Catholic truth. The ecumenism of Vatican II is heretical, whereas the goal of Traditional oecumenism is necessary to unite the flocks in preparing for a true Vicar of Christ to come as Griff points out in his column Trad-Oecumenism
February 4, 2007
Griff Ruby addresses the only seemingly argument left for anti-sedevacantists to hang their ridiculous prepositions on and that is how they toss around the terms "Material" and "Formal Heretics" as if nuances trump truth. Besides that, those opposing the sedevacantist position, which holy Mother Church accepts and has decreed on, misuse material and formal heresy defenses against the argument that the conciliar popes can't possibly be true popes. Despite the fact that the modernists who have occupied Rome for the past 40 plus years stand totally in contradiction to what previous reliable Sovereign Pontiffs have taught on Catholic truth, the anti-sedevacantists continue to advance this empty prattle as their only argument left to demean sedevacantism. Now Griff takes the small pin of what he calls "The Procedure" and pierces the thin veneer with a simple four part quadrant that lays it out so clearly in not only taking the air out of their last balloon with his simple and failsafe argument, but his logic obliterates all the hot air that has blurted out of the conciliar balloon for low these last four decades. Let it waft into the wind and let's pray for a strong wind to blow away once and for good anything resembling conciliarism in the crusade to restore holy Mother Church by running out the Robber Barons and Barbarians at and inside the Gate. Griff explains in his concise column Time to Put to a Certain Piece of Nonsense to Rest
March 18, 2007
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Griff Ruby brings all the undeniable proof that Paul VI resigned his authority of the Roman Catholic Church (if, indeed, he ever had it) with his approval of the heretical document Lumen Gentium and thereby, by this act, became the head of another entity which has turned out to be the apostate conciliar church in which his successors John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI have followed and "subsist in." Yet so many can't see the elephant in the room while the Modernist Mastedons continue to "subsist" in stomping on souls over the last 40 years and few there are who will honestly recognize the beast for what it is. Hopefully Griff's treatise will knock at least a few over the head and shed some light from the imaginary chandeliers they keep ducking under and away from in their efforts to continue paddling up the river of denile to avoid the inevitable. Griff explains in his column Of Elephants and Chandeliers and a Certain River in Egypt
June 22, 2007
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In this time when Ratzinger is trolling for traditionalists with the "promise" of a Motu Proprio to "free the Latin Mass" (which he has not the authority to do for it has been forever free since the infallible bull Quo Primum in 1570) and when the revelation is made that he secretly plotted as far back as 1982 to fuse the "missal of 1967" into the "Indult", it is time to revisit the whole validity/non validity issue and to not draw it out but cut to the chase to prove definitely that the consecration in Novus Ordo services is not only invalid, but what the late Father James F. Wathen called it: The Great Sacrilege. Griff Ruby returns with a short summation that so simply syllogizes why the short form can not be qualitive because of the etc. that follows in the man-made rite of the Novus Ordo, making it null and void! Griff explains in his treatise The Long and Short of It
June 29, 2007
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What if Vatican II did to the Holy Trinity what it did to the Holy Mass?

Griff Ruby offers up a short query that is food for thought for those who don't realize what has happened over the past forty-plus years. What if churchmen decided to labor against a Divinely established Catholic teaching, such as that of the Holy Trinity, not by openly and explicity denying it (which would be outright heresy), but rather by simply laying down "mere" disciplinary decisions against it? Griff lays out the scenario in his brief essay to complete the month of the Most Sacred Heart, What if?

July 17, 2007
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Griff Ruby, who has written one of the most thorough refutations of Vatican II in pinpointing the document Lumen Gentium as the culprit that cut the conciliar church off from the Catholic Church, files his response to the nonsense issued last week by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (sic). No matter how the counterfeit conciliarists try to spin "subsists in" it always comes back to their interpretation of what "subsists in" subsists in. It's the old shell game, a languishing labyrinth of ambiguities in which they fashion facts after the fact that have, in fact, no fact to them. Such is the state of deceivers. They can seldom remember what they said before and often tend to cover one lie with another even more ridiculous. In so doing they not only expose themselves more openly as being satan's architects of the "operation of error", but aggravate the very "friends of mammon" they're trying to pander to in their ineptitude to explain away a heresy that still remains a heresy no matter how they twist it. Griff breaks it down in his treatise, How One Novelty Invents More Novelties
July 21, 2007
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Griff Ruby pens a heart-wrenching Open Letter to those CMRI Sisters who have turned their backs on what holy Mother Church has always held sacred and have embraced the New Order with all its novelties, despite their profession of Vows. He writes from his heart in hoping that for these Brides of Christ, who have left their Groom, are merely struggling with a brief separation and not divorce. In addressing the Sisters directly Griff shows how it pains our Lord and our Lady so that you weren't satisfied with those God entrusted to you to help you achieve your eternal salvation. If you believe that can be attained through the mechanisms of the Novus Ordoites you're in for quite a life-shock. Sooner or later it will hit those Sisters who heard the siren and fell for the love-bombs. Eve did the same thing. To God and to those you left behind at the Mount, you are a priceless treasure. As such, we have to ask as Jesus referred to in St. Matthew 7: 5-6. Do you really and truly want to give that which is holy to dogs? Jesus has the answer: "Neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest perhaps they trample them under their feet, and turning upon you, tear you." Think about that, dear Sisters of illusion. That is the fate that awaits. It's inevitable. All those you left behind continue to pray for you and and have great concern for your spiritual welfare and for your state of mind, in so much emotional confusion at this time. Just remember, Sisters, home is just around the corner and up the hill. You know the way. It's up to you to return to the only sure path to get there. Griff extends hope that this will still be possible with his chock-full-of-Catholic-love An Open Letter to the Sisters who have left the CMRI
August 24, 2007
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  This weekend Griff Ruby begins a multi-part series on the need for a deeper study of the conciliar document Summorum Pontificum being done in order to see whether it is the answer or further contributes to the dark forces gathering to blot out souls. This then is the first episode of a series simply called: "Motu Wars," a take-off on the "Star Wars" theme for the Traditional Resistance, though determined and dedicated, is infitesmally small compared to the vast evil Empire that has taken over the governance of the Catholic galaxy. The latest Motu begs the question: Can the leader of the Empire be trusted just because of a few documents that seem to promise some good things? While many want to trust because of the decades upon decades without a legitimate leader, remember the casualties the Empire's current leader has caused throughout the past. We must be careful and beware. We must study the plans laid out for words can be clever and convincing, convincing enough "to deceive (if it were possible) even the elect" (St. Matthew 24: 24). What is really behind this sudden shift in ideologies? That is the crux of being on guard, of saving souls for there are many storm troopers out there in purple and scarlet who seek to sabotage and sack the Resistance. The Motu Wars are only going to intensify. We need to know the enemy before we become them. Griff combs the original document in deciphering the conciliar code in the first episode of this series: I. Hope Against Hope
August 31, 2007
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  Griff Ruby continues with his study of the Motu Proprio and, in his second installment, deciphers the accompanying letter to the bishops. It is necessary to know what is really intended in order to know the enemy's coordinates and to avoid the obstacles and remote probes trying to lure out Traditionalists in order to deal a death blow to the true Faith. The freedom fighters must never recognize the false authority of the enemy for that will only weaken the Resistance. All dedicated to the Faith must stand firm to tradition and resist with all their might. Continuing the theme of "Star Wars", the Traditional Resistance may seem small in comparison to the vast evil Empire that has taken over the governance of the Catholic galaxy. Griff, on behalf of traditional freedom fighters, hones in on the hidden agenda of the leader of the Conciliar Empire in his communique to his storm troopers in purple and scarlet. As Griff discovers in deciphering the code, one can easily see the treason has not been subdued but grows stronger for Catholic truth is compromised for 'peace and tranquility' - code words for 'do it our way or else' in order to establish a One World Unity of Community Order where all bow to the Darth Vader of the Imperial Troops. Doublespeak and deception still rule the day and the alarm is sent out to all in the Resistance: Stay the course, hold your positions. Do not be seduced by the Starship Ecumania. Griff explains in his second episode of "Motu Wars" with II. The Conciliar Empire Strikes Back
September 04, 2007
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  Griff Ruby files his third installment of his series on "Motu Wars." He continues by breaking down the ideas advanced in the third, and by far least well-known, of this troublesome Trio of documents. As one reads this one can see that normally when one has a set plan, one lays it out succinctly and the better prepared, the better it is conveyed. Not so with Benedict XVI and the counterfeit church of conciliarism which is opposed by a small loyal band of dedicated freedom fighters, who, knowing the history of the Catholic Empire, do not recognize the illegal, unauthorized satanic authority of the leader of the Roman Galactic Empire headquartered on Vatican Base, the Resistance's former stronghold in better days. More stipulations are being laid out by the one who has gone over to the sinister side. There is codespeak in his explanetory communiqué to his Imperial Troops in scarlet and purple to alert them that he has no intention of changing his course or conceding anything to the Resistance. He's telling them to just watch and see for, just as everything else he touches evolves in Hegelian fashion, he has a plan evolving that is, as usual, planted with novelties and time bombs. For he is the master of such. As usual there is so much ambiguity in conciliar documents that another document needs to be issued to explain the first. Griff analyzes this "clarification", keeping in mind that we're dealing with an Imperial Empire which has penetrated every corner of the galaxy with its double-speak deceit. No matter what the leader of the evil Empire portends in his Motu, there are hidden meanings, hidden indultcendiary issues that will explode when the duped least expect it. Expect it! Griff reveals the hidden explosives in his third part, III. Return of the 'Time Bombs'
September 08, 2007
The Straight Stuff
  Griff Ruby completes his fourth and final episode of this series of analyzing the trio of documents centering on Summorum Pontificum. Utilizing the "Star Wars" theme, while the rhetoric is to hold treaty talks by both the Roman Galactic Empire and different factions within the Resistance, the fact is that for all sides it is 'take no prisoners.' The ambiguity and disorder of the New Order bodes ill for the integrity of the True Latin Mass and infrangible Catholic Doctrine and yet God can allow good to come out of this malaise. Such possibilities are advanced here on how the consecrated Purple Knights of Tradition, guardians of Catholic Truth, can turn the tables and aid the masses with the proper formation of the Ordinary and Proper of the Mass but only by men who seek to be validly ordained, something few suspect Darth Vader or his collegial cohorts would ever allow. Yet, without this requirement, the Motu is a spectral speck in the galaxy, an illusion whose fruits are dead on arrival. As of the posting of this issue, there is less than a week to go before the Motu is supposed to be enforced by the leader of the evil Empire. Of course his Storm Troopers are uneasy in trying to find every excuse they can to opt out, to alter it to suit their purpose. Meanwhile, expectations are being exaggerated on all sides, but it is the surface most are looking at. Lurking beneath is a new chaos that foretells a bitter battle over conditions that few have even considered. Griff addresses this in his final episode of "Motu Wars" with IV. The Phantom Menace of the Motu
November 05, 2007
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Appropriately, on the historical feast of the Holy Relics, Griff Ruby leads off Return Week of The Daily Catholic with an interesting perspective that, no doubt, few Traditional Catholics have ever thought about. We can take many lessons from the Old Testament and God's purpose for it. Likewise we can learn from the fallout of those who rejected the promised Messias - "the Word made flesh" - in the New Covenant. Rather than antipathy toward our Jewish brothers in Christ, we should be empathetic toward our confused brethren of the Old Covenant, for the Orthodox Jew refuses to compromise; so do most Traditional Catholics. The Orthodox Jew follows the letter of the divine Law; so do most Traditional Catholics in realizing the fulfillment in our Lord's ultimate Sacrifice, re-enacted sacramentally in the propitiatory Sacrifice of the Mass; the only sacrifice pleasing to the Father. The Orthodox Jew longs for the time when they will have a Temple again; many Traditional Catholics long for the time when we will have a true Pope again. In fact, that very issue should unite Catholics, not divide. And yet, the temple of torment tears at His remnant because we fail to realize how history repeats itself and, in that, we're no different than the Jews. In fact, we can learn from them in their effort to bond as family. If we do not unite, we are destined to make the same mistakes and only weaken our ranks. The question is: Will we ever learn? That is what Griff tweaks our consciences with in his gentle, but firm way of prodding Traditional Catholics to live our Faith to the fullest with his essay, New Rites for Old
November 26, 2007
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Griff Ruby provides a sobering first hand experience of just how the ecumaniacal heresies were able to spread so quickly and continue to conflagrate souls with an agenda that is best dubbed 'diabolic disorientation.' Griff illustrates how it only takes a few to wreak havoc as fifth columnists within the ranks, planting ideas that are not your ideas or ideals but theirs. It is the modus operandi of the totalitarian mindset employed so insidiously in both countries and churches. Like the slippery serpent of Genesis, the shills slither in and coil themselves around the unsuspecting ones, squeezing their prey into buying the rot they know you don't want by twisting the truths so cleverly. It is how the aberrations of Vatican II took hold with few being the wiser. It is truly a factory far worse than the sweat shops of the Far East for it affects souls and the venom injected by the shillsters, posing as partners, paralyzes parishioners into following the path to perdition. Griff explains in his article, The Novus Ordo Shill Factory
December 25, 2007
For his Christmas message, Griff Ruby reminds us not to fret about the hubbub of equal time at Christmas for displaying Creches and Religious songs because after Christmas they soon forget and leave the stage free to allow Catholics to truly celebrate the true season that lasts from Christmas Day to the Feast of the Epiphany, which in many countries is still as important as December 25 for it is the day the world, in the three Kings, recognized the King of kings. Wither Winter Christmas?
March 03, 2008
Griff Ruby files an interesting scenario of the proper way to intiate encouragement toward those presbyters who want to do right by holy Mother Church but have been hindered by lack of courage or intimidation or ignorance of what Catholicism truly is. Griff files a few theoretical letters that are plausible in planting the seeds of hope. Griff points out in these speculative correspondences how it is so vital to sift the wheat from the chaff amongst traditional-leaning 'priests' ordained in the Novus Ordo rite, that the proper traditional chain of command be observed in order for true shepherds to discern whether these 'priests', who would express an interest, are sincere or Trojan Horses ready to sabotage. And those clearly desiring to serve the Church and provide true spiritual guidance and sacraments for their appointed flocks must be given every possible chance to redeem themselves. But careful scrutiny and trust in the Holy Ghost will ferret out the "Twinkie-toes" if the proper impetus is given in doing all we can to help rescue souls from the counterfeit church of conciliarism. Griff poses the possibilities in his piece, A Grave Risk
April 13, 2008
During this second half of April, the magical misdirection skills of simulation and dissimulation continue to be used with Benedict XVI's visit to New York. It is all part of the performance to misdirect souls, and the counterfeit church of conciliarism has done a magnificent job of diverting eyes and hearts to itself and away from the one, holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. This upcoming visit brings to mind another magic act performed in New York a few decades ago by an accomplished magician David Copperfield when, with great fanfare, he made the Statue of Liberty disappear. But did it really? Of course not, and therein is the rub as Griff Ruby not only shows how it was done, but parallels how the church of conciliarism did and continues to do the same thing. Through ruse, simulation and dissimulation, the modernists, conciliarists, and ecumenists over the past half century have garnered high marks for their stage presence when performing their tricks - dirty tricks, if you will, but dismal marks when it comes to upholding the True Faith. In fact, considering their totally-lack-of-good-fruit track record over a nearly 50-year period, many knowledgeable Catholics have despaired of the Church, thinking it hopelessly ruined and beyond the pale, and even doubting God's protection. Yet all along the real Church has quietly continued in the background, dissimulating the rightful authority She holds, neither falling into error nor ceasing to exist. So while the media distracts and hypes Ratzinger's visit, watch how the vast majority will be suckered in by the simulation that he's a Catholic pope. The plaudits alone should be warning enough that he is not of Christ per our Lord's Own words. And now before this country is inundated with bizarre ecumaniacal papolotry, take a few minutes and read Griff's magnificent explanation of why and how we're in the situation we're in, and more importantly, what that situation really is. It's not what most people think! How was the true nature of our situation so effectively concealed? All it took was a Sleight of Hand
June 30, 2008
When words are omitted or added they can alter the entire message. This has been a favorite trick of satan for eons, especially with the diverse and intentional interpretations forged by multi-thousands of Protestant sects.

Griff Ruby begins a comprehensive series in which he must do what St. Paul entreats in 2 Timothy 4: 2-5 and to be faithful to the word and what holy Mother Church teaches in accordance with the Apostle's words in Galatians 1: 8-10. They say sticks and stones can break bones, but names will never hurt, however words can hurt souls when they are deceived and it has been done for ages by those who are hellbent on cramming square pegs into round holes. It is how the Arian heresy gained such prominence; how Luther altered Christian belief to apostasize from the true Church and take billions since with him; how one side has forced their ideology on others by twisting words and meaning to indicate something totally different than the authority conveying said words intended. This intentional twisting is done all the time and it is wrong. With that in mind, this first installment in this series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" revs up with some obvious dishonesty in Sacred Scripture that has resulted in a chaotic array of over 34,000 sects that have apostasized from Christ's True Church. Griff deciphers the differences and how one can tell so clearly what is true and what is slanted to deceive as he points out in installment one, Word Twisting to Change the Meaning

July 07, 2008
In defending the treasure of the Sacred Deposit of the Faith, one must glean the gems that are presented to verify the authenticity and veracity of what they reflect in the prisms of polemics.

Griff Ruby continues his comprehensive series in which he must do what St. Paul entreats in 2 Timothy 4: 2-5 and to be faithful to the word and what holy Mother Church teaches in accordance with the Apostle's words in Galatians 1: 8-10. In an effort not to mix metaphors, but to mine for the gems the Church has always held sacrosanct as divine truth, we hold a Ruby up to a Dimond to show the obvious imperfections in the latter's seemingly brilliant refractions of promoting Feeneyism. However, when looking closer one can see the gaps in the quartz that make its claim to being reliable totally bogus and extremely harmful to the investment of souls. The Extra Ecclesiae Nulla Salus dogmatic argument stands true as always, but the denial of Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire holds no light in the spectrum of the Communion of Saints and, does, in fact, dull the senses and leads to grave error and a serious detriment to unity within the Traditional Catholic movement. To understand how an omission can easily be a commission of error, see Part Two Ellipses can Eclipse Ecclesial Intent

July 14, 2008
When speaking in terms of "One", we have to keep in mind those Catholic truths that certain Entities are "Three in One" such as the Holy Trinity, the Communion of Saints and Baptism.

Griff Ruby continues his comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" for he realizes the responsibility to educate, inform and rebuke as St. Paul entreats in 2 Timothy 4: 2-5 and to be faithful to the Word and what holy Mother Church teaches and to be on guard for what the Apostle warns in Galatians 1: 8-10. There is but One God, One Church, One Baptism but within One God is Three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Ghost; and within One Church the church Militant, Church Suffering and Church Triumphant; and, keeping in mind God's Communion of Saints there is within One Baptism the Baptism of Water alone for the Church Militant on earth, but there is also the Baptism of Blood and/or the Baptism of Desire for those who would, through their death, become members of the Church Suffering or Church Triumphant, Purgatory and Heaven respectively. The "Three in One" application preserves and strengthens the First Dogma of the Church that there is no salvation outside the Church (Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus) because those receiving BOB or BOD would be in the Church, not outside. This is something that such luminaries as Peter Abélard, Fr. Leonard Feeney, S.J. and radical Peter Dimond did not or do not honestly admit. Maybe that's why the idiom applies so aptly to such 'intellectuals' as these: A small amount of knowledge can cause people to think they are more expert than they really are. In other words, as has been proven by their condemnation by holy Mother the Church: a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing! Griff explains in Part Three Three who dare challenge Church Teaching

July 21, 2008
The depositions of quotes in Dimond's Treatise reek of being taken out of context, thus twisting the meaning for the Prosecution against Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire, but Griff stands in for the Defense, keeping everything in context in proving that the Means will justify his arguments.

Griff Ruby continues his comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" with his fourth installment that is most necessary for Catholics to understand one's responsibility to educate, inform and rebuke as St. Paul entreats in 2 Timothy 4: 2-5 and to be faithful to the Word and what holy Mother Church teaches and to be on guard for what the Apostle warns in Galatians 1: 8-11. The tomes of quotes by Peter Dimond in his supposedly "air-tight" arguments in his Treatise have more holes than Swiss cheese. Once readers discover his dishonesty of omitting key components that actually quite often refute his forced and faulty conclusions, they should smell what's really intended. And once readers clearly understand his deliberate deception of placing misdirected emphasis on the words of Fathers, Doctors, Saints and Popes of the Church in his Treatise to forge a different conclusion, then readers should begin to understand only too well where that putrid stench originated. Griff fumigates more of the mephetic MHFM's misrepresentations in Part Four The Treatise is in Contempt of Context

July 28, 2008
Taking quotes out of context is a favorite tactic of those who master in misdirection and misrepresent themselves to others as to their knowledge of theology and Catholic doctrine. If it's a case of "invincible ignorance" than they're dumber than we've given them credit for. Of course, considering the plethora of doctrinal documentation available, we know such is impossible today. Therefore, it has to be deliberate deception for they do know better and that makes it all the more tragic for theirs and their followers' salvation.

Griff Ruby continues his comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" with his fifth installment that is most necessary for Catholics to understand one's responsibility to educate, inform and rebuke as St. Paul entreats in 2 Timothy 4: 2-5 and to be faithful to the Word and what holy Mother Church teaches and to be on guard for what the Apostle warns in Galatians 1: 8-11. The tomes of quotes by Peter Dimond in his supposedly "air-tight" arguments in his Treatise The erosion of truth from the tomes of quotes by Peter Dimond in his weighty wordage (as in poundage, not clarity and truth) leads one to assume the agenda Dimond and Feeneyites are trying to ramrod down people's throats could be correct except for one very important canard that Griff exposes: that those being quoted, for the most part, never had the same intention Dimond's using is his miasma of misdirection. But, as Griff points out, Dimond's rationale whenever his "smoking gun" backfires is to blame God! Griff provides the empty casing shells left by the Treatise to prove not only how far off target the Feeneyites are, but that Dimond's been shooting blanks. Griff provides the proof in Part Five What About the What-Abouts?

August 04, 2008
For a long time many have suspected the author of the Treatise has lost his marbles. It's a fact he's left some out of the bag, which proves he's not playing fair.

Griff Ruby completes the first round with his sixth installment of a mega-part comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" in exposing not only the heresy of Feeneyism, but also the intended deliberate dishonest deception of this heresy's defender, most notably one Peter Dimond whose moral compass has taken him dangerously off course. Some might think he's lost his marbles by playing loose and fast with the doctrinal game. However, Catholic truth is always rock solid as marble and the true Church never lags whether the match involves the aggies and steelies of the great Fathers and Doctors that plunked Arianism and Pelagianism, or the Rosary-beaded puries and onyx orbs that targeted Albigensianism, or knuckling down with the flints and alabaster milkies of Trent to strike out of the circle the ducks of Protestantism, Calvinism and every other ism that was introduced in the teen centuries, or the cats-eyes and micas that shoot at the overwhelming heresies so prevalent today in the counterfeit church of conciliarism, including one not affiliated with such, but nevertheless still an obstacle in the direct line: pitching against the fudging Feeneyites. Griff provides clear evidence that the author of the Treatise has been shooting in the dark, taking great liberties in his personal "interpretations" of papal decrees and statements of Saints, Doctors, and sincere Catholic luminaries of the Church. The end result is deliberate deception and proof he's refused to knuckle down to the truth of BOB/BOD. Griff provides the clear evidence in Part Six, It's All or Nothing!

September 08, 2008
It can definitely be dangerous to one's spiritual health if one does not follow the Doctors' advice, especially one so esteemed as the Angelic Doctor. But to deliberately forge St. Thomas Aquinas' medicinal manual for the soul - the Summa, well that can be criminal.

Griff Ruby resumes his mega-part comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" in exposing not only the heresy of Feeneyism, but also the intended deliberate dishonest deception of this heresy's defender, most notably one Peter Dimond, half of the combination known as the Dimond brothers. This week Griff pits them against seven Doctors of the Church. No contest. And yet one would ask, how dare two self-taught pipsqueaks from podunk think they know more than St. Thomas Aquinas by not only doubting, but misinterpreting his masterful Summa Theologica. Not to mention their audacity of calling other holy Doctors of the Church wrong while asserting they themselves - the almighty Dimond brothers - the only ones who are right. Of course, the latter consider themselves self-appointed gods who relish sitting in judgment of one and all whether that be many revered, and proven holy Doctors of the Church or present Traditional Catholic authorities as well as writers of good will who dare challenge their audacity. It's always been a practice that if you might disagree with your doctor, it wouldn't hurt to go to another for a second opinion, or even, rarely, a third. But by the time seven Doctors have all told you the same thing it's time to listen to your Doctor and humbly swallow that bitter pill of truth and accept that your Doctor knows more than you do. In his seventh installment, Griff provides what the Doctors have prescribed and The Evidence is Overwhelming

September 15, 2008
Excuses are a dime a dozen and illustrate a lack of confidence in one's arguments, but the Feeneyites' excuse that it's all God's fault takes the cake for absurdity.

Griff Ruby continues his mega-part comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" in exposing not only the heresy of Feeneyism, but also the intended deliberate dishonest deception of this of one of this heresy's greatest defenders, one Peter Dimond, half of the combination known as the Dimond brothers. There are a plethora of excuses Peter Dimond desperately drums up in his Treatise and elsewhere to deflect the obvious in his stubborn pridefulness to cling to the dangling thread of denying Baptism of Desire and Baptism of Blood. Does he not realize that once it completely unravels he'll be completely separated from the vine? Completely "outside the Church" via heresy in the same manner the man he defends was excommunicated by a true pope. The only thing allowing Dimond to spew his rubbish today is that there has been an absence of any papal intervention in doctrinal affairs. Regardless, holy Mother Church has wisely prepared for just this and states such in her legitimate Councils, papal decrees and Canon Law: Latae sententiae. In other words by one's persistent deeds or words or actions that contradict Catholic truth, one has separated oneself from the Church. There is no necessity for a pope to decree such, for it still stands in the eyes of God. But to Dimond it's all in the predestined cards and therefore it has to be God's fault that His Church accepts BOB and BOD. Griff points out this gaffe in his eighth installment, When all else fails, blame God!

September 29, 2008
Who are you to believe? Those who appoint themselves as self-proclaimed "experts" or authentic Church-authorized experts in the person of Fathers, Doctors, Saints and Popes? If you're honest, it's a no brainer. If you're not honest, you go mining for useful-sounding quotes. It is the epitome of the Art of Scholastic Dishonesty.

Griff Ruby continues his mega-part comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" in exposing not only the heresy of Feeneyism, but also the intended deliberate dishonest deception of this of one of this heresy's greatest defenders, one Peter Dimond, half of the combination known as the Dimond brothers. We've all seen the hilarious exercise of bobbing for apples, ironically in water. However, what Griff has decided to do is not funny, but very necessary in order to refute the heresy of Feeneyism that Baptism by water is the only way to salvation. Thus he goes bobbing for verified examples of Baptism of Blood by first splashing around the depths of the Treatise to uncover the disguised examples that the Dimonds have omitted or fabricated what might have occurred without their ever being there. Then Griff gets to the core by producing the shining precedent the Church has sunk her teeth into from earliest times in providing example after example of canonized saints who never had the chance to be baptized by water, yet they are official saints in Heaven. If the good fruit of what the Church says doesn't sink the Feeneyite heresy, then we can only hope the latter will dry up, so dehydrated by the arid audacity of stubborness and pride to dare deny Catholic truth. Griff lays out the irrefutable evidence for Baptism of Blood in his ninth installment, Bobbing for BOB

November 01, 2008
While arguments for Baptism of Desire might seem slim compared to Baptism of Blood, there are actually quite a few excellent references if one bothers to research for the full truth among the esteemed Fathers and Doctors of the Church that prove the actuality of Baptism of Desire, and totally refute the heresy of Feeneyism. In this month dedicated to the Holy Souls what better time to remember the countless souls in Purgatory, many there through the Baptism of Desire.

Griff Ruby resumes his mega-part comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" in exposing not only the heresy of Feeneyism, but also the intended deliberate dishonest deception of those who have deceived. Throughout the history of the Church no true Authority of the Church has ever ruled against what is called the "Baptism of Desire." While it is true those souls dying without the salvific waters of the Sacrament of Holy Baptism would not be members of the Church Militant, they would be members of the Church Suffering, and a few, such as St. Dismas, members of the Church Triumphant. Thus, in this month of the Holy Souls it is necessary to refute those who harm souls by denying what the Fathers, Doctors, Saints and Popes have accepted and never condemned: BOD. In truly studying the quotes attributed to reliable sources such as Saint Ambrose, for example, one can see unreliable sources not only taking these quotes out of context, but applying an entirely different meaning and presuming they themselves know more than God Himself. It's not only the height of scholastic dishonesty, but sheer stupidity, not to mention very dangerous to their own soul and those whom they mislead. Griff presents the first part of his treatise on BOD with, Fathers Know Best what Desires God Desires

November 03, 2008

Griff Ruby continues with the second part of his tenth installment. This series was launched in order to help souls. Thus this second part of the Baptism of Desire is published today, All Souls' Day for there are no doubt countless souls in Purgatory needing our prayers; many of those souls there through the baptism of Desire. While the Dimond Treatise has been well refuted in every aspect throughout this series, another Feeneyite deserves to be grilled on his scholastic dishonesty in deliberately leaving out the context of quotes that sway the reader to think a Father or sage Saint didn't know what he was talking about. Below you can see this in black and white, especially in respect to the respected Doctor of Grace Saint Augustine, and how the desire to defend Feenyeism prompts desperate heretics to not only stretch the truth about Baptism of Desire, but deliberately deceive by omitting the true intention of this holy Doctor of the Church and other Church authorities who have been quoted. In this age of instant gratification, we must remember that holy Mother Church has always deliberated slowly but surely. There are no such things as shortcuts, something evident by providing all the evidence to prove the scholastic dishonesty of Feeneyites. Desire to Know the Full Truth about Baptism of Desire

December 03, 2008
Stubbornness is a trait born of pride often found in cults who refuse to believe their leader is all wet, totally off track. Such is the case with the cult of Feeneyism entrenched at the St. Benedict Center which was founded by Fr. Feeney as ground zero and carried out in defiance of Eternal Rome's warnings to cease and desist. In their disobedience they ceased being "slaves of Mary" and became slaves of heresy.

Griff Ruby resumes his mega-part comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" as he now focuses on the messenger. Much has been said about the message of Feeneyism and now Griff sets his sights on the messenger who started this heretical mess, one Fr. Leonard Feeney and how he veered from the path that was formerly so promising. That is what happens when cults are formed and given more importance than the Faith itself. One definition of a cult is "zealous devotion to a person, ideal or thing" and that would definitely apply to those who have so stubbornly clung to the heresy of Feeneyism even in the face of what holy Mother Church has decreed. Normally, to prove a case against such a cult those outside the cult would be called upon to provide evidence or bring testimony to refute the defense of said cult, but in this case the evidence from members of the cult themselves easily indicts all those involved within the cult of Feeneyism. The question is are they, and their iconic leader of recent memory, really that stupid or that proud and devious? Griff shows, sadly, that it is the latter as he documents in the first part of installment eleven Conspiracy of a Cult

December 10, 2008
The tragic journey of a good priest who thought outside the box and, by his stubborn pride, found himself and his followers outside the Church even though ironically that is what he fought so hard to defend, but never to Christ's true Authority on earth.

Griff Ruby presents the second part of his eleventh installment of his mega-part comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty." After exposing the cult, Griff now poses the question: What part of "Rome has spoken, the case is closed" didn't Fr. Feeney and his stubborn followers get? The Holy Office gave him every opportunity to state his case, but he cowardly refused, bunkering down with his cult followers at St. Benedict Center, fighting his battles through his tabloid. While he might have won some battles from the rooftops it all proved futile for he lost a war, one he started and was never necessary. Rather than honorable surrender, he went shamefully to the gallows outside the Church. A sad, tragic commentary on a man who ruined his life and the lives of many who even today continue to stubbornly cling to heresy. All Feeney had to do in order to become the good general, the noble soldier of Christ was to submit to the proper and highest authority in Rome when Rome was still the true Authority. Feeney had every opportunity and he shunned Christ and His Church out of pride. Griff chronicles the events and correspondence leading up to Fr. Feeney's excommunication as he documents in the second part of installment eleven The Church vs. Feeneyism

December 25, 2008
For his Christmas message, Griff Ruby reminds us of simple lessons widely available from the commonly seen film classics "It's a Wonderful Life" and "A Christmas Carol" to show how much each one of us can be an influence for a substantial good, few as we are. It was always about showing the love of God in our lives to everyone we meet, of showing appreciation for the others in our lives, for believing in miracles to those of us who need them the most. How can such lessons hide in such plain sight as hundreds of millions are entertained by such works and yet unaffected by them in their personal lives. How many of us truly keep the Spirit of Christmas as did Ebenezer Scrooge, once he had been visited by the three spirits? Perhaps that Spirit of Christmas is what will draw us Catholics back together. Griff Ruby writes of these things in A Good Christmas
February 03, 2009
The Dead Theologians Society are very much alive in their doctrinal accordance and they weigh in with living proof that overwhelmingly favors Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire as being in total union with the First Dogma Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus.

Griff Ruby's mega-part comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" has been dedicated to exposing not only the heresy of Feeneyism, but also the intended deliberate dishonest deception of those who have deceived. He has done so for the sake of those who have been deceived. After eleven installments, Griff begins his final three-part installment in refuting Peter Dimond's Treatise which steadfastly defends and promotes Feeneyism. In the first part of his twelfth installment he calls credible Church Theologians to the bench to testify to the overwhelming support for Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire. The virtually unanimous consensus of at least twenty-five respected Church theologians sampled over the ages has been consistently in agreement for BOB and BOD and scarcely an opinion breathed, let alone even one identified convincing argument, or any consensus, against Baptism of Blood and/or Baptism of Desire. Thus Griff presents the first of a three part closing argument against the Treatise with Theologians Against Feeneyism and the Treatise

February 10, 2009
For long the catechism has been the vehicle for explaining the holy Faith, laying out the tenets in understandable language. No where does the Catechism ever deny Baptism of Blood or Baptism of Desire, thus leaving the Feeneyites with empty pages for their arguments.

Griff Ruby's mega-part comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" has been dedicated to exposing not only the heresy of Feeneyism, but also the intended deliberate dishonest deception of those who have deceived. He has done so for the sake of those who have been deceived. Griff continues his final three-part installment in refuting Peter Dimond's Treatise which steadfastly defends and promotes Feeneyism. In the second part of his twelfth installment the Catechetical tenets are introduced as evidence against the fallacy that Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire are heresy. Rather the Catechisms overwhelmingly support BOB and BOD and leave no room for rebuttal for Roma locuta est whether it is The Catechism of Trent, the Catechism of St. Pius X or the Baltimore Catechism to name a few. Thus Griff presents the second of a three part closing argument against the Treatise with The Catechism Against Feeneyism and the Treatise

February 17, 2009
The time has arrived to present closing arguments in the case against Feeneyism and the Treatise and Griff is prepared with over one hundred and forty incriminating exhibits that render those accused of scholastic dishonesty guilty as charged.

Griff Ruby's mega-part comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" has been dedicated to exposing not only the heresy of Feeneyism, but also the intended deliberate dishonest deception of those who have deceived. He has done so for the sake of those who have been deceived. Griff completes his final three-part installment in refuting Peter Dimond's Treatise which steadfastly defends and promotes Feeneyism. . We have now arrived at the closing arguments which clearly, using 112 failsafe evidential examples and proving 30 misquotes by Dimond in his Treatise and others, that these are the final nails in the coffin of Feeneyism. Good Riddance forever more as we let it die in hopes souls do not die believing the lies perpetrated by those exhibiting such blatant scholastic dishonesty. Thus Griff presents the final convincing and irrefutable proof with his Closing Arguments Against Feeneyism and the Treatise

May 04, 2009
Griff Ruby presents a column in which he asks: Is Bishop Fellay the answer to the end of the Crisis in the Church? Does he have the answers? Many within his own Society don't think so. They feel they are being betrayed. The question remains: Is he being beamed into the Vatican for the good of Catholics or at their expense? What assurance does he have that the Modernists can ever be sincere and honest? From what has been seen thus far one would be wise to suspect 'there's something rotten in Denmark' as well as Rome. A word of warning to those who place their hopes in Modern Rome: Don't! Griff lays out the parameters in his column To Go Where No Saint Has Gone Before
May 11, 2009
Having taken twelve lengthy, comprehensive and convincing chapters to most definitely refute the grave error, nay, even heresy, of Feeneyism, Griff Ruby takes an intermission - not time off, mind you, but an interlude, if you will - to take the reader a bit behind the scenes, exploring events leading up to his making this series, and the balancing considerations that weigh against the "Sr. Sunshine's" of the world. Thus, during this lull after Easter, when Griff has reached the midway point of his mega-series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty," he begins the first of a three-parter in dealing with several topics in a potpourri fashion, commencing with chronicling how this series was developed and why. From its beginning in the late 1940's, the unique interpretation of "No Salvation Outside the Church" put forth by the Saint Benedict's Center in Boston has been responded to with disciplinary measures, short articles, slim volumes, and only single chapters out of larger books devoted to other topics. This left the Feeneyites to assume silence as being consent regarding all the many quotes and arguments that long went unaddressed in such abridged treatments. But this can be no longer. And thus, in time, it finally was time to set the record straight. Griff provides a chronicle of how and why he decided to engage the Feeneyites in Genesis of the Polemics Against Feeneyism
May 18, 2009
Griff Ruby continues his intermission series with part two in which he asks is the Liberalism of Vatican II rooted in BOB and BOD? This whole subject is an issue few, if any others, have broached, let alone challenged, leaving the Feeneyites to assume silence was consent. But the zealous followers of Fr. Leonard Feeney, S.J. have used the cover of Vatican II to form camps that would never have been considered in pre-Vatican II days. In fact, it was prior to such when a true Pope sat upon the Throne of Peter that holy Mother Church spoke out against denial of Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire. Thus came about the term of "Feeneyism." In Boston, while Fr. Feeney was making the headlines, a seminarian at Weston, Francis Sullivan, began pondering a reasoned response. Following the Modernists, he eventually found a basis in Lumen Gentium to, in effect, do away with the dogma Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus and make "armchair evangelism" (of saving practically everyone without having to make them Catholic) far easier than it ever was in Fr. Feeney's heyday. In refuting the Vatican II sophistry, so clearly explained by Fr. Sullivan in his rejection of Catholic truth, Griff presents his second installment in his interlude between rounds with The Slippery Slope to Sophistry
May 25, 2009
The Crisis in the Church will never be over until Vatican II and all that followed is revoked.

Griff Ruby completes his three part interlude with how Conciliar ambiguity lended itself to the confusion of the dogma Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus and, in essence, unwittingly ran interference for Feeneyism, though the latter followers would never admit as much. Griff shows how the notorious Theologian Karl Rahner, considered one of the chief architects of Vatican II, coined the term "Anonymous Christian" and therein the seeds for lumen gentium were planted, which Griff thoroughly covered in Down the Yellow Brick Road to Apostasy: The Lumen Gentium Syndrome. By making relative the true purpose and mandate of the Living Magisterium of the Church by ambiguous terms, Rahner and his cohorts could effectively undermine that perennial, infallible body and pull off the most bloody bloodless coup of all time: The Second Vatican Council and the hijacking of holy Mother Church. But interestingly, even in the midst of all the chaos and confusion created by this, there still has not been one bishop, legitimate traditional bishop or illegitmate conciliar bishop, who has ever subscribed to the cockeyed belief that Feeneyism promotes. Griff provides the proof of this in his third part Dead or Alive, Anonymous Apostates Are Known to God

June 01, 2009
Considering the "resist and recognize" camp has had no comeback to our arguments because it's not possible to, Griff Ruby tries another tack to hammer home how senseless it is to defend the indefensible. How can one be effective inside something that is totally foreign to God and all He established upon the Rock of Peter? That is the question he addresses to Atila Guimarães and other like minded resisters who think they can be more effective "inside." It is not possible. For to be inside the wrong something can put one outside the right something. Thus in order to return to the inside, one must shed all that he has insisted on on the outside during the time he thought he was on the inside, but really was and continues to be outside the Church. That logic is not thinking outside the box, but rather inside the Church as laid down by the perennial Magisterium of the Church and therefore in harmony with the will of God. And that is the key point Griff lays out for those still in denial that we are in an interminable interregnum in hopes that perhaps it will prompt them to want to get out of the soul-suffocating constraints of the conciliar box as soon as they can and realize that sedevacantism is not only a "viable option" but, under the circumstances, the only option! Griff provides the logic in Thinking Inside the Church and Outside the Conciliar Box
June 08, 2009
Griff begins today a three-part series on what would be entailed for a papal resignation. His first part is actually a rerun of an article he wrote here three years ago but serves as an excellent primer for this category. The burning question as to determining the status of one who claims to be pope remains similiar to the age-old question: Which came first? The chicken or the egg? The feathers are sure to fly whenever the question arises between sedevacantist and sedeplenist because there is no set formula or procedure for fully answering the unprecedented circumstances Catholics find themselves in today thanks to something no saint or Doctor of the Church ever envisioned: conciliarism. The following is intended to help Traditional Catholics not end up with egg on their face or chicken out when syllogisms lead to the obvious. The standard always applies: Unity in things essential which includes the infrangible dogmas and doctrines of the Church, freedom to discuss speculative theology which this essay addresses, and in all things charity in arriving at what is best for the Mystical Body of Christ. Griff lays out the scenario and possibilities in part one The Procedure
June 15, 2009
Griff continues his three-part series on what would be entailed for a papal resignation. His second installment proves the precedents have been set for Popes to resign not only directly, but also by other means such as acceptance of their being deposed. Of course, there are many who say a pope cannot resign, that he is elected for life. That is one of the arguments that many launch in trying to negate the possibility that there can be a vacancy on the throne of Peter whether the duration is nine days, four years, or 50 years, or even more. Of course, throughout the history of the Church such a vacancy exists everytime a Pope dies and these are precedents set by holy Mother Church and is called by Her, sede vacante. During these times between the elections of a true successor to replace a true predecessor, there is no living true Pope to act as the Authority reserved for the Office of the Primacy of Peter. During such time Ecclesia supplicet. That is the Church supplies in continuing to administer the holy sacraments and carrying on in the same manner done as when there was a true visible Pope on the Throne of Peter. Setting aside all bizarre precedents that can create chaos, there is an accurate and very viable precedence that has been established more than several times when Roman Pontiffs have resigned or been deposed. The True Church survived and flourished during such time and even during the times of antipopes as well. Griff provides the very circumstances that prove the precedence in part two The Precedents
June 22, 2009
Griff Ruby completes his three-part series on the Anatomy of a Papal Resignation in which he provides the DNA, all forensics, you name it, as to the proof that the Sedevacantists are right. The problem is, like the famous scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, "they've been digging in the wrong places." Now Griff presents the Motherlode to free all from the Well of Souls. In the past we have all given reasons why we profess the conciliar 'popes' cannot be Catholic and therefore cannot be a true Popes. We have quoted sources ad infinitum, cited past Councils, true reliable Roman Pontiffs, saints, even Doctors of the Church, but many times those who oppose sedevacantism merely fire back with quotes from other saints or Councils or even Doctors of the Church, several times, we might add, taking them out of context, to try to prove that the Chair cannot be empty. And what do we arrive at? A stalemate where each side believes their argument trumps the other. Until now! Here Griff provides failsafe proof that cannot be denied, failsafe evidence that once Paul VI signed off on Lumen Gentium he visibly resigned from the post of Roman Pontiff. The point being very simple really, that, considering he became at that moment the leader of a new man-made organization, all who have succeeded him as supposed 'popes' including John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI are mere leaders of this other new organization, and, ergo, have been no more Catholic popes than Caiphas, Mohammed, John Calvin, John Smith or the Dalai Lama. It is no longer an "opinion", but fact. Griff proves his point in part three The Proof
July 06, 2009
Feeney's book Bread of Life is not only hard to digest but harmful to the soul.

Griff resumes the second half of his book, if you will, on totally debunking Feeneyism and taking on others who have used the art of scholastic dishonesty to further their own agenda and mislead readers, leading them away from the true Faith by fostering error and even heresy. In his thirteenth installment, he returns to the source of Feeneyism, the Boston Jesuit Fr. Leonard Feeney who established a cult by denying Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire, effectively establishing a Jansenistic position in taking Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus to the extreme and sitting in judgment where even saints, Popes and Doctors of the Church never ventured. His hypothesis are not only warped, but wrapped in dishonesty as Griff details in exposing this proud priest who sought to deceive through the art of scholastic dishonesty, particularly in his book which Griff breaks down, Bread of Life. What Feeney has provided is rather molded wheat that cannot be digestible to Catholics for it can be toxic to the soul as he identifies in his thirteenth installment Begin at the Beginning

July 20, 2009
We can wait around another 50 years and grow more dismayed, or we can prod true successors of the Apostles to unite and do what they need to do for souls!

Griff dares to broach a subject long brooded over, but too long put on the shelf. While the title of his article might stir controversy of a topic that has been broached by several in the past, only to die for reasons such as lack of follow-up to clique control to uncredible sources to "we can't do that", many will agree the time has come. Fifty years have come and gone and where are we? Much further away from all the possibilities that would have afforded a normal, by-the-book papal conclave. Why? Because the current College of Cardinals long ago became apostates; because rogue "popes" are appointing themselves and further dividing the Traditional movement; because any credibility the Siri Theorists might have had, wanes with each year with no proof ever offered of a true successor to Siri, if indeed, he was truly elected in the Sistine; and because current eligible, valid, worthy successors of the Apostles are afraid to move forward with the only logical step man can take in order to assist God in manifesting the miracle we are all waiting for: the Restoration of holy Mother Church with a true Pope and the official universal condemnation of all that has gone down over the past five decades. We need God to guide us, but He needs man to do His work. It's time to seriously discuss what must be done. Griff lays out the steps in Let's Hold a Conclave

August 03, 2009
This Summer let the Son shine in

Griff Ruby sets aside his polemics on scholastic dishonesty and his series on sedevacantism to ask readers to use August to focus on improving their meditation. With the overload of information inundating us these days from every medium that most portends doom and gloom, a retreat into a contemplative zone can do wonders for one's soul and psyche. During these dog days of summer, why not try relaxing our minds by turning inward through meditation to converse with truly man's best friend ever: God. He asks us to meditate not in the sense of eastern mysticism, but in the manner the Church asks us to pray, through contemplative communication with Him by blotting out worldly things. We, who are finite, talk to Him so much, and yet we don't seem to take the time to hear what the Infinite has to say to us. How can we steer souls, beginning with our own, if we don't listen to the Instructor, the Supreme Admiral to guide us over the rough and turbulent sea of life? Open your ears and heart, and the mind will focus on things not of this earth, but of what God wants. Try it, you'll like. So will the Triune God Who so wants you to shut up and listen. Isn't it time we all start really using that God-given mass of potential between our ears? It's the way saints are made. Griff lays out the simple formula in his article On Meditation

September 07, 2009
Reply to A Reply to a Liberal, Part One

Griff Ruby continues his second round of Feeney refutations by taking apart one of the St. Benedict's Center's very first attempts at defining their position publicly. Though the denials of Baptism of Blood and Desire were only hinted at, the kind of pessimistic thinking upon which those denials were based is fully evidenced. The Reply to a Liberal piece introduction includes the entirety of the very first response the Church ever made to the contentions of the St. Benedict's Center and Fr. Feeney, namely that by Fr. Philip Donnelly, S.J. Mercilessly was Fr. Donnelly attacked, though in fact he said nothing wrong. So at the very least, Fr. Donnelly must be vindicated, in all justice. He was the "first responder," like the first paramedic to arrive on an accident scene, and such an ugly attack was all the thanks he recieved. In this first of three parts, Griff exposes the ignorance and ugly debating tactics of those who hold mere ignorance itself to be sufficient cause for damnation, as he addresses the Introduction, Part 1, and the first several paragraphs of Part 2 of Reply to a Liberal, for this first of a three part response with the beginning of his fourteenth installment of his article Nascent Feeney

September 14, 2009
Reply to A Reply to a Liberal, Part Two

Griff continues his second round of Feeney refutations with this second part of taking apart one of the St. Benedict's Center's very first attempts at defining their position publicly, a piece titled Reply to a Liberal. For some reason, one significant focus of the Reply to a Liberal piece is not actually Fr. Donnelly himself but another writer by the name of Fr. Jean-Vincent Bainvel, a Jesuit who had written a book titled "Is There Salvation Outside the Catholic Church?" But then Griff takes on an ambiguity that necessarily resides at the center of the controversy. Which is it? Does God condemn the non-culpable or is every non-Catholic under any circumstance personally culpable for their failure to become Catholic? The answer seems to depend upon who one is talking to and when. By trying to claim neither they have instead insinuated both, for at least one of those claims would necessarily be true if the St. Benedict's Center position were the correct one. And what about invincible ignorance? Can it excuse all things, or only some? And what things did the Pope mean when he said that "to probe deeper is criminal"? In this second of three parts, Griff exposes the bigotry of those who hold all non-Catholics personally guilty of heresy, schism, or apostasy, as he addresses the remainder of Part 2 of his article Nascent Feeney

September 21, 2009
Reply to A Reply to a Liberal, Part Three

Griff completes his analysis of Reply to a Liberal, taking on its Part 3 and Conclusion. It is in this third part of the Reply to a Liberal piece that baptism itself is directly addressed. And though BOB is grudgingly tolerated (only in the rarest of cases), BOD gets reduced to something short of what is needed for salvation in this first distinction between being justified and being saved if one dies in that condition. Instead of imitating Christ Who seeks to save all by whatever means the Son of God may choose (even if we mortals cannot guess them as we are so wont to do), the Reply to a Liberal piece instead seeks to find and multiply all the possible reasons for a person to be damned. Get the idea that perhaps they don't want too much company in Heaven? Even the innocent can be damned, by their reasoning! And what of those who preferred to be martyred instead of compromising so as to be spared and then offered an opportunity for water Baptism? It claims they were damned! At the very least, that would be news to St. Augustine, who knew some of these martyrs personally. Griff explains in his final part of his three-part installment of his article Nascent Feeney

October 05, 2009
What we have, that prevents unity, is a stubborn failure to communicate

Griff Ruby files his second installment - in one of several series he is currently running - in which he addresses the fact that one of the problems of establishing unity within the sedevacantist movement and making a difference with strength in number for the sake of saving souls is the division of Absolute Sedevacantists and Cassiciacum Sedevacantists; the latter consisting of those who believe in the Formaliter/Materialiter status of the man who sits on the Throne of Peter. Griff dissects the arguments raised by the Society in which they have inadvertently opened their own Pandora's Box considering their giving credence to the very real possibility that both sede camps have points that not only outweigh the compromising position of the SSPX, but also prove the Society is headed down the wrong leading to the conciliar cul-de-sac that provides no way out. Such a stance has led to the inevitable trap they currently find themselves in where we see mass defections as Fellay's farrago has fed mass confusion within its own ranks. Every step he takes is like quicksand, sinking him and the Society deeper. The only escape to firm footing is to embrace sedevacantism. Evidently the SSPX will have to learn the hard way before waking up to that fact. And the position of Sede Vacante itself will need to be more embraceable by being more consistent and complete within itself as Griff explains in And Now, the Other Kind of Sedevacantist .

October 12, 2009
Straight Talk about a Sensitive Subject

In light of the passage of the so-called "hate crimes" bill by those intent on foisting unnatural laws on the lawful, Griff Ruby pulls no punches in addressing a sensitive subject that has spiraled out of control because of the proliferation of sin, unjustly justified by liberalism and a government out of control. Decent citizens, true Catholics, are shocked at how far society has sunk in its immoral miasma just in the last few decades where today evil is considered acceptable and proper while virtue is considered a vice that must be indoctrinated to modern times. Yes, thanks to liberalism, modernism, and satan-bar-the-door, it's become a topsy turvy world and another sign that we are in those times foretold in Sacred Scripture. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the liberality of sexuality where God's natural and supernatural laws have been shunned for the beastiality of pure lust in every form and fashion. Little do these epicurean enemies of Christ consider St. Paul's words in 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10 and thus society today sinks deeper into the swamp of serious sin, assuredly heading for the abyss known as hell. What then are we to do? Follow them? Hardly. Rather, return to the prudence and continency of our forefathers who held proud the faith, living it fully in obedience to holy Mother Church as the Authority Christ appointed, and setting an example for this generation that we stand firm to tradition and will gladly show the side of decency in all things whether seen or unseen. And in these times when everything is seen, not only do people need to cover their bodies, preserving them untouched, but we must all have custody of the eyes and heart. Our faith compells us so as Griff explains in The Roots of Liberalism.

October 19, 2009
Time for Fellay to trump the Modernists by playing the sure-fire Aces that will assure victory for Tradition

Griff Ruby reminds all that one week from today on October 26 a contingent from the SSPX will engage in theological discussions with Modernist Rome in a secluded room within the building known as the Palace of the Holy Office in the southeast area of Vatican City behind the south Colonnade of St. Peter's Square. Like any high-stakes poker game, it will be highly secretive with few knowing what cards the players are holding. But if Bishop Fellay plays his cards right from the onset on the Lumen Gentium issue, what he could accomplish would be the biggest boom for tradition since...well, Pope Pius XII. Griff offers eight key points that can most definitely call Ratzinger's bluff and trump whatever deck the Modernists might try to shuffle. If Fellay is sincere and not just opting for a red hat, it could be 'Jackpot!' for Tradition. It's a gamble most everyone is praying will turn into a sure thing for those intent on preserving the truths and traditions of holy Mother Church and wiping out 45 years of devastation in proving one cannot "subsist in" any kind of endeavor - be it a card game or theological discussion or the Church herself - if one is not a legitimate player as Griff identifies in his eight points in A Brief for the First Discussion

October 26, 2009
Since the SSPX can't prove that Sedevacantism is wrong, are Bishop Fellay and company going into their 'discussions' with the Modernists in Rome with their heads in the sand?

Griff Ruby points out that everyone should be concerned that it is the SSPX supposedly representing Traditional Catholics in 'theological discussions' that begin today in Modernist Rome. By and large, the SSPX consider any argument for Sede Vacante to be a false solution, yet neither in the book nor anywhere else, have they ever come up with a solution, going all the way back to Archbishop Lefebvre who vacillated greatly on this very issue. Yet, today, with Bishop Fellay more and more clamming up when it comes to speaking out for the truths and traditions of holy Mother Church, a solution is necessary for the sake of souls everywhere. Meanwhile the conciliar leaders from the top on down are taking souls further and further from the Roman Catholic Faith and closer to a syncretic New World Order while we all dicker over terms like Formal and Material. We can be formal or informal in taking the matter in hand and providing and proving the material available that makes it material, but if those who should see such are unwilling to understand or research further and connect all the dots, how then can sedevacantists make the point? It is a conundrum that Griff says needs to be addressed as he notes in his third installment Is it Too Complicated?.

November 03, 2009
Many wonder just what kind of parallel universe the SSPX operate in with their contradictions that more resemble the bizarreness of Alice in Wonderland

Griff Ruby continues his series on critiquing the SSPX-published Sedevacantism - A False Solution To a Real Problem where he illustrates how the authors of the book attempt to calumniate those who hold that during a time when the Chair is vacant, true bishops not only compose the Teaching Church but also have full Power of Jurisdiction. After stumbling through this, the SSPX authors then turn around and reinforce the very arguments that prove Sedevacantists are right. Duh! Since the Society has been well known to waffle in never settling on a set theological position, thus causing constant confusion among the faithful, should we be surprised at the contradictions that exist in their feeble attempt to berate the position of those who hold Sede Vacante? With those who continue to straddle the fence, it's a "now you see it, now you don't" scenario where the rabbit the SSPX authors are trying to pull out of their hat actually becomes the Mad Hatter in a scenario right out of Alice in Wonderland with the tales they stretch to try to make their points; points that get swallowed up like the oysters by the walrus. Perhaps if the SSPX authors could extricate themselves from this tenebrious labyrinth of convoluted fantasy and see things in the light of day and tradition, they'd see without a shadow of doubt, the undeniable deviation of the faith by the conciliar church collective and that the only true Teaching Church in action today with the full Power of Jurisdiction are those true successors of the Apostles who have not compromised one iota with the Modernists as Griff reaffirms in his fourth installment The Case of the Disappearing Disappearance.

November 16, 2009
Discerning the Law and the Prophets in the early years of the Church

Griff Ruby begins a new series on the Bible of the First Century Church. Many fail to realize the situation in the Early Church for they did not have the "New Testament" as we know it today at their beck and call. Rather, they were living it and immediately after Christ ascended into Heaven not a word had been 'published.' What was playing out in those days was awareness of the fulfillment of the "Law and the Prophets" of the Old Testament. The transition would come gradually and there was much parsing out to do in discerning what was truly inspired by the Holy Ghost and what was interesting and applicable, but not divine revelation, and what was quite possibly rubbish from which much of it was damaging, even heretical. Carefully, those ordained by Heaven to participate in establishing what the Spirit directed, would separate the wheat from the chaff and in due time, taking the scrolls written down in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, it would all be amassed into one language: the mother tongue of the Church by one equally inspired: St. Jerome. That would not happen until early in the fifth century when the first bible was compiled: The Latin Vulgate. Griff explains in his first installment Transition from the Old to Ascertaining the New.

November 23, 2009
Sifting through those Writings not Divinely-inspired

Griff Ruby continues with his second part on the Bible of the First Century Church in explaining that the more the teachings of Christ were promulgated, the more opposition began to build for many were protecting their territory, fearing a depletion in their own ranks and regarding these Christians as "opponents" to the old ways. Interesting in contrasting these early reformers with the reformers of later centuries. The difference is that those in the early Church were guided by men inspired by God, in total harmony with tradition whereas those in the later times - such as the Arian heresy, then the Protestant Reformation, and subsequent new sects such as Mormonism, etc. - were inspired by their own pride to think they had a better idea than God. As the days, months and years waned in that first Century, Christians began to realize the old tier system of the Torah must be abandoned in favor of the New Covenant that promised eternal life if they followed the teachings of the Savior. By doing so they were in total harmony with Tradition as Griff explains in his second installment From Tier to Eternity.

November 30, 2009
Holy Mother Church Alone is the Soul Authority for discerning Sacred Scripture

Griff Ruby provides his third part on the Bible of the First Century Church. It is interesting that many assimilate Carthage with Hannibal and his siege on Rome, but Carthage should go down in history as the turning point in establishing the course of today's Bible for it was at the Council of Carthage in 397 that the Church Fathers determined what should stay in and what should be expunged from all the writings accumulated over the first few centuries, most from the First Century Church. Thus St. Jerome was assigned to finish the task with the Latin Vulgate with the full approval and Authority of the Successor of St. Peter in harmony with the perennial, infallible Magisterium of the Church. It would remain solid until the Protestant Revolution when the apostates sought to revert back to early times and thus, rather than seeing that the early Church had it right, countered with the Jewish tiers which even then still included prayers for the dead which those who, in the early 16th Century thought they had a better idea than God, could not abide by. Machabees had to go as well as other books that proved the fact that they had left the Church established by Christ. Christians? Hardly. It would take the Council of Trent to clarify that and to re-establish once and for all the contents of Divine Revelation. It took Hannibal two decades to invade Rome in the Punic Wars two centuries before Christ. It would take only 50 years in our times for the conciliar usurpers to undermine all holy Mother Church had built up over two millennia in trying to overthrow Eternal Rome. We can take consolation that in the end, Hannibal was not successful and the conciliar usurpers will fail as well as Griff points out in Rock Solidly Set in Stone.

January 11, 2010
It is Credo, not credémus, and mob rule does not rule!

Griff Ruby resumes the new year with his fifth installment on refuting the SSPX-published book, Sedevacantism - A False Solution To a Real Problem. Anti-sedevacantists are quick to say, "no one can judge the Pope." But who says sedevacantists are judging the Vicar of Christ? Not us. No, we must judge men who preach a different gospel than what which we have received as St. Paul tells us to to consider them anathema in Galatians 1: 8-9. Everyone judges via the fine-tuning of that barometer which is our inner compass telling us right from wrong. Yet, when many see a contradiction, too many stick their heads in the sand or give the lame excuse, "It's too high for my pay grade." Well, it's time to start earning your pay by paying attention to what is truly Catholic and what is not; what the Apostles' Creed means and why each person must adhere to those beliefs; what constitutes a loyal Catholic and what does not; and the fact that because one holds the position that the Chair is empty (sede vacante), it does not preclude one from being a good Catholic, even a holy one. In fact, if one truly knows their faith, they'd realize something has been terribly wrong for quite some time - as in 50 years - and would want to find out who, what, when, where, how and why! They would realize God's way is not a democracy. Mob rule doesn't rule. And it would be wise to remember St. Augustine's words, which basically state that right is right, even if no one is following the right way; and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is following that path. That would apply so well to the mentality of the world today that no matter if the world does not know the "pope" is a heretic, God does. The SSPX should know better than to foist their false solutions on the gullible. Therein is the problem for the answer lies in honest solutions through true syllogisms of faith, not suppositions as Griff points out in The Screed of a Creed?.

January 21, 2010
Honesty from Feeneyites? Not a chance because, well, that's all she wrote!

Resuming this series after a four months-to-the-day hiatus, we can see that for the Feeneyites it is all or nothing and because of their narrow, stubborn stance they are left with nothing. Griff unravels the arguments of such Feeney 'luminaries' as Catherine Goddard Clarke and Thomas Mary Sennot again with precision as he exposes the scholastic dishonesty exhibited by those so desperate to defend Feeneyism to the point of downright deception. At St. Benedict Center it continues to be a blind alley with the blind leading the blind. While many are out of sight, they're also out of their mind to dismiss the Council of Trent's ruling and the Pope's decree of excommunication. They pick and choose what they want, then stretch the truth to try to justify their actions. Time and time again, the followers of Fr. Feeney claim validity to their unique teaching on the basis of the claim that they reconciled to the Church. Griff Ruby gently but firmly dismantles that claim by showing the acceptance of certain groups of Feeney followers to have been purely a "Pastoral" move and quite clearly with no acceptance of their doctrine. They might fool a few, but in the end they can't fool God as Griff proves in his 15th instalment They Fought the Bad Fight.

February 01, 2010
Theater of the absurd: 'Waiting for Billot'

Griff continues his series on refuting the SSPX book with his sixth installment in which he pulls back the curtain to expose the "theater of the absurd" in describing what the Society writer/s have come up with in misinterpreting a man made a cardinal of the Church by His Holiness St. Pius X, and who participated in the conclaves of Benedict XV and Pope Pius XI. They base their entire argument on what they assume Louis Cardinal Billot intended, misquoting him in respect to the legitimacy of a heretic being a pope if, in fact, the whole world accepted him as such. In actuality, Billot was the one Pius X asked to draft his landmark encyclical against Modernism Pascendi Domenici Gregis. This makes the drama even more bizarre, leaving everyone in a lethargic limbo, waiting for Billot, if you will. Griff shows how the anti-sedevacantists twist themselves into a prevaricating pretzel when trying to reach a point that simply does not connect. Once again, he exposes the glaring weaknesses in their tangled arguments that tie them up in knots, by producing the syllogisms that have withstood the test of time by His Holiness Pope Paul IV and St. Robert Bellarmine. The only problem left is encouraging sedevacantists to work together for saving souls, since few others seem dedicated to that goal, obstructed by in-fighting, petty bickering and differences that divide, rather than unite. Griff covers the points in Misinterpreting Billot.

March 01, 2010
The Hypothesis of Hypocrisy

Griff continues his series on refuting the SSPX book with his seventh installment Griff exposes the hypocritical hypothesis posed by the SSPX writers. In fact this could easily have been placed in Griff's other series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" because the twisting of Pope Paul IV's infallible bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio denies the real purpose of the decree and why it still stands as one of the strongest arguments for proving that heretics cannot possibly be true Popes, even if mistakenly recognized as pope by the whole Church. Yet, it is the Society of St. Pius X itself that has stumbled all over itself in staving off the inevitable syllogism of sedevacantism because they are afraid to go where Paul IV and the holy Cardinal St. Robert Bellarmine and the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church dared to venture in voiding the possibility that a heretic could be a pope. Yes, the SSPX has been there almost from the beginning, but has interrupted Tradition's learning curve, thus blocking traditional unity and progress in Grace and understanding. Griff rounds it out in part seven, Learning Curve, Interrupted.

April 05, 2010
Wandering all over the Map!

Griff Ruby provides food for thought in his two part treatise on how we need to map out the necessary direction for faithful Catholics. With all the factions facing off with no fruits of victory, there is a simple reason why? Most are lost. Scattered all over the disoriented diagram. Either they have lost their way in the Faith or they have lost their bearings as to their own grandiose egos that they alone personally are the Church or they have lost sight of which way the fence tips. What all parties need is a steady Catholic Compass in order to chart a GPS system that will guide each and every Catholic on the right path and, with God's grace, lead us finally, in His time, to a union of the traditional Bishops to take the action Christ and His faithful ones expect and take charge of their rightful duty to regain control of themselves as the Church for the sake of souls. It's all laid out on a simple Theological Map, that, if followed, will lead to clearing up the confusion and end the apostasy once and for all. Amen. Griff lays out the itinerary in part one, A Theological Map: Trouble Navigating When the Road is Not Clearly Delineated.

April 12, 2010
Mapping Out Salvation! Yes, one can recognize Benedict XVI as a head of state, just not a Catholic State! That is why it is so vital ro realize that it really hinges on the True Bishops.

While Ratzinger et alii tread the turbulent waves, splashing about with every excuse in the book to duck their deserved millstones Griff Ruby encourages all to bury the hatchets, put down the gloves, pick up the Rosaries, and pray that the true Successors of the Apostles will have the heroic virtue and courage of those who preceeded them down through the centuries in perpetuating the Faith and multiplying holy Mother Church's ranks through the consecration of more traditional bishops and a meeting of the minds in arriving at the conclusion they are our only hope in the face of the hopeless apostasy that has poisoned the Vatican nation and left us with no other alternative but the clear cut choice to move forward for the Divine Nation in returning a true Vicar of Christ to Rome. What is the difference between the role of Cardinals as the Church intended and our traditional Bishops? The Answer: Nothing! And there should be nothing to stop them from coming together to act as an august body of true Authority in restoring the Catholic Church. Quite possibly that's the miracle we've been awaiting: For all the traditional Bishops to come together for the sake of souls. Griff maps out the course in part two, A Theological Map: Applying the Cardinal Compass for a Clearer and Sure Path .

April 19, 2010
How to be Positive

In Griff Ruby's eighth installment in refuting the anti-sedevacantist SSPX book, he endeavors to undo the negative. Why? Because the checks and balances of our Faith are like a battery which works in tandem with the ions of a negative charge to act as an electron donor to freely distribute its charges to the receptive positive ions to create a perfect balance in order to function fully. Nothing can run effectively on two negative charges though the SSPX authors seem to think it can be done by their own engine of "resisting and recognize", but, as is proven below, that is impossible and will always sputter and die, just as will the contraption known as the counterfeit church of conciliarism. The only way of undoing the double-negative is to replace the batteries, if you will, by discarding all elements of the newfangled Rube Goldberg invention created via Vatican II, which has complicated and confused with its miasma of modernist mazes that all wind up in dead-ends, and, in its place, reassert the simple original model which was never broke because it was perfect from the outset as promised by the One Who installed Her upon the Rock and guaranteed that His Church will go on, and on, and on "until the consummation of the world." Isn't it time to replace the batteries? That's Griff's recommendation in his eighth installment Undoing the Double-Negative .

July 19, 2010
Ever since Lumen Gentium, who really has the Authority to elect a Pope? Only the non-apostate true Bishops!

Griff Ruby returns after a few months hiatus with installment nine of his series refuting a SSPX anti-sedevacantist book. For several decades now, traditional priests and bishops, who have reached the inevitable conclusion that the Chair of Peter has been vacant, have had to be on the defense against attacks from all corners. Isn't it about time they went on the offense for the sake of souls? In effect, the traditional bishops, who have remained loyal to the infrangible teachings of the Church and have not given one iota of concessions to the conciliar church, have themselves to blame for allowing the chair to remain empty as long as it has. That might seem like a rash statement, but when you consider that they are legally auxiliary bishops of the Eternal Diocese of Rome you realize they therefore have every right to call for a conclave of those eligible to elect a true Pope. While they may reply that they are waiting for a miracle from Heaven to restore the Primacy of Peter, perhaps they do not realize that God just might want them to help effect that by doing what they, who have not apostasized nor subscribed to the false religion of Novus Ordoism, are rightfully expected to do as true Successors of the Apostles: Perpetuate the Faith and restore Catholic Order to the disorder created by the Robber Barons of Vatican II by electing a true Pope to teach, govern and sanctify Catholics for the salvation of all. That is Griff's summation in Authority by Default? .

September 06, 2010
Obedience to our true shepherds is true obedience to God, and not "a sort of progressive self-consciousness of a typically modernist kind" as the SSPX writers falsely accuse

Griff Ruby files his tenth installment on his series refuting a SSPX anti-sedevacantist book. Sedevacantists are often misspoken of as being disobedient by those who don't understand. But to the true bishops of Holy Mother Church we are most obedient, even when it is not convenient. The SSPX book discusses the opinions of certain sedevacantists regarding the Mass said una cum Benedict XVI. In obedience to our Bishop, our lips are sealed on this. However, what is to be made of the fact that, in the course of that discussion, it is brought out that we sedevacantists are obliged to claim that the Church only gradually has began to come to ascertain Her Sede Vacante status? Are we sedevacantists to be accused of being modernists for claiming that the Church has been obliged to go through something of a "learning curve" in order to understand the true nature of Her present circumstance? It is also ironic in this month we honor the centennial of St. Pius X's Oath Against Modernism that this oath would be mocked by those who cannot bear to admit that what we have done and must claim is not the least bit Modernist, no matter how much they might, through sloppy thinking, manage to make it seem so. Griff provides the reasoning for this and other matters Worthy of Consideration .

November 05, 2010
It's not a matter of a 'material pope'; no, it's a matter of deduction.

Griff Ruby returns for the Fall with his eleventh installment on his series refuting a SSPX anti-sedevacantist book. The church of Vatican II is in total meltdown. Why? Connect the dots. Many don't want to. Instead they fall back on excuses, "he said it was okay" as they continue in their comfort zones. Meanwhile the anger and fallout mount in the face of the worst scandal in history with the corruption and perversion of the wolves in sheep's clothing continuing unabated. The longer the Great Apostasy continues, the theological opinion sede vacante gains more credence even to those who consider sedevacantists "bleeps." As time stretches on more and more must face the facts for with each passing day the Siri theory and Cassiciacum thesis lose any steam they might once have had. The only one with any momentum is the little known Lumen Gentium thesis that makes all the sense in the world. We know from history why it's so simple. Simon says think of Henry VIII. Griff explains in Spontaneous Sedevacantism? .

November 15, 2010
Try as they might, even the SSPX can't deny the fact that, well before their own Archbishop Lefebvre, it was Archbishop Thục, a man greatly maligned, who was the pioneer in perpetuating the holy Faith by assuring Apostolic Succession in order to save souls.

Despite the SSPX writers' disdain for the position of Sede Vacante, Griff Ruby points out that they realize the possibility of this situation when one reads between the lines for even when they try to dismiss His Excellency Archbishop Pierre Martin Ngô Đình Thục, the one link to valid consecrations in perpetuating Apostolic Succession during the Great Apostasy, as a man who waffled and was not always in his right mind, they must tread carefully for the same can be said of their own founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. In fact, the latter must take a back seat to the valiant Archbishop Thục who was the first to test the waters, so to speak, not out of defiance but rather as a necessity to preserve the holy Faith. While many are more than eager to point out the faux pas of his Palmar de Troya consecrations, they fail to mention his retraction of that and sincere apology and the steps he took to assure that would never happen again. After all, he was not infallible. Yet the fruits of his work live on in the true bishops he did consecrate whose successors are carrying on the work of true shepherds in preserving the True Faith today. The feeble efforts by the SSPX writers not only fall flat, but reinforce the fact that the real hero of the Traditional movement is not Lefebvre, but this exiled Vietnamese prelate who was not afraid to make a stand when he discovered the truth; something the SSPX have not yet done as Griff illustrates in his twelfth installment, Man of Providence.

November 22, 2010
Why it's fruitless to attack the fruitful who will provide refuge for the remnant

In his thirteenth installment, Griff Ruby asks whether it is not interesting that the SSPX, now in a virtual civil war turmoil and an organization that has become stagnant as time goes on, has chosen to attack the entity which has reached the syllogism that the only answer for the current severe crisis has to be Sede Vacante? Is it not also interesting that while the attacked party has proven increasingly fruitful in growing in grace and numbers and in providing a blueprint as to why the world is in the state it is in, the attacker has grown more sterile as it reels in all other artillery formerly aimed at the Modernists. It is a diversion that doesn't pass muster and, if you read between the lines of the Society's ill-gotten logic you will see that it is only logical that eventually the majority of the SSPX faithful will see the writing on the wall and realize the sterility of an order that has refused to adapt to its own growth and reverted to intimidation and insinuations to keep their flock from fleeing. Once the flock sees the truth of the Sede Vacante position borne out by facts and decrees of the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church in the face of the absolute apostasy in the conciliar church that Fellay continues to cozy up to, they will bolt. In fact, history may well show that the SSPX's greatest fruit was that it served as a bridge to sedevacantism for so many as Griff illustrates in his thirteenth installment, Fecundity and Sterility.

December 06, 2010
You can't convert souls if you're constantly sitting on the fence.

Griff Ruby ascertains that after all the supposed arguments against sedevacantism by the authors of the SSPX book, it all revolves back to the fact that it is not the Sede Vacante position that is the problem, but rather that the Society does not have now nor have they in the past answers to the real problem because they refuse to consider the only solution to the problem of The Great Apostasy which is: Since the Mystical Bride cannot err and the conciliar church has done nothing but err, how then could the heretics who have greatly deviated from Catholic truth ever be considered 'Successors of Peter'? What the book actually reveals is that the SSPX really has no clue and has been content to go along in order to get along as was evident during the days of Archbishop Lefebvre and continues to be so apparent today with Bishop Fellay's present dealings. The problem is that the SSPX's solution is to protect their own interests at the expense of souls by attacking the growing number of traditional Catholics who have connected the dots and been given the grace to see the veracity of sedevacantism. It is the only explanation that passes muster and it can be traced back to Ratzinger's own involvment in Lumen Gentium, the breaking off point in the same manner as Henry VIII separated from Eternal Rome. By refusing to acknowledge this the SSPX remains stuck on a bridge that would lead souls to the truth, but with every passing generation that bridge is losing its Divine purpose as those who would cross it into Life will have done so, while the Society remains stagnant because they cannot pinpoint the right direction while sedevacantists speak out with no fear of man, but out of love for God and the integrity of His Church. That is how souls are saved, not in clandestine meetings or by browbeating others to march to your tune. Griff illustrates this in his final installment on this series, In Conclusion - A Real Solution To a False Problem.

March 07, 2011
Converting Catholics to Catholicism. Now there is a novel idea sans Novus Ordo novelties.

Lent is not only for prayer, penance, almsgiving and self-mortification, but also to share our holy Faith in all its fullness with others. Yes, call it proselytization or evangelization if you will, that's what the Apostles, Fathers, Saints, Doctors and true Popes always called it because Christ said just that in the Gospel of St. Mark and St. Matthew to go into the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. After completing his thorough 14-part series, Griff Ruby took some well-deserved time off, but fear not, for he returns to reinforce that the tenets on which Jesus built His one, true and only Church upon the Rock of Peter and the very truths handed down through the evangelic traditions are found in every Catechism, a compilation of the truths and traditions we must follow and passed down and approved by the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church. If we are to proselytze the holy Faith especially to those who have been dumbed down by VaticanTwo-speak, they need to understand the uncompromising truths of the Catechism that all were taught before the Apostasy, words which leave no room for innovation, novelty or placating man, but rather fulfilling God's holy Will. If we cling to Catholic truth, we might wake up a few asleep in their Novus Ordo community comfort zones. Converting Catholics to true Catholicism. If we can do that, we can say we really accomplished something during Lent as Griff conveys what we should look for and accept no substitues by Just Following The Catechism.

May 02, 2011
Sedevacantism - Catholic Perspective Series
Discussions between sedevacantists and sedeplenists need not be a dialog of the deaf.

Where the leadership of the true Church is NOT. It cannot lie with the Vatican II 'popes' for their trajectory of logic and faith is totally skewered and Griff Ruby explains why in his seven minute introductory lecture on YouTube. We're pleased to share with you this Introductory part of Griff's excellent series on YouTube in which he discusses sedevacantism, or as he calles it, the Sede Vacante finding, in his usual and courteous manner, respectful to all, by which he drives his points home with gentle yet irrefutable force. Sedevacantism must never degenerate into any mere "-ism" if the finding is to gain any real stature with Catholics at large. The Sede Vacante finding is indisputably true, and yet, outside the context of information that Griff promises to bring forth in succeeding video installments, makes absolutely no sense. Is that finding merely some "wild point"? You can see and hear the series that he has begun which you'll find by clicking here for Part One - Questions that arise.

May 04, 2011
Sedevacantism - Catholic Perspective Series
Something very important happened with the promulgation of Lumen Gentium: Another "church" was born.

In Griff Ruby's YouTube Series on "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective", he presents the second in his lectures how through the manipulation and innovation of "subsistet in" (thank you, Fr. Josef Ratzinger), they changed not only the boundaries but created a whole new organization and broke from the true vine, becoming just another broken branch left to wither and die no matter how long it will take the world to realize it is a bad tree destined for the fire. They can call themselves 'Catholic' but in 1964, by the official decree of Lumen Gentium those who did not reject this direction but went along with the overlap could not really call themselves Catholic any longer for they were not, any more than those who went along with Henry VIII call themselves Catholic. Griff explains in a seven minute video Part Two - Parallel Universe of a new church.

May 06, 2011
Sedevacantism - Catholic Perspective Series
Lumen Gentium: the linchpin that spun Vatican II off its axle and into the desert of apostasy, devoid of grace.

In Griff Ruby's YouTube Series on "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective", he presents the third in his lectures on how one Giovanni Montini, posing as Paul VI, set himself - and all who would follow him - outside the Church where he had jurisdiciton over those who followed him, but not over true Catholics or holy Mother Church for in signing off on Lumen Gentium he became persona non grata in Heaven and earth by abdicating any claim he had to the throne of Peter. He only compounded his sin by leading countless souls out of the true Church and into a man-made church, all those souls his responsibility before God. Even though the world may well have regarded him, and those who have followed him, as pope of the Catholic Church, God does not and cannot for as we say in the daily Act of Faith, "we believe these and all the truths which the holy Catholic Church teaches because Thou has revealed them, who canst neither deceive nor be deceived." Griff explains in Part Three - The doppelganger church.

May 09, 2011
Sedevacantism - Catholic Perspective Series
Lumen Gentium has left a void that has no voice of jurisdiction.

In Griff Ruby's YouTube Series on "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective", he presents the fourth in his lectures on the new office, the new religion in which all who followed one Giovanni Montini, posing as Paul VI, are popes of an entirely different religion. So if you want to call them "popes", go ahead, but know they are not Catholic Popes. That is because, even though they have hijacked the name "Catholic" and the trappings that go with it, they have NO jurisdiction under God as Sovereign Pontiffs of the Church founded by Jesus Christ. Since they do not have universal jurisdiction they do not have the protection of the Holy Ghost. That explains all the heresy and apostasy as they continue through the years to introduce new innovations in trying to stay in tune with what the world wants, not God. It is the obvious, logical answer to how God would allow Josef Ratzinger's "beatification" of Karol Wojtyla. A true pope would have been stopped by the Sanctifier, but since the conciliar antichrists are not true popes, let alone Catholic, they can do whatever they please and they do, acting like teenagers pushing the envelope. Eventually it will catch up with them. We can only hope and pray for that day. As we can see in Griff's fourth talk the conciliar church is a Paper Papecy [sic].

May 12, 2011
Sedevacantism - Catholic Perspective Series
Understanding those who don't always understand but live their Catholic Faith as best they can.

In Griff Ruby's fifth seven-minute lecture on his YouTube Series "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective", he emphasizes the fact that despite all the underlying problems in the Church, there are still those out there who cling to their Catholic Faith in every way they possibly can through the catechism, prayer life and the true Sacraments by truly valid priests. No they may not know all the nuances on why the conciliar popes cannot possibly be true Popes, or why those men who might be considered by the world as 'popes' had excommunicated themselves long ago through heresy and apostasy - not in anyone judging them - for the caveat is always brought up by non-sedevacantist enthusiasts that "a pope can be judged by no one" and indeed that is true. However, what those pundits fail to acknowledge is that these men of the Vatican II lineage are not popes and therefore must be judged and have been, not by Catholics today, but rather by the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church and, per St. Paul's words in Galatians 1: 8-10, "let them be anathema." That, for the uninformed means condemned. But it is the uninformed who Griff addresses today, sharing his own experiences that should encourage all to be patient with our fellow Catholics and work to understand and unite all who remain true to the Truths and Traditions of holy Mother Church and put aside the petty differences that divide. He explains in Part Five: Living the Catholic Sense (sensus Catholicus).

May 17, 2011
Sedevacantism - Catholic Perspective Series
A False Church Foments Fallacies.

In his sixth vignette, this one eight minutes or so, Griff Ruby focuses on his YouTube Series "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective", the issue of identity and treats the serious result of the current Vatican's dis-identity with the true Catholic Church. Regarding Pharisees and even merely bad popes one must do as they say, even if one dare not do as they do as St. Peter tells us in Sunday's Epistle 1 Peter 2: 11-19 to "be ye subject therefore to every human creature for God's sake: whether it be to the king as excelling, or to governors as sent by him for the punishment of evil-doers and for the praise of the good: for so is the will of God, that by doing well you may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men." But in the case with the Modernist Vatican leadership one dare not even do as they say for what they say leads us away from the Faith and, ergo, away from God. Griff offers the anology of the Ford Motor Company which is is merely a company, an organization. So also the Modernist Churh of Vatican II is merely an organization, not the one and only Church Christ instituted upon the Rock of Peter because of Lumen Gentium as he has explained previously. Therefore said false church has as much authority as the Ford Motor Company, GM, Toyota, you name it. It is false worship and against the First Commandment. We must realize we are truly living in a time when even the elect, as Jesus says in St. Matthew, will be deceived. It is, as Griff explains in Part Six: Pretenders do deceive.

May 20, 2011
Sedevacantism - Catholic Perspective Series
Clothes of Sheep, Words of Wolves.

In Griff Ruby's seventh eight-minute vignette of a sixteen-part YouTube Series "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective", he illustrates how the doppeleganger church of Vatican II is not the Catholic Church but rather an organization that wandered off from Catholic teaching and many, because they had been weaned on obedience, followed until they could see something was seriously wrong. Such men as the late Fr. Gomar DePauw saw this immediately and determined to keep Catholicism alive becoming the father of the Traditional movement. Others came later, but in every case at some point they realized what they had been following was different from what they had learned. Something was seriously wrong and did what they could to return to the true Church, searching it out wherever it was and they were. That is one reason there are so many different communities and opinions within the movement, but still One in worship, Holy in resolve, Universal in the Faith, and Apostolic is keeping the Faith alive. He also assuages those who kept their faith by stop going to the conciliar services, many stayed home, others continued to attend out of obedience but realized at a point in their life that they could no longer belong to something that went against all they had learned. He summarizes that the Church still exists very visibly, albeit in the catacombs, with those who have followed the solid Catechism of Trent, the Mass of All Time, and kept the Faith, who stay with what they knew as Griff explains in Part Seven: Remaining true to the tried and true.

May 25, 2011
Sedevacantism - Catholic Perspective Series
All of the trappings that laid the trap.

In Griff Ruby's eighth seven to eight-minute vignette out of a sixteen-part YouTube Series "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective", he explains how many sadly drifted away from the Church to follow the fallen Vatican organization into its heresies. This is not something new but occurred out of an unfortunate mental habit demonstrated before in history when British royalty usurped the Pope's authority and created the schismatic Anglican communion. Nearly all of the general run of people went along with the false new church becaues it had all the same parish churches and cathedrals and priests and bishops. All the characteristics but not the sacramental charisms. So perhaps some so misled may well still be "Catholic-at-heart" (God must judge) but they, like the Novus Ordo followers today, are outside the visible unity of the Church. In part eight, Griff asks us to examine where each of us stand. Are we surrendering to the majority and falling in with our white flags flying, or are we digging in for Christ and His true Church and, like those in the past who would not compromise with impostors and apostates, Surviving in the trenches.

June 01, 2011
Sedevacantism - Catholic Perspective Series
When it comes to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: Accept no substitutes!

On this first day of the month of the Sacred Heart, Rogation Wednesday, Vigil of the Ascension and feast of the holy virgin St. Angela Merici, we bring you Griff Ruby's ninth seven and a half minute vignette out of his sixteen-part YouTube Series "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective". Griff points out the importance of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass which is and always will be the Immemorial Apostolic Mass of All Times and said completely in Latin. It is not the Motu or Indult or any hybrid concocted by the 'contuity of diversity' jargon coming out of modernist Rome; it is not the ordinary or extraordinary form, but rather the ONLY form set in stone for all time by the infallible, dogmatic decrees of the Council of Trent and codified by His Holiness Pope St. Pius V in Quo Primum. The Traditional Latin Mass is the life and heartbeat of the Church. This Mass and this Mass alone is the sign of unity among real Catholics, the way that all real Catholics identify themselves. Griff understands that not all have such a treasure near them and he encourages those who don't to try to make it as often as possible, even if it is once a month and that those who truly want to identify themselves as real Catholics will stay away from the Protestantized services - even if they use the moniker of 'mass' but are fully in tune with the heretical Vatican II. Only those who exclusively attend the true Latin Mass or those Eastern Rites which were in union with Rome prior to Vatican II and refused to go along with the changes, can be considered real Catholics because the Novus Ordo changed the law of belief. Thus, the new law of belief is different from true Catholic belief. By attending the Novus Ordo, one is demonstrating that one is outside the true Church in the same manner Catholics went along with Henry VIII in the sixteenth century. There is only One True Mass.

June 15, 2011
Sedevacantism - Catholic Perspective Series
All Catholics are morally obliged to seek the truth.

With the devotions in preparation of Pentecost we delayed our regular features and so, after a two week hiatus, we resume Griff Ruby's excellent YouTube Series "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective" with his tenth segment, this one nearly nine minutes in which he points out that Traditional Catholics in the Vatican organization are actually living in a kind of dhimmitude, a concession if you will, which is the best analogy akin to living under Sharia law in an Islamic country where Christians would be tolerated to practice their Faith as long as they don't bother anyone or proseltyze - though that would be the antithesis of what Christ asks. In the same vein today we see where Catholics are tolerated in isolated corners of an organization which is now fundamentally non-Catholic. The Vatican leader, not being pope but only some lesser prelate - which points to the present occupier as not even being a bishop - can be judged by a superior, or even possibly a group of episcopal peers in the Church, and it would have canonical force, but as that has not as yet happened the obligation to avoid his obedience is not binding, other than on the level of our own individual judgment. However, if he is not a valid pope then he would not come under the protection of the standard defense of non-sedevacantists that a Pope cannot be judged. True, but a false pope? Ah, that's a different story and for that there is No Dhimmitude in the Divine Law.

June 21, 2011
Sedevacantism - Catholic Perspective Series
How do you know if you're at a true Mass?

This week we present Griff Ruby's eleventh installment of his excellent YouTube Series "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective" in which he speaks about various independent and SSPX parishes that still recognize Ratzinger as the pope but refuse to go along with anything he says. So what is their situation. Good question which Griff attempts to answer in his piece about the precedent set over Bishop Nestorius. Griff points out why non-sedevacantist Masses and sacraments are nevertheless acceptible for Catholics as long as the priest is a true priest. But how do you know? Ah that is the rub, for unless the priest was ordained before 1968 or was ordained by a valid traditional bishop who practiced exclusively the Traditional Latin Mass, they would not be a true priest and therefore their mass whether it was a Motu or even a Traditional Latin Mass would be invalid -- totally invalid. Truly the people need to be aware. That is why the sedevacantist Masses and sacraments are more prudential and the more correct course as he points out in Caveat Populus.

June 28, 2011
Sedevacantism - Catholic Perspective Series
Loss of Ecclesiastical Authority to guide, rule, and sanctify.

In Griff Ruby's twelfth installment of his excellent YouTube Series "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective", he returns to the language of that devious document of Vatican II, Lumen Gentium, and points out that who ever agreed to what it said automatically became charter members of the newchurch - a "doppelganger church" as Griff calls it and which we know it as the counterfeit church of conciliarism begun at Vatican II and from that point on no longer a member of the true Catholic Church. Thus, whatever they did from then on became invalid and illicit. And when paul iv dared to alter the Sacrament of Holy Orders in 1968 the die was cast. Yes, it is dye, but we purposely put "die" for that is what souls do who attend the novus ordo and partake of the 'sacraments' of the false church. How can they live again? Ah, that is what Griff finishes with for only those traditional bishops who have remained faithful to the truths and traditions of holy Mother Church can provide the true Sacraments instituted by Christ and not altered by man. Griff explains in Part Twelve by showing how Lumen Gentium was the point where a new branch sprouted with the doppelganger church and served to identify how so many souls were ripe to be Ripped from the True Vine.

July 05, 2011
Sedevacantism - Catholic Perspective Series
Those who subscribe to Lumen Gentium can't handle the truth.

In Griff Ruby's thirteenth installment of his excellent YouTube Series "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective", he continues his dissection of the damage Lumen Gentium did in abdicating jurisdiction of every ecclesiastical authority who followed the new establishment formed at Vatican II and this included every priest, bishop and, yes, pope. Yet, that document has come back to bite the barbarians at the gate for Lumen Gentium's language magnifies the fact that, in actuallity, it justified by its own abandonment of the Church founded by Christ, credence to the very jurisdiction to traditional clerics as they are the only possible recipients of the jurisdiction that Lumen Gentium cast to the wind. Thus, recognizing there was no longer one legitimate authority (a true Pope) to rule, it necessitated emergency action or, as the Church calls it Epikeia. Because a few Bishops realized the grave error of Lumen Gentium and the course of Vatican II they had the heroic courage to stand up to the doppelganger church - the counterfeit church of conciliarism and realized, that in order to perpetuate the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church they needed to consecrate new bishops to carry out the truths and traditions in order to keep the Faith alive in the face of the Great Apostasy. A Few Good Men.

July 12, 2011
Sedevacantism - Catholic Perspective Series
True Priests and Bishops Without Borders.

In Griff Ruby's fourteenth installment of his excellent YouTube Series "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective", he continues his dissection of the damage Lumen Gentium did in abdicating jurisdiction of every ecclesiastical authority who followed the new establishment formed at Vatican II and this included every priest, bishop and, yes, pope. Traditional clerics and bishops not assigned to geographic territories but rather like religious order abbots with authority all over the world but no exclusive claim to any territory, have the jurisdiction to administer the Sacraments. All diocesan boundaries were dissolved by Lumen Gentium. Our traditional bishops and clergy alone have all of the valid orders, Catholic doctrinal orthodoxy, and the Apostolic mission to convert the world to Christ. If you argued that they, in collectively working together, do not have valid hierarchical authority over the Church, then you would have to come to the conclusion that such authority does not exist and cannot exist ever again. This would, of course, contradict our Lord's words that He will always be with His Church. Once again the Modernists are impaled on their own petard as territorial structure is made wide open for Traditional Bishops and Priests to go Wherever souls seek the true Sacraments.

August 11, 2011
Sedevacantism - Catholic Perspective Series
True Bishops have the Authority in the Diocese of Eternal Rome.

On the feast of a traditional saint whom the counterfeit church of conciliarism tried to decertify, we bring you Griff Ruby's fifteenth installment of his excellent YouTube Series "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective". He continues his dissection of the damage Lumen Gentium did in abdicating jurisdiction of every ecclesiastical authority who followed the new establishment formed at Vatican II and this included every priest, bishop and, yes, pope. He points out that Traditional Bishops have an Apostolic mission from the lawful Catholic bishops even without a papal mandate. When dioceses combine, all lawful clerics of each automatically become lawful clerics of the new combined diocese. As Lumen Gentium dissolved all diocesan boundaries worldwide, there is remaining only a single, worldwide diocese, namely the Eternal diocese of Rome. The true canonical status of the Traditional bishops is that they are therefore assistant bishops to the Diocese of Rome. Lumen Gentium also, without realizing it, made the true Traditional Bishops of the Church a virtual "College", i.e. a legitimate "College of Cardinals" even if they do not receive the red hat, which would be impossible without a true Pope to authorize such. It was the false pope who mandated that they would remain such until Lumen Gentium itself is someday repealed and a true Pope again sits on the Seat of Peter. True Authority in a Global Diocese.

August 26, 2011
Sedevacantism - Catholic Perspective Series
Charting the course to Heaven involves tracking the truth and realizing God will bless those who have the authority to unite and elect a true Pope.

On the feast of a martyred pope we bring you the final installment of Griff Ruby's sixteen installment on his excellent YouTube Series "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective". The Traditional Bishops are the dry martyrs on the front line who have the power and authority to elect a valid Pope. Griff illustrates this in completing his dissection of the damage Lumen Gentium did in abdicating jurisdiction of every ecclesiastical authority who followed the new establishment formed at Vatican II and this included every priest, bishop and, yes, pope. He points out that the true Traditional Bishops of the Church have all the necessary authority to perform all that is needed to restore the papacy, and can and should do so, and, if they do, be confident that God shall shower the Church with miracles once that happens. Yes, that means holding a Conclave and electing a valid successor to the last true Pope - Pius XII of happy memory. Yes, it has been 53 years of an interminable interregnum, but as he reminds us from his example in part one, all the excess boosters and now non-effective pieces have fallen away and only the payload, the shuttle remains on the true course. That is the tracking line the true Bishops should follow for they have all the authority of Peter and have the full blessing of the Holy Ghost, Who withdrew His protection when the conciliar church broke away at Vatican Two. The exact point: Lumen Gentium. Once restored, do you think God wouldn't bestow wondrous miracles as a sign that it is the True Church? Oh, ye of little faith. Of course, He would and the conversions are unimaginable if one tries to understand the mind of God. He explains in installment sixteen: God will do the rest!.

October 18, 2011
"He that wins souls is wise." Proverbs 11:30

Yes, Griff Ruby is back! Incredibly busy over the summer, we and our readers will be ecstatic that Griff is writing again and on a most important subject: Salvation. Do we save ourselves? As any Christian should know, the answer to that is no, God saves us. We cannot save ourselves. But we do have a role, however small and unimportant next to the role of God, in our own salvation, else preaching would be to no value. Some Protestants would deny us any role whatsoever in our own salvation, while most others at least realize that at least some choice for God is necessary on our part. Salvation is a gift and a grace from God. God does what He has done; we cannot change that. But we can change our response so as to be made partakers of this incredible gift. What must we do? Is it merely Faith or is work required, or is it something else? One thing is for certain: Even if a mere interior choice alone could bring us that salvation under certain circumstances, the fact remains that the more preparation we can make for Heaven now, the less we shall be obliged to do later. Griff explains with the first category of Charitable Good Deeds in Part One of his series on Earning our Salvation or Living our Faith?

October 26, 2011
'Without authority all that remains is power; without Right all that remains is Might.'

Griff Ruby continues to write, and on a most important subject: Salvation. Do we save ourselves? As any Christian should know, the answer to that is no, God saves us. We cannot save ourselves. But we do have a role, however small and unimportant next to the role of God, in our own salvation, else preaching would be to no value. Some Protestants would deny us any role whatsoever in our own salvation, while most others at least realize that at least some choice for God is necessary on our part. Salvation is a gift and a grace from God. God does what He has done; we cannot change that. But we can change our response so as to be made partakers of this incredible gift. What must we do? Is it merely Faith or is work required, or is it something else? One thing is for certain: Even if a mere interior choice alone could bring us that salvation under certain circumstances, the fact remains that the more preparation we can make for Heaven now, the less we shall be obliged to do later. Griff continues his explanation with the second through fourth categories of the Essential "Inner Choice" for God, Reception of the Sacraments, and Avoidance of Sin in Part Two of his series on Earning our Salvation or Living our Faith?

January 09, 2012
How-to Guide for striving to become saints

Griff Ruby returns for the new year by finishing up what he began last fall but we were unable to bring you because of our computer problems. Better late than never and this third part is packed with valuable virtues that will help everyone. Living our Faith is what every real Christian work is all about. We are not climbing some ladder to Heaven on our own strength or will, but accepting the hand upwards that only God can extend to us. We must receive that hand, and having received it, clasp it firmly as God works with us to draw us upwards out of being mired in our sins. We shall stand alone at our Particular Judgment and how we lived on this earth will determine the nature of where we end up. The will of God in our lives is our sanctification, by which alone we are befitted for Heaven. Is there any other way? Sanctification really is but character development to befit one for Heaven. But it also brings about Heaven here on earth, as we pray, "Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven," as we bring about the Kingdom of God in our lives and among those with whom we come in contact in our lives. The life in God not only prepares us for heaven but orders and provides direction and guidance for our lives here and now, with the Divine compass ever to point the way with all stability and reliability. Griff explains in Part Three of Earning our Salvation or Living our Faith?

February 22, 2012
The diction of jurisdiction: "He who hears you, Hears Me." St. Luke 10:16

Griff Ruby returns with a series titled "Vatican on the Brain" where he points out that with every passing year, it becomes more evident that the only true bishops left are those within the traditional ranks, and yet there remain the doubters who in their perplexity actually muck up the wheels of progress and prevent so many from realizing that for the Church to grow within the catacombs and expand universally as the only true Church founded by Christ, we need to acknowledge the authority and jurisdiction they rightfully have and put the gears in motion to save souls. Who knows how many people, even those who care enough to dig into the truths regarding the state of the Roman Catholic Church today as to discover the Sede Vacante finding, yet continue to find today's circumstance impossible to comprehend, owing to hidden and mistaken assumptions lying at the very basis of all of their perceptions. It is these very assumptions that must be identified, articulated, and refuted in order to dislodge the scales that even now have covered the eyes of so many real troopers for the Kingdom of God. That goes for the very shepherds in question as well because too often many of them jam up the works themselves in trying to strip the gears of their peer prelates because too many have Vatican on the Brain. Griff explains in Part One The Nonsense of Those Who Refuse the Church's Authority

April 08, 2012
An empty box on a divinely ordained full shelf always trumps a man-made shelf void of God's protection.

Griff Ruby continues his series titled "Vatican on the Brain" where he explains that the "resist and recognize" camp is quick to lean on the Guérard des Lauriers theory of Materialiter/Formaliter in desperately trying to rationalize that the "pope" is still the top dog on the shelf, but they fail to realize that ever since Lumen Gentium those previously on said shelf created a new shelf apart and away from the permanent shelf fixed firmly to the wall that has always served as the structure of the true Catholic Church. This new shelf, built to move at will with the times, may replicate in form the sturdy shelf, but never in function chiefly because it can't. Being like a separate shelf mounted on a separate wall makes the office of the Vatican leadership so fundamentally different as an office from that of the Papacy that this the true reason the recent and current Vatican leadership have not been popes: Their holding of a different and incompatible office, namely that over a separate and parallel (or perhaps "skewed" might be more accurate) organizational hierarchy that is by its own self-definition not that of the actual and authentic Roman Catholic Church. Oh yes, they are on a "top shelf" of sorts, but that shelf they occupy is not the top shelf, nor any other shelf, of the Roman Catholic Church. That shelf is no more Catholic nor has no more authority than a can of soup on the shelf of your local supermarket as Griff reminds in Part Two Shelving the Guérardian Theory

May 14, 2012
All is not lost!

On this Rogation Monday the intent is to pray for the harvest and appease the wrath of God which has to be boiling. What better way than entreating our bishops to take back what is rightfully theirs? Griff Ruby returns with the first part of a series on "Accepting Responsibility" because over the past fifty plus years it has seemed like the Church is a rubber room where we continue to bang up against padded walls with no progress. It's time to take it to a higher level and, in the nefarious chess game the Novus Ordo Vatican II church of conciliarism has been playing, the key is the true bishops, few though they may be, who alone have authority. Symbolized by the white bishop on the chess board, if they trust in God they can make the right moves to trump any move by the black-hearted apostates who seek to sweep the board clean of Traditional Catholics. It's time to bounce out of the constraints of the rubber room and take action. While we can be but spectators in the final moves, we can act as loyal pawns and knights to help move the bishop/s into position to take back the authority they rightly possess by the power conferred upon them through their unbroken succession. It's hightime to checkmate the imposters. Humanly, only the bishops can do that. Griff lays out the obvious in part one, Is the Church Really a Rubber Room?

May 18, 2012
Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists
Relying on Dogmatic Theology

After his successful sixteen-part YouTube series "Sedevacantism - The Catholic Perspective" last year, Griff files a new series as he delves further, this time addressing the direction true Catholics must take for the sake of their souls in remaining true to holy Mother Church and the infallible perennial Magisterium of the Church. Thus he presents his series "Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists". In his first nine minute and fifteen second vignette, he introduces the standard Theological handbook that defines Catholic Theology, despite the fact that the author Monsignor G. Van Noort of the work "Dogmatic Theology" is not infallible. However, since one can count on one hand the number of true Catholic theologians alive today and because, outside of St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica, this is the best source to rely on in this time of The Great Apostasy. Griff touches on the term "body" of bishops which Van Noort refers to as a "college", but since such a moniker pertains to a specific group, Griff suggests "body" of bishops so as not to confuse as he begins to turn on the light against the scandalous and scurilous accusations against the true consecrated shepherds in proving their authenticity and authority to guide and guard souls. While you'll be able to see more vignettes by staying at the YouTube page, we're presenting one each day to emphasize each episode in this series as Griff commences with Part One: Shining a light on the Darkness

May 19, 2012
Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists
Why rationalism is irrational

Following his successful sixteen-part YouTube series "Sedevacantism - The Catholic Perspective" last year, Griff introduces a new series in alerting Catholics of the true course of sedevacantism for it is not opinion that motivates those who assert that the Vatican II "popes" are not valid popes for they have abdicated their authority through heresy and apostasy. No, it is the Church Herself through her divine Vicar Christ who has affirmed that these Modernists who have usurped the throne of Peter over the past fifty years have no authority over the Church instituted by Jesus nor over those who profess the true Faith. Griff delineates between those whom Christ delivered from the Bosom of Abraham following His Crucifixion and those who oppose Catholicism, an antipathy that evolved over the centuries and spiked in the sixteenth century creating a visible division ever since. Griff lays out the process that will be taken in defining what the Church is and showing the difference between the narrow path of the Catholic Church and the broad swath of "Christian" churches with Part Two: The Church Militant Defined

May 20, 2012
Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists
Modernists' Mindset

Following his successful sixteen-part YouTube series "Sedevacantism - The Catholic Perspective" last year, Griff continues his a new series in alerting Catholics of the true course of sedevacantism for it is not opinion that motivates those who assert that the Vatican II "popes" are not valid popes for they have abdicated their authority through heresy and apostasy. No, it is the Church Herself through her divine Vicar Christ who has affirmed that these Modernists who have usurped the throne of Peter over the past fifty years have no authority over the Church instituted by Jesus nor over those who profess the true Faith. Griff quotes theologian Monsignor Van Noort on opinions of opponents derived from fallible and prejudicial Protestant teaching and the many false theories evolving over the centuries that greatly exaggerate and misrepresent, and yes, even deny Christ's true intent of what He meant when He instituted His one visible Church on earth for all time. It plays right into the Modernists' mindset. Griff relates these in Part Three: Denizens of Denial

May 21, 2012
Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists
Same in the Name

After his successful sixteen-part YouTube series "Sedevacantism - The Catholic Perspective" last year, Griff continues his a new series "Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists" for it is holy Mother Church Herself, infitesimal though she may be in this time of the Great Apostasy, who has been given authority. An authority of which the divine Vicar Christ has affirmed that these Modernists, who have usurped the throne of Peter over the past fifty years, have no authority over the Church instituted by Jesus nor over those who profess the true Faith. Griff utilizes the authority of theologian Monsignor Van Noort from the work "Dogmatic Theology" - "Christ's Church" on Christ founding a Church, which is the true Authority and that true Catholics comprise that true society - a permanent assembly - which has the authority via the unified bonds handed down by the Eternal Shepherd for His flock to practice the same faith, the same doctrines and traditions as set in stone by Christ and His Church with the same rights provided to each person of the faith. We must have fortitude to follow through on this for this is a dogma of the faith, and, as dogma, authority exists among the faithful ones as Griff emphasizes in Part Four: Direct from the Divine

May 22, 2012
Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists
Singular Society of One Body, One Baptism

After his successful sixteen-part YouTube series "Sedevacantism - The Catholic Perspective" last year, Griff continues his a new series "Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists" in which he quotes from the authority of theologian Monsignor Van Noort from the work "Dogmatic Theology" - volume 2, "Christ's Church" on Christ firmly establishing a visible Church with full authority to those He "conferred upon the apostolic college and upon Peter their sacred ruling power. The Church is clearly a society and no society has been properly constituted until its authority has been established." Griff points out that this is evidence that our Traditional Bishops have that due and proper full authority granted by Christ and thus, he shows in Part Five that truly is a case of Authority Established

May 23, 2012
Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists
The End of the Old, The Birth of the New

After his successful sixteen-part YouTube series "Sedevacantism - The Catholic Perspective" last year, Griff continues his a new series "Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists" in which he quotes from the authority of theologian Monsignor Van Noort from the work "Dogmatic Theology" - volume 2, "Christ's Church" on the demarcation of when the Old Law ended and was superseded by the New Law. Christ and His Apostles practiced Judaism until His death and upon His Resurrection the New Law began and was in full effect with a visible Church with all its powers in effect on Pentecost. The Church was a visible authority with a visible head. Today it remains that same visible society even if there is not a visible head for visible does not mean it is obvious to all the senses. Though we cannot see a true pope today, that does not mean one does not exist for Peter and his successors continue to rule through the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church. Griff explains in Part Six: The Old Law Prefigured the New

May 24, 2012
Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists
Christ's Church is visible and is so by its very nature

After his successful sixteen-part YouTube series "Sedevacantism - The Catholic Perspective" last year, Griff continues his a new series "Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists" in which he quotes from the authority of theologian Monsignor Van Noort from the work "Dogmatic Theology" - volume 2, "Christ's Church" on asserting the visible nature of the Church as Griff points out though Christ used many metaphors in referring to His Church it is the same and continues from Christ with the same hierarchy, flawed though some of our traditional bishops might be today, they are still legitimate and due indeed have the authority handed down by Christ to preserve and perpetuate the holy Faith and they are protected by the Holy Ghost for He is the soul of the Church and wherever you would go in the world the doctrines, teachings, sacraments and Holy Mass are the same for He is with true Catholics and their shepherds. Whereas in the false church of Vatican Ii - the conciliar church - though there is a body of a church structure clearly visible, there is no soul because the Sanctifier has withdrawn His protection. Griff points out various objections in proving in Part Seven: Soul of the Church

May 25, 2012
Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists
Church's Purpose: Salvation

After his successful sixteen-part YouTube series "Sedevacantism - The Catholic Perspective" last year, Griff continues his a new series "Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists" in which he quotes from the authority of theologian Monsignor Van Noort from the work "Dogmatic Theology" - volume 2, "Christ's Church" on asserting the visible nature of the Church as Griff relates the purpose of the Church as Jesus intended, documented throughout the Scriptures, to instruct all creatures to practice the Faith through living the Faith, that through and in, throughout all ages, there is a constant, continual application of salvation for that is the goal of establish the faith on earth: to be with Him in Heaven. Such paradise can only be accomplished through living the true Faith with the specific purpose of attaining holiness. The traditional pastors fulfill Christ's charge in that very purpose and it contrasts greatly with the the conciliar or Novus Ordo church which places little if any emphasis on sanctity or even salvation of souls for they have abandoned proselytizing and converting souls in favor of political correctness and being accepted by the world. We know where that leads as Griff indicates in Part Eight: To Teach and Sanctify

May 26, 2012
Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists
Christ's promise is the very law of nature

After his successful sixteen-part YouTube series "Sedevacantism - The Catholic Perspective" last year, Griff continues his a new series "Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists" in which he quotes from the authority of theologian Monsignor G. Van Noort from the work "Dogmatic Theology" - volume 2, "Christ's Church" on asserting that His Church will remain indestructible and incorrupt until the end of the world. The fact that the conciliar newChurch of Vatican II has become corrupt in so many ways proves it is not Catholic, and like the parable of the vine, will be cut off and cast into the fire because it falsely calls itself "Catholic." Conversely, the true Church, no matter how small it might be relegated to, still possesses the Holy Ghost and those bishops, who carry on the mission to teach, sanctify and rule, do possess the authority and those who follow may even be only a few. Yet those traditional Catholics remain the only ones practicing Catholic tradition and have the assurance from divine revelation that the true Church will never be corrupted. This established doctrine also proves the traditional bishops are true shepherds and that the Eucharist will always be available in perpetuity, which clearly deflates the Home Aloners' theories and leaves them stranded until they admit they need the holy Sacraments from valid traditional priests and bishops. Griff lays it out in Part Nine: Perpetuity of the Church

May 28, 2012
Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists
A Hierarchy is Christ's solution and is not a natural evolution

After his successful sixteen-part YouTube series "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective" last year, Griff continues his a new series "Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists" in which he quotes from the authority of theologian Monsignor G. Van Noort from the work "Dogmatic Theology" - volume 2, "Christ's Church" on defining the what a hierarchy is in and how it has been so misconstrued and taken out of context where, in truth, it is a sacred society because it signifies sacred rule. Of course, we know the counterfeit church posing as the Catholic Church today has no further link to that hierarchy which, for reasons already covered, leaves the true authority in the hands of traditional bishops and priests alone for they can be the only ones considered to be hierarchy in this time of the Great Apostasy. Griff shows in Part Ten the objections and misconceptions Modernists raise amidst all the verbal hash they cook up in their efforts to convince others that the Church should be a society that continues to evolve in tune with modern times and that heresy clashes with the Church's unchanging dogmas, the Church's very nature, and social structure of The Church as a Hierarchy

May 29, 2012
Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists
If the Traditional Hierarchy is wrong, then Christ was wrong!

After his successful sixteen-part YouTube series "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective" last year, Griff continues his a new series "Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists" in which he quotes from the authority of theologian Monsignor G. Van Noort from the work "Dogmatic Theology" - volume 2, "Christ's Church" on the authority of the hierarchy and how that very authority, from Christ Himself, is possessed by the traditional clergy - both bishops and priests - and they have been given the three-fold power to teach, sanctify, and rule. Griff brings up the Jansenist heresy as discussed by Msgr. Van Noort in this part of the text and points out that any priest and bishop who does not recognize his own full jurisdiction to carry on the work of the Apostles or refuses to recognize the same in his fellow traditional priests or bishops is falling into this one particular aspect of the Jansenist heresy. It is high time they realize that either the traditional bishops - today's only possible College of Bishops - have said authority as members of the hierarchy or it was never true to begin with when Christ established His Church. It is vital that the clergy be recognized by their flocks and other bishops and even more important, that their fellow bishops acknowledge and recognize each other. Griff details in Part Eleven: Accepting the Authority of True Bishops and Priests

May 30, 2012
Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists
No Bishop is an island

After his successful sixteen-part YouTube series "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective" last year, Griff completes this section of his a new series "Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists" in which he quotes from the authority of theologian Monsignor G. Van Noort from the work "Dogmatic Theology" - volume 2, "Christ's Church" on the charge given in holy Scripture and by Christ Himself that our traditional bishops as the college of bishops or body of bishops have not only the judicial and legislative authority, but also the mandate to unite with the other true bishops for no bishop can operate independently. The Church has so declared and there should be no more doubt as to what each traditional bishop must do as Griff documents in Part Twelve: Mandate for True Bishops to Work Together

June 01, 2012
The false church of Vatican II is desperate and will pay anyone posing as Catholic to infiltrate, pretend, demean & confuse Traditional Catholics because we can't have anyone practicing the True Faith.

Traditional Catholics are a hunted lot. Bounties are placed with the intent to capture and reprogram souls so these upstart true Catholics will fall in line with the Modernist mentality. Of course, when any Traditional Catholic balks at such heretical nonsense, it sends the conciliar mob into a frenzy, a maddening one at that. So they try the same technique they employed in eclipsing the true Church at Vatican II: Infiltrate, sow division and doubt by casting aspersions against this traditional priest or that true bishop or even devout laity because they know the Traditional Bishops have the true authority handed down by Christ to teach, sanctify and rule. But they can't allow true Catholics to know that, so they employ their Saul Alinsky type tactics of isolating, ridiculing and persecuting in order to intimidate true Catholics into subjection or staying put in their own catacombs. Don't you dare try to unite the movement. Don't you dare acknowledge other priests or bishops or there will be hell to pay. Anything to fan the flames of discord because their master is a long-time expert with infernos and he'll encourage home-aloners to stay home, a few traditional prelates to refuse sacraments to some, and keep resist, yet recognize ones on the fence. Oh, the devil is clever and his disciples grow ever more arrogant, but when the true whistleblowers expose the man-made straw castles in Rome and every diocese, well it's katy-bar-the-door and all hell breaks loose. Their desperate mission: Destroy Traditional Catholicism at any cost. Griff explains in part two of his series "Accepting Responsibility" with Breaking the Illusion of Lawlessness

July 01, 2012
Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists
Our Bishops are Duly Authorized

Through the use of numerous 7 to 9 minute vignettes, Griff Ruby continues his on-going YouTube presentation that he has titled "Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists" based upon standard Roman Catholic Theology, particularly that which pertains to the establishment and authority of Christ's Own Church, as documented in the standard Theological handbook, Dogmatic Theology, Volume 2, Christ's Church, by Monsignor G. Van Noort. All editions of this masterful work were issued prior to Vatican II. Below you will find the next seven completed sessions in which he points out that today's traditional Catholic Bishops indeed have jurisdiction and the duty to form a College of Bishops for the good of souls in order to expand on their God-given duty to teach, rule and sanctify in perpetuating the one, true Faith in the face of the Great Apostasy wrought by Vatican II.

August 01, 2012
Once the V2 'popes' stopped being Peter, rebellion against them ceased being rebellion against Peter and the Church

Griff Ruby files part three of his series on "Accepting Responsibility" as he points out how the Novus Ordo apparatus continues to sputter and choke on its own heresies for if it is not of God it will surely fall. We must remember that laws are lawful laws only if they are in tune with the will of God as far as moral and right. While the United States also must face the music with its unlawful laws that offend God, it does not have to be that way for traditional Catholics for they know they have the true Faith. They know from Catholic truth that what they follow is God's holy Will and thus, they must be obedient to all laws that reflect that. They also know they can never be obedient to a law that violates Catholic truth in faith and morals, and for the most part, they must recognize the authority of the true bishops and true priests who maintain the Catholic Faith without any compromise to the heresies and errors of Vatican 2. Therefore, we have a duty to obey those who we place ourselves under for the welfare of our soul and cannot parish-hop or bishop-hop at our own whim. We are our brother's keeper and no one is more responsible than those whom we place our responsibility in; thus we must recognize their authority to govern as he focuses on Being Our Brother's Keeper

September 04, 2012
Cast forth thy nets

Griff Ruby files his fourth installment of his series "Accepting Responsibility" in asking when will the Mystical Body of Christ stand up like a man. It is high time our true Shepherds gather together and grab the nets to work in unison for reuniting the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Through the past four plus decades the fishing prospects have not been good. Why do you think that is? Because while fish swim in schools, those who aim to land a considerable catch through conversion are not going to school on what Christ taught His Apostles. Instead each traditional Bishop drops his line in one area and expects to catch a few, but has no intention to call on his peers to work together as one to gather a large haul for Heaven. Either they are jealous of their fellow Bishops or fear they'll be isolated and ridiculed and so they do little if anything to foster the Faith outside of their own concentric pool. What do they fear? The conciliar newchurch? Please, they're not even Catholic? Do they fear reprisal from the community where they reside? If so, then they shouldn't be Fishers of Men. What they really fear is that they would go off the deep end because they are of a mindset that they don't have the authority to come together and reinstate a true Pope. Ah, but if all arguments to that obstacle are refuted, then what is their excuse? They have none! Therefore, it's time, Your Excellencies, to pull together in fulfilling your duty to cast forth thy nets. Griff lays it out in To Be Trusted, True Fishers of Men Must Trust

September 18, 2012
Setting things in gear

Griff Ruby files his fifth installment of his on-going series "Accepting Responsibility" in his valiant efforts to unlock the solution to resolving the Sede Vacante state in the Church. And what might that solution be? Simple, begin walking rightly in the authority imparted by our Lord Jesus Christ. That can only be done by the truly traditional Bishops and Priests as have publicly proven their hierarchical status in the Roman Catholic Church through the grace-giving works that they do. Our Lord was no less the long-prophesized Messiah, despite His continued refusal to declare it publicly or accept the role of king. Likewise, our traditional clerics are no less the fully regular and apostolic Catholic hierarchy, despite their reticence on this topic. "See the works that I do; what do they say of me?" The works they do say it all, though the direct lawful basis also exists for all that they do and must yet do, even to include calling a Conclave to elect a successor to the last truly Catholic Pope - His Holiness Pope Pius XII. While the latter's encyclical Mystici Corporis has been posited to deny the clerics' right to do this, you will see below the surface what it really pertains to and why it does not apply to the traditional Bishops and Priests today for there is not a cardinal within their ranks. But just as a clock needs the right gears and connections to work effectively as one effective timepiece, so also our clergy need to calibrate their consciences and commit to coming together for the good of souls everywhere before it's too late. It is important in this polemic in persuading our prelates of their need to heed its significance for if they do not, the faith will slow down because of the rust that ruins the rubrics and a failure to rein in resisters rebelling against commons sense and the sensus Catholicus. This then is a layman's sincere effort to motivate our traditional Bishops to begin setting things in gear as Griff pulls the right levers with The Key to Restoring the Keys of the Kingdom

December 02, 2012
Griff Ruby has just filed twenty-one more YouTube Video Lectures, Twenty through Forty. For the first nineteen parts, see Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists

January 13, 2013
Griff Ruby has just filed ten more YouTube Video Lectures, Forty-One through Fifty. For the first forty parts, see Ecclesiology for Sedevacantists

February 13, 2013
If you're open to the graces, it's really not that puzzling.

For this season of Lent, Griff Ruby shares his own experiences in assembling all the pieces of a puzzle. He illustrates how one can get frazzled, confused and ready to chuck the whole thing out of frustration when one can't figure out how it all comes together as one smooth piece. He points this out in the situation in the Church today. How could such a sublime, sacred, and dogmatic panorama turn so ugly and blasphemous in so short a time? Who sliced and diced it to pieces where it is no longer recognizable? While many have tried to force pieces together, it can be like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. They must fit seamlessly. Griff Ruby shares how, through the grace of God, he was able to see the whole picture by starting in the corners and edges and working in until finally, by deduction, he realized the ostentious ocean liner he had booked was really a sinking ship and that the true Barque of Peter could only be seen by putting all the pieces together, including the final piece of the puzzle that so few seem to see even though it's as obvious as the nose on one's face. Griff explains in How I came to KNOW - An Autobiographical Interlude

April 02, 2013
The Gauntlet has been thrown. To arms for the Truth!

There always seems to be a blogalogian these days who thinks he knows better than the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church and, whether willfully or stupidly out of pride, seems intent on undermining that which alone offers hope for bringing the true Church out of Her 55-year eclipse and for perpetuating the true Faith. But these so-called 'experts' on the blog don't really know their Faith and Griff Ruby is determined to set them straight, not only because that is what Jesus asks us to do in St. Matthew 18: 15-17, but also because he has personally been attacked. Thus, reluctantly, he accepts the challenge for this cancer of cluelessness by those trying to compromise with conciliar concepts has gone on long enough. Thus, we present part one of a series in which he responds in proving what the Church decrees: Sede vacante! Why? Because Vatican II mandated it, and God in His Providence permitted this harsh Judgment! Live with that fact and seek to embrace the Remnant Church, or rue the day you learned of these things and did nothing when you stand before the Merciful and All-Just Judge and try to explain your rejection of this opportunity to recognize His Church and be blessed. Griff sets the record straight with the first part of a multi-part series One Cannot Subsist On Error

April 09, 2013
Not when they became heretics, but when they lost their office.

There always seems to be a blogalogian these days who thinks he knows better than the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church and, whether willfully or stupidly out of pride, seems intent on undermining that which alone offers hope for bringing the true Church out of Her 55-year eclipse and for perpetuating the true Faith. But these so-called 'experts' on the blog don't really know their Faith and Griff Ruby is determined to set them straight, not only because that is what Jesus asks us to do in St. Matthew 18: 15-17, but also because he has personally been attacked. Too many seem to gage that the hierarchs, who signed the heretical Vatican II documents, such as Lumen Gentium, automatically became heretics at that time, are missing the point. It takes more than the mere signing of any document or group of documents, the contents of which have been misrepresented to them, to make heretics of the signers. But subsequent actions, particularly where the heretical implications of the document come into play, cannot be so excused, as neither can a fundamental and total neglect of the duties of the office that Holy Mother Church once gave them so long before. Griff Ruby is determined to point out the fundamental error of these blogalogians and set them straight with the second part of a multi-part series Pinning down the "Perpe-traitors"

April 16, 2013
Why the Œconomia nova has Bankrupted so many Catholics

There always seems to be a blogalogian these days who thinks he knows better than the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church and, whether willfully or stupidly out of pride, seems intent on undermining that which alone offers hope for bringing the true Church out of Her 55-year eclipse and for perpetuating the true Faith. Griff Ruby provides part three in which he points out that that just as Henry VIII created a new ecclesial economy, commonly known today as the Anglican Church, or Œconomia nova in 1534, so also in 1964 the Robber Barons at Vatican Two repeated this grave, grave error with promulgating the astonishing juridical disorder mandated in Lumen Gentium and thus created from the material of the Church's own Œconomia a false new Œconomia with a "church" of their own, with all the trappings of Catholicism but without the key ingredient - the Holy Ghost. The parallels of the church of England with the Conciliar church spawned at Vatican II are so similar and the result remains the same: Absolutely null and entirely void as Pope Leo XIII affirmed when push came to shove. The "perpe-traitors" within the false church have been shoving a lot lately in trying to cover up the corrupt correlation and push the truth out of the way, but the evidence is irrefutable and cannot subsist on its own merit. No matter what arguments of justification and jurisdiction its defenders try to conjure up, it's futile. Griff pinpoints the Descent into Heresy

April 23, 2013
Takes more that "Good Faith" to really be a True Catholic

There always seems to be a blogalogian these days who thinks he knows better than the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church and, whether willfully or stupidly out of pride, seems intent on undermining that which alone offers hope for bringing the true Church out of Her 55-year eclipse and for perpetuating the true Faith. Griff Ruby presents part four of his series and points out that many do not realize how important it is for the salvation of one's soul to understand what being Catholic truly means. It is not just doing as one is told without realizing that what one may be instructed to do is wrong. That is how dictators and despots rise to power, that is how heresies spread, that is how the Great Apostasy implanted itself in the fabric of the Church and society in our times. It wasn't as important to souls as it should be and many sloughed it off as, "oh, well" when the pull of the world, the flesh and the devil occupied their every waking moment instead of God and things of Heaven. That and the fact that Catholics simply took for granted they knew their faith. Let's be honest. If we did, would Vatican Two really have seen the light of day? Back then we could blame it on the Bishops and periti but 50 years later those who still cling to the conciliar clutches have no excuses. Griff explains in part four Your Duty to Know

April 30, 2013
When the laity is really ready, more True Priests will appear for the Church is very much alive

Griff Ruby presents part five of his series and points out that the title of this installment is very easy to answer, and yet it seems to be the biggest hurdle for both sedevacantists and non-sedevacantists to arrive at in a meeting of the minds to where cohesive arguments can be submitted without emotional outbursts or condemnations. After all the sedevacantist position is a theological opinion. Yes, an "opinion" which carries no doctrinal weight, yet explains the only alternative as to why the doctrines have been altered; something no true Catholic pope or any Catholic could ever dare do. You see, dogmas and doctrines are not open to discussion like theological opinions are. No, the former are set in stone and handed down through Divine Revelation and Tradition. What many sedevacantists fail to do is convey convincing arguments that prove the Church is very much alive today, and we're not talking about the CONciLIAR church formed at Vatican Two, but rather the true Church with true, valid, and authorized priests to teach, lead, and sanctify souls through confecting all sacraments including the holy Sacrament of the Altar. It's not a matter of numbers, but provenance. If only more had the grace to connect the dots, the numbers would take care of themselves because more would come to the realization of WHERE the Church truly exists and flee the false church. Griff explains in part five Where IS the Church?

May 07, 2013
Being true to the Faith is about quality, not quantity.

There always seems to be a blogalogian these days who thinks he knows better than the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church and, whether willfully or stupidly out of pride, seems intent on undermining that which alone offers hope for bringing the true Church out of Her 55-year eclipse and for perpetuating the true Faith. In his sixth installment, Griff Ruby brings up the fact that if Paul VI was ever an authentic pope then his last "official act" in that role was the signing off of Lumen Gentium, for by that act he formally abdicated from the Catholic Papal role. Furthermore, through that heresy-inducing document, he invited the rest of the hierarchy to follow him into apostasy with the formation of his man-made Œconomia nova as something distinct from that divine institution prior to Vatican II that has always been the Mystical Body of Christ and the real Roman Catholic Church, but now only within mere portions of which portions of the Body of Christ could "subsist." Yet, also within this same resignation document, he delegated to every prelate an implied papal consent for all instances of episcopal consecration, thus crushing any argument in these times as to denying the legitimacy of the validity and right of jurisdiction to the traditional bishops, who alone legally carry on the mission of the Church as The True Visible Hierarchy of the Church

May 14, 2013
Looking for the true Ecclesia docens? Look no further than the authentic Traditional Bishops & Priests

There always seems to be a blogalogian these days who thinks he knows better than the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church and, whether willfully or stupidly out of pride, seems intent on undermining that which alone offers hope for bringing the true Church out of Her 55-year eclipse and for perpetuating the true Faith. In establishing just where the true Church exists in these times and by whose authority, Griff Ruby points out that one only needs to go through the process of deduction to realize there is only one answer and that is those who have upheld the faith and continue to administer the true sacraments. Ergo, in narrowing down the choices there is only one that qualifies as the teaching Church (Ecclesia docens) and that would be the Traditional Bishops and Priests who carry out the mission Christ gave to His Apostles. If those who still question this syllogism are intellectually honest then let them identify by name anyone with a superior claim on our conscience and obedience, or else let them admit they cannot refute or deny this. If, however, they are afraid to admit the truth because it would somehow greatly impugn either their own agenda or comfort zone, then what more could be said? There will always be those who deny the elephant in the room, so to speak, but will cry the loudest when being stomped on by the apostate mastedons. Don't say you were not warned. The only question remaining is why the Traditional Bishops and Priests have not taken the bull elephant by the horns since they are the only ones qualified to corral the beast once and for all by coming together to build up Christ's Church. That is the crux of Griff's seventh installment The "Traditional Movement" is the Church

May 21, 2013
The devastation caused by the Great Apostasy prompts some to think the Church is no more. Nothing could be further from the truth!

There always seems to be a blogalogian these days who thinks he knows better than the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church and, whether willfully or stupidly out of pride, seems intent on undermining that which alone offers hope for bringing the true Church out of Her 55-year eclipse and for perpetuating the true Faith. Griff Ruby completes this eight part series in which he points out that throughout the history of the Church there have been heresies and schisms, and yet, when doom and gloomers predicted the end of the Church as they knew it, indubitably She recovered and went on to even greater glory. Today also, when we are in the midst of such a great apostasy as to raise legitimate questions as to whether this might indeed be that final one of Biblical prophecy, there are those within the camps of non-sedevacantists and home-aloners who are the clarions of claptrap crying out that there are either no true bishops and priests left or that we have to be tolerant of the CONciLIAR clergy in the sense of "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." True, there is a small segment of naive ones who may not know, but their teachers knew and if the pupils truly took their faith seriously, they would research to truly know their Faith. Few do. What all of these who warn that the sky is falling or that they must be tolerant or that they must retreat to their homes fail to remember or realize are Christ's words in St. Matthew 28: 20. And never forget, that He started His Church with only eleven men. Surely there are eleven true Bishops who have the power and authority to replicate what they did. Why? Because the same Holy Ghost is still with them! "I am with you all days"

May 28, 2013
Why can't we see the obvious?

Griff Ruby extends this series because it's necessary to ask the questions that are so obvious and yet so few are willing to ask them because they are blind to the obvious. It's kind of like the elephant in the room, but most don't see it or want to see it for fear they'll have to face the truth. There are the innocent who just overlook something because their mind is on other matters or a routine has been altered or they've been taught or indoctrinated in such a way as to miss the obvious. But the obvious is something we can no longer ignore and that is that the Church is either in the time foretold in Sacred Scripture, the time of the "abomination of desolation", the time of the Great Apostasy, or else something so very much like it as to serve as a significant precedent for when the real thing arrives. To deny that is to deny the obvious. For too long now the blind have led the blind on the conciliar cliff to the edge of the abyss. Only the true priests and bishops can save them. It's time to take off the blinders and see, really see that they alone have the authority and jurisdiction necessary for the salvation of souls. A Cognitive Failure of Blindness

June 04, 2013
Griff Lifts from The Four Marks
Verifying a Verb with Verve

Griff Ruby takes a break from his STRAIGHT STUFF series to share something he wrote in the past for The Four Marks on what many may not have ever considered, even Webster's Dictionary, but they should. Griff advances that the word 'pope' is not just a noun but also a verb for that is the action he describes in non-Catholics 'crossing the Tiber' in converting to Catholicism. While the apostates occupy the Vatican today, Rome will always remain the symbolic seat of the Church, the only one founded by Christ and those Protestants, who are wooed over to the Novus Ordo sect within the constrained confines of the conciliar church, will soon learn that there really is nothing different from what they left. Whereas, if they take the time to study the Fathers of the Church and truly learn the beauty of the Catholic Faith and all the infrangible truths She has always embraced, they will learn where the true Church resides and pope themselves into that Church. Griff explains in "Poping" in a Popeless Era
Editor's Note: This originally ran in the March 2011 issue of The Four Marks.

June 12, 2013
Will souls slip-slide away because our true Bishops failed to make strategic moves?

Griff Ruby responds to Bishop Williamson's surprising announcement, which we carried last week in our "Miters that Matter" feature, that His Excellency is available only for tending to souls wherever they call on him, but will not pursue organizing a group to magnify the missionary work of bringing the true Faith to more souls because he supposedly thinks he does not have the authority to do so. Griff respectfully challenges him that he indeed does have the authority and to not use it is akin to cowering from his calling. There is no retiring from the duties of a Roman Catholic Bishop, apart from when our Lord calls him (hopefully) to eternal glory. And there is no extra authority he need go out somewhere and obtain, as if he did not already possess within himself the plenitude of what authority all real Catholic bishops equally hold today. He will not be spared being held responsible by God for his duty towards the sheep of God's own sheepfold. And in accepting his miter and crozier, he has relinquished any right to bury his ten talents in the ground, as if he could really have any valid reason to be afraid that God will not prosper the work he puts his hand to, providing only that he avoid lame excuses and indeed put his hand to the grandest task at hand. Griff pulls no punches in explaining why His Excellency cannot ignore those who want nothing to do with Bishop Fellay's groups because of the latter's intentions to coddle to conciliar interests. This is to be where the final determination will be made as to whether he will be a miter that matters greatly or a miter that mutters uselessly. It matters not what the conciliar clerics say for they have no authority and His Excellency must realize that. He cannot fall back on that excuse while so many are bailing on Fellay who wants his own bail-out from the Modernists to legitimize the Society. What the British prelate must realize is that he and all the Traditional Bishops have all the authority but their credibility suffers from either doing nothing or straddling the fence for so many years that often times they don't know which moves to make in order to checkmate the true enemies of the Faith as Griff points out in Authority Misdirected and Mislead

July 11, 2013
An Enlightening Idea

Griff Ruby shares a simple fact that should simply move you to simply say: He's right. It's that simple! Here we are, the few, who have a demographic out there of prospects for conversion, and few there are who are up to the task to reach out to these souls who, it has been proven, will respond if prodded right. The sad part is that we have so few venues to guide them to unless they're willing to make great sacrifices - like driving 200 miles to assist at the true Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, or risk losing friends and influence, because as complicated as it seems it really comes down to our salvation. It's that simple! Jesus has assured us that if we love others more than Him, we are not worthy of Him. He also said in Sunday's Gospel for the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost that not all those who say "Lord, Lord" will enter into His kingdom. That should wake up the masses to realize where they need to be - to see the Light, if you will. It's up to those who have this gift - the Traditional Catholics - to turn up the lights so all can see, truly see where they must be for the sake of their eternal soul! If they don't, then turn out the lights. It's over for them! Griff explains in A Simple Faith
Editor's Note: This originally ran in the October 2009 issue of The Four Marks.

July 25, 2013
...On the horns of a triple quandary

Following up's latest volley to the "Resist-and-Recognize" gang who ignore the elephant in the room and the bizarre and dangerous actions of one Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis, we bring you a column Griff Ruby wrote for The Four Marks two years ago as he points out there is no sensible solution to their stance other than to admit the sedevacantists are right. Of course, pride and fear hold them back from connecting the dots and admitting the obvious in the face of all the atrocities committed against God's divine Laws and the truths and traditions of holy Mother Church. Griff shows here why it is not possible that the current popes could ever be legitimate and to continue to recognize them while still resisting not only aberrant commands, judgments, and examples, but even erroneous doctrines, is to exhibit a non-Catholic mentality. It is time to either break with the false church of Vatican 2 or to embrace the Great Apostasy and make friends of Mammon now. There can be no other way. Fence sitting is henceforth forbidden because horns can be dangerous to the welfare of souls. Escaping the Trilemma
Editor's Note: This originally ran in the September 2010 issue of The Four Marks.

July 21, 2014
Where have they taken the Mystical Body of Christ?

In an article published in The Four Marks in 2012, Griff Ruby answered a frank question first asked by author Frank Sheed. Perhaps you might have thought it was about Frank aka Jorge Bergoglio? The above headline reminds us of words of the saint we celebrate tomorrow St. Mary Magdalen, when at the tomb in the Gospel of St. John 20: 13, she basically asked where they had taken Him. As the Magdalen gloriously discovered when she turned around, Christ was there in her midst. He is also still very much here today, but His Church remains hidden, in an eclipse, if you will, while a Judas, or should we say the satanic church of the Apocalypse mimics Him. Jesus has not withdrawn the protection of His Spirit from His Own Church, now eclipsed, but the protection of His Spirit is obviously not given to Jorge's "church" for that is not His Church. That should be all the more evident ever since Frank Sheed asked that question back in the late 60's. Griff breaks it down, even equating it to the film Changeling where the son was never found, but we know the Son is not lost, those who remain with Modernist Rome are the ones lost as Griff points out in No, Frank, It's Not the Same Church
Editor's Note: This originally ran in the April 2012 issue of The Four Marks.

July 24, 2014
Exposing the CON in the CONciLIAR church

In an article published in The Four Marks in 2012, Griff Ruby addressed the mystery of the Catholic Hierarchy. Actually, as Griff shows, it really is no mystery when you break it down and weigh the arguments. There is only one Catholic hierarchy and it does not reside in Rome today, nor has it for the past 50 plus years. That would mean sedevacantists have been right all along in rejecting and not recognizing not only the Vatican 2 'popes', but also those 'cardinals', 'bishops', and 'priests' who give their allegiance to Modernist Rome. Griff points out that anti-sede arguments don't add up to a hill of beans when compared with the non-Catholic stance of those in visible power today which over 90% of today's Catholics-in-name follow. St. Augustine said that "Right is right even if no one is doing it, and wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it". Percentage-wise there are very few sedevacantists, but they're right and they have the Church Herself to back their claim, whereas those in the CONciLIAR church are as wrong as they can be and if they don't know that now, they will eventually. Isn't it better to know now? The Mystery of the Hierarchy
Editor's Note: This originally ran in the September 2012 issue of The Four Marks.

March 05, 2015
The main problem people have that gets in the way of their seeing the truth about the Church is their failure to realize that the Tradtional Catholic "movement" or community, taken all together but exclusively of all else, IS alone that Mystical Body of our Lord Jesus Christ which is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. In simply understanding that one most salient fact, EVERYTHING that Catholics wonder about, every theological maxim, every doctrine and dogma, falls neatly into place. It all fits, as they say, "like a glove," and better.
The Traditional Catholic Movement IS the Roman Catholic Church
April 18, 2015
If God Himself guaranteed that a certain locked room would never be violated, that no crime (murder, theft, etc.) could ever be committed therein, how would a crime be committed in such a room? Having found that indeed such a crime has been committed, what manner of investigation would one make? This is of course a parable for the Church. The nature of what went wrong at Vatican II is actually so simple that, as I demonstrate here, a child can understand it. And as I also demonstrate, explorations into the nature of the human element (the mistakes, foibles, and sins of Churchmen), criminally stupid ideologies (modernism, liberalism, communism), or even of devilish conspiracies are simply not "where it's at," it is to the great question of why it is that God's promises do not apply to the present day Vatican apparatus which must be investigated.
The Divine Locked Room Mystery

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