Traditional Catholic External Links

Note: Entries are no longer listed by category since this in many cases can not be so simply labelled, and may seem to put sites into categories which they may resent being categorized as. For that reason, I have removed catagorizations except from the semi-Catholic (but mistakenly thinking themselves Catholic per se) sites. The whole true spectrum from Indult to sedevacantist is represented here and I now leave it up to the reader to discern for himself the location (if any) on the spectrum of legitimate opinion each and any site is, from the site's contents itself rather than my hasty and over-simplified and sometimes mistaken attempt to label or catagorize it. I strongly urge a reading of The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church for a comprehensive introduction to the various sorts of opinions, both their strenths and weaknessess so that the reader may not be taken in by some factional position at the expense of their communion with the other portions of the Church. Furthermore, as explained in that on-line book, the phrase "Traditional Catholic" simply refers to what would have been called a "Catholic" in 1950, or for that matter, 50 A. D. and it could be pointed out that the word "Traditional" is redundant since the other kind has no real claim to being Catholic at all, or at best, "Catholic-at-heart." The word (LIST) after the entry means that the site or sitemaster also maintains an e-mail list one may join if interested.

Traditional Catholic Orders & Societies:
American Catholic Lawyers Association
Byzantine Links
The Cardinal Kung Foundation
Instauratio Catholica
"In the Spirit of Chartres" Committee
The Latin Mass Society of Ireland
Oblates of Mary
Opus Mariae
Seattle Catholic
Society of Christ the King
Society of Saint John Vianney (Portugese)
Society of Saint Pius V
Society of Saint Pius X
SSPX District of Asia
Society of Saint Pius X Motherhouse
Transalpine Redemptorists
Una Voce
Una Voce Hartford

Traditional Catholic Clergy & Religious:
Catholic Research Institute (LIST)
Catholic Traditional Resources (LIST)
Catholic Traditionalist Movement
Chapelle St Hilaire, Montmorillon
Daughters of Mary
Fatima Network
Abbe de Nantes
Traditional Mass
Fr. Trosch's

Traditional Catholic Parishes:
Holy Family Chapel
Our Lady of Fatima Spring Hill
Mater Dei Latin Mass Community
Saint Mary Traditional Catholic Church
Our Lady of the Atonemtent Catholic Church (Anglican use)
Sacred Heart, Mt. Carmel Shrine
St. Anne's Church
Saint Gertrude the Great
Saint John Fisher Roman Catholic Church
St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church
Tridintine Latin Mass Congregation - San Diego

Traditional Catholic Periodical Publishers:
Catholic Family News
The Latin Mass Magazine
The Remnant

Traditional Catholic Schools:
Our Lady of Victory School
Sancta Lucia School
Saint Mary's Acadamy & College

Traditional Catholic Directories:
DIrectory to Uniate Eastern Rite locations
TRADITIO's Traditional Catholic Yellow Pages
Traditional Mass Directory
Worldwide Indult Sites, Including Eastern Rites

Traditional Catholic Lay Individuals:
American Catholic Truth Society (LIST)
Terry Boyle's
Catholic Apologetics
Catholic Dispatch
Traditional Catholic Information (LIST)
Catholic Insight
Catholic Library
Catholic Tradition
Catholic Tradition
The Catholic Tradition in South America
Catholic Tradition, Action, and Counter-Revolution (LIST)
Daily Catholic
Fortes in Fide
In Hoc Signo Vinces
The Latin Mass Society
Legion of St. Louis
Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi
Gerry Matatics
Mary's Key
Roman Catholic Faithful
The Roman Connection
Scottish Tridentine Mass Campaign
The Soul of the Robin
Apologia: The Fullness of Christian Truth
Traditional Apostolic Administrations
Traditional Catholic Online
Traditional Catholic Website
Tradition In Action, Inc.
True Catholic
Where Peter is...
Yet Another Traditional Catholic Website

Traditional Catholic Youth's & Single's:
Single TradCatholics

Traditional Catholic Supply Houses:
Catholic Collectibles
Catholic Counterpoint
Catholic Home
Catholic Treasures
Loreto Publications
Mother of Our Savior
TAN Books and Publishers
Triumph Communications

Note: These sites are not traditional Catholic, but nevertheless contain material which is of merit or interest or relevance to the issues discussed on this Website. The catagories to which they belong may sometimes attempt to pass themselves off as traditional Catholic, but in each case one or more crucial criteria is lacking.
Catholic Answers (Novus Ordo)
The Conservative Catholic
EWTN Global Catholic Network (Novus Ordo)
Legion of Mary (Novus Ordo)
Priests for Life (Novus Ordo)
St. Benedict Center (Feeneyite)
True Catholic (Conclavist)
The Wanderer Press (Novus Ordo)

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