In 1962, Pope John XXIII convened the twenty-first Ecumenical Council, the second held in Vatican City, more commonly known as Vatican II. This Council mandated many far-reaching changes which affect every Catholic around the world. There are some Catholics who believe that these changes are sufficiently detrimental to the cause of the Faith as to be unconscionable, and for that reason choose to stand fast to the previous traditions and disciplines. There are other Catholics who believe that obeying these changes (whatever personal misgivings some Catholics may possess about some of the changes, or of their abuses) is necessary as a sign of obedience and adherence to legitimate ecclesiastical authority.

The Legion does not attempt to judge individuals for their opinions on this matter, but rather serves for the moral and spiritual edification, first and foremost, of its members through an intensely ordered system of performing actual Legionary works on a regular basis, secondly, of those souls to whom the Legion is able to bring Godís love in the course of the Legionary works, and finally, of the community as a whole in which it serves as leaven.

It is the goal of the Legion to build bridges rather than walls, and "to combat the divisions and the innumerable antagonisms of the world."