TV airing of the video
"What We Have Lost... and the Road to Restoration"

We have great news for you!

The popular new documentary video, "What We Have Lost... and the Road to Restoration," is now available in an expanded 60-minute version exclusively for showing on Public Access TV.

The sole purpose of this new version is to target potentially thousands of Catholics who have fallen away from the Faith, or who are disillusioned with today's Church. This special Public Access video will make them aware that the traditional Faith is alive and well; that the traditional Latin Mass is widely available; and that there is a traditional Catholic movement and it's growing.

And you can be a vital part of getting this new video on Public Access TV around the country. Here's all we're asking you to do:

That's all there is to it; and there's absolutely no cost or obligation to you!

Will you help? This is one way to awaken that "sleeping giant" of Catholics who are floundering in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council. Call us today to tell us we can count on you -- or if you have questions: (757) 925-7904, or E-mail us at Thanks and God bless.

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