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almsless.zip (11K)

An extract from the first issue of the new publication, "Catholic Order", a journal dedicated to the social kingship of Jesus Christ published in England. The file includes an Editorial by James Eyre and the article "The Alms-Less Catholic" by Patrick Moffat. Written in a Redemptorist style, the latter article encourages us to be "hot" and not "lukewarm" Catholics. (Subscription information is included in the file.)

capunish.zip (3K)

Brief article by Robert Bergin, editor of FATIMA INTERNATIONAL, on the need for capital punishment. A partial rebuttal to John Paul II's "Gospel of Life". (NOTE: Mr. Bergin died May 31, 1996, near Fatima, Portugal, at the age of 81 years. Please remember him in your prayers.)

cekada.zip (29K)

Article by Fr. Anthony Cekada on "The Validity of the Thuc Consecrations". Explains in easy-to-understand terms why they are valid. Includes an addendum to the original article which provides additional evidence of Apb. Thuc's cogent mental condition. Also included (at the end) is a listing of articles on a variety of topics of interest to traditional Catholics by Fr. Cekada. New articles by Fr. Cekada often are printed in the St. Gertrude the Great Newsletter, available for free by request to St. Gertrude the Great Roman Catholic Church, 11144 Reading Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241 (telephone: 513-769-5211).

Death Blows to V2 (1979)

Deadly serious criticisms of Vatican II written in a semi-humorous style.

goodwin.zip (9K)

Article entitled "Where Are the Catholics?" by Charles Peter Goodwin (1918-1994), formerly of Frederick, MD, an exemplary Catholic with great devotion to the Blessed Mother, who died after nearly 8 years of being agonizingly bed-ridden. Please remember him in your prayers.

Has Rome Become the Seat of the Antichrist?

An excellent Liber Accusationis of the whole post-Vatican II scene by Br. Michael Dimond, O.S.B. Contains numerous comparisions between the heretical and scandalous teachings and actions of the post-Conciliar "popes" with orthodox teachings of the saints and pre-Conciliar popes.

Extracts from Church of the Word Incarnate

Topics addressed are: "The Sole Remedy for a Bad Pope: A Text of Cajetan's on Prayer" and "Loss of the Pontificate".

jp2letr.zip (8K)

1985 open letter to the pope by Rev. Emmanual de Traveux. Lists many of the early scandalous actions of John Paul II. A mini "Liber Accusationis"!

Laissez-Faire Catholicism

By Rama Coomaraswamy. Discusses certain erroneous notions about the papacy and the magisterium held by both conservative Conciliarists and many traditional Catholics.

lucien.zip (77K)

A lengthy article (over 200K uncompressed, with 136 footnotes) on "The Cassiciacum Thesis" by Fr. Bernard Lucien, translated by Rama Coomaraswamy, M.D. This Thesis deals with the idea that the post-Vatican II "popes" (particularly Paul VI and John Paul II), even while being heretical, can nevertheless be "material" popes and maintain the hierarchial structure within the Catholic Church, even though in reality they are not members of it.

padre.zip (3K)

The humor of Padre Pio as related in one of the current publications devoted to his memory.

prayer.zip (3K)

Some reflections on prayer by Pope Pius XII taken from the book, "THE POPE SPEAKS" by Michael Chinigo (1957).

The Program of John Paul II

1980 booklet by Wigand Siebel of Germany (author of the 1978 book, "Catholic or Conciliar? - The Crisis in the Church Today"), with an excellent foreward by Leonard Latkovski. Edited by Rev. James F. Wathen of "The Great Sacrilege" fame. It is an analysis of John Paul II's first encyclical, Redemptor Hominis. This work was sponsored by and is dedicated to the memory of Norbert L. Behrendt (1917-1980), formerly of Highland, MD.

The Smoke of the Antichrist

1983 booklet entitled The Smoke of the Antichrist by Rev. J. Vida Elmer, founder of St. Michael's Chapel, Glenmont, New York. It deals generally with common notions about the Antichrist in light of the current crisis within the Catholic Church.

saenz.zip (29K)

Four chapters from the book THE NEW MONTINIAN CHURCH by Fr. Joaquin Saenz y Arriga (1971), including "My Conviction About Pope Montini", "The Plot Against the Church", "Paul VI's Programs Earn Alliance with Communist Countries" and "The World Conference ... A Message on Religion and Peace". Fr. Saenz coined the term "sedevacantism" and was "excommunicated" by Paul VI.

truths.zip (13K)

1995 (updated April, 1996) pamphlet by Patricia Marris of England entitled "Simple Truths About Salvation". It is an excellent brief summary of the current crisis in the Catholic Church. Highly recommended by VERITAS and this Web page sponsor.